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Posted by Ryan Latino on 01/29/2017 at 03:37 PM

After another Takeover and dominant performance I still don't get the hype around Asuka? Being undefeated in what seems like an eternity and destroying every creditable opponent put infront of her I sat watching Takeover thinking why?
Do I personally believe she is as good as Sasha and Charlotte? No
Does she get a crowd emotionally involved and invested in her like Bayley? No
Has she had an amazing match in NXT that has got people talking and been shared on social mediawith a huge buzz? No
So why has she been booked as this unstoppable force who doesn't seem beatable?
I watched Asuka live when they toured the UK back last May when she faced Nia Jax for the women's title. Looking back I can't remember a single high spot or moment of magic. The finish was exactly the same as the previous PPV where Nia screamed the house down before the big kick to the head.
Asuka has a very strong style of wrestling traditional from Japan and can legitimately hurt someone. One of my issues is her lack of selling, someone could work her leg for the whole match and when she makes her comeback the injury has gone. She doesn't come across as legitimately hurt and get sympathy from the crowd. Her limited English doesn't help with promos and there are only so many times you can give that sadistic smile. Another issue is her character. During matches she goes from face to heel and it's quite confusing. When she makes a face comeback with that crazy smile yet inbetween she slaps and kicks people about with a heelish dominance like the school yard bully. This I believe is a reason why you can't emotionally invest in Asuka.
The booking hasn't helped along with the draft and loosing so many stars to the main roster. Last night was an opportunity for Asuka to loose the title and not be pinned keeping her looking strong. Yet they booked her to be dominant and tear apart Royce and Billie-kay. If she had lost and not been pinned she could have gone on the warpath to get her title back and added a new dimension to her character and still been strong.
It now seems likely Ember Moon will be the only real legitimate threat to the title unless they do some sort of of title stipulation with Nicki Cross where she looses the title in some weird match. Either way Asuka seems to be heading towards immortality and I'm still not convinced.
They chant "Asuka's going to kill you" but I prefer "Asuka's going to bore you"

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