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Posted by Justin Watry on 01/28/2017 at 10:37 PM

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NOTE: My NXT Takeover San Antonio predictions were posted on 411mania late last night. Check out the column to see how I did!

Eric Young defeats Tye Dillinger - Exactly how I would have started the show. Get the Perfect 10 stuff out of the way early. No need to repeat Toronto and have that 'take over' the entire weekend. Save that for the #10 spot in the Royal Rumble Texas, save the chants. I predicted Young would win via SOME interference, and well...that is what we got. Fine by me. Tye has to finishing up with NXT soon, whereas Young and his buddies are just getting started. Logic fits here.

Roderick Strong defeats Andrade Almas - I had this pegged as the potential sleeper match of the evening. It got pretty close to hitting the next level but never quite got to where I suspected. Good stuff all around still. I suppose I am just waiting on Strong to show why he was signed in the first place with tons of hype. My viewing of him and Ring of Honor is SO limited that I need to be wowed in order to buy into the guy. Hasn't occurred in an NXT...yet. He has time. Almas? No clue where he goes next. What he does, who he feuds with, what purpose he serves going forward. Anybody have any ideas?

Seth Rollins calls out Triple H - This was a surprise all around. Surprise that Seth Rollins would even show up. I suppose he has the weekend off, so why not? Nothing else going on. My guess is he also hijacks the Royal Rumble event on Sunday - all to get his hands on HHH. Surprise that confrontation *almost* happened when The Game actually coming out on the ramp. Surprise that the NXT crowd was more than happy to boo Triple H and wildly cheer Rollins. Maybe I shouldn't be shocked at that? Biggest surprise was this hot segment took place unannounced at a live NXT Takeover show, rather than RAW. Guess it will now lead into Monday for more hype following the Rumble. Certainly one of those cool 'expect the unexpected moments' you see in wrestling. I'm all for this feud.

The Authors of Pain defeats #DIY - New NXT Tag Team Champions! I feared this. I expected this. Still, I hoped against hope that the title holders would somehow retain on a cheep roll up or another BS finish. The match was...fine. You can only do some much with these four out there. My main gripe about the title change is the title change itself. The champs JUST got the belts. They had momentum, and major main event potential for the brand. NXT really NEEDS this exciting act right now. The last needed (or wanted) was The Authors of Pain as champs. Kudos to everybody involved in their slow build at creating monsters, but ugh...

Asuka defeats Billie Kay, Peyton Royce, and Nikki Cross - Billie Kay and/or Peyton Royce were just in there to take the pin fall. I dig the act, love their look, and think the world of them. However, this was clearly not their time. They were there to fill time until Asuka faces off against Nikki Cross or most likely: Ember Moon! That is the endgame here. Not Billie. Not Ms. Royce. Sorry ladies. The build up involved with Asuka being unbeaten as champion deserves to conclude with a clean one on one loss to the next in line. That is Moon. Mark the full one year reign as champ. Exciting fatal four way bout. All of them brought their A game on Saturday, but the best is yet to come...and that is in Orlando.

Bobby Roode defeats Shinsuke Nakamura - GLORIOUS! I flip flopped on this main event so much. Gut instinct all along was new champ, and as we always learn, never go against your gut instinct. Think long, think wrong, right? On a rather weak NXT Takeover card, this was definitely an intriguing match. Especially with the Royal Rumble being in less than 24 hours and the never ending rumors of Shinsuke Nakamura (or Bobby Roode) getting a call up. Ultimately, the title belt was going to Roode at some point before WrestleMania 33. Either that weekend or tonight. It was going to happen folks. Best to just pull the trigger now. I've long stated NXT in 2017 will belong to Roode, and Nakamura will debut on the Raw after Mania. Now, that may be sped up a bit. Nothing really changes though. Nakamura is more than due for the main roster and a quality spot in the company, while Roode can be glorious in the main event scene on NXT. The funky finish was pretty clean but still protected the champ from looking too weak.

In the end, I enjoyed the show. Not the best effort from NXT. Felt rushed truth be told. Didn't matter though. The talent is too strong NOT to deliver. Add in the big main event finish and a surprise HHH/Rollins confrontation, and you have a memorable evening. A GLORIOUS one at that...

...are you ready to Rumble?

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