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Posted by Jordan Turner on 01/28/2017 at 03:58 PM

Hello Everyone, Welcome welcome to my Wrestling Column. Make sure you follow my personal blog wrestlingvibes.com Greatly appreciate it dearly. I love blogging on this website.

Now before I start this Imaginary Stroyline between Styles and Omega. I just wanna remind you all that this storyline that I'm doing is the exact storyline that I'll do when Kenny Omega comes into WWE and yes when he comes in I believe he should go down to NXT first. That's where I'm gonna start this storyline at which is down in NXT.

•Introduction Stroyline

Now following Shinke Nakamura defeats Bobby Rhode to retain his "NXT Championship" we see the lights go out and we see on the titon tron it reads "I'm coming for you Nakamura." Then outta nowhere you hear a weird theme song and you see Kenny Omega standing on the ramp pointing at Nakamura and his NXT Championship and then TakeOver San Antonio goes off the air. Then on NXT Kenny Omega comes out and he says "Hello Everyone, The Cleaner is here in NXT were I should have been a long time ago." Then Nakamura's music hits and he comes out. Shinske says "I remember you Kenny Omega and from what I saw last night at Take Over apparently you wan this NXT Championship" Omega replies back and he says "Yes I do and I'm gonna take that title from you because via GM William Regal your new challenger for that NXT Championship will be against me and NXT TakeOver Orlando." That closes NXT with both men staring at each other closing the show. You see Omega tweet out to Shinske Nakamura "Your time is up Nakamura The Cleaner is here to clean you out of that NXT Championship." Nakamura replies back by saying "Whatever you say Omega." Then we see the following week on NXT Omega having his first ever match not only in WWE but in NXT and he faces Kenny Lorgen which he squashed him easy while Shinske was ringside seeing what Omega was all about. Post match just one week untii TakeOver Orlando we see a contract signing between both Omega and Nakamura. "Nakamura says "Omega I know who you are, we've fought before down in NJPW we're we killed it. But now I'm dominating here down in NXT and I will hold this NXT Title until I don't want to anymore. I'm The King Of Strong Style." Omega replies by saying "I completely agree we've both killed it in NJPW but NXT ain't NJPW at all, but you better watch who your talking to. I'm f*n Omega and I do what I want because well I can." These two sign a contract do make the dream Match official." Now you all are thinking we're is The Styles and Omega storyline, yes I know I'm gonna get there don't worry. We get Nakamura vs Omega at NXT TakeOver San Antonio for The NXT Championship. This match goes for about 25mins we're we see a freaking classic between these two guys. Nakamura drops the title to Omega we're post match both of these guys hug it out.

•Twist Storyline

Post match we see Kenny Omega say "Thank you Nakamura your defiantly the man that holds it down in NXT. But my job is done and I'm vaccenting The NXT Championship. I'm out." So he gives The Title to Regal and just leaves the ring. After he leaves Triple H tweets out "Omega red or blue.?!" So Triple H hinting that Omega is doing to either Raw or SmackDownLIVE. Omega tweets out following Triple H tweet and he replies with a tweet and says "Wherever The Phenomenal One is on." #BulletClub So we get The WWE Championship Match were we see Kenny Omega tweeting out "Must watch." #BulletClub #SDLiveNeedsACleaning So we see AJ Styles defeat Cena via pin but Cena's foot were on the bottom rope and the ref didn't see it. This match went 20mins and it was just a classic match that ended this feud officially and Styles took this feud but did he really?! "Omega following the match he tweets out "Good job Styles how about your bring The Cleanner to join you." #BulletClub On SmackDownLIVE we see Shane McMahon come out and he brings out AJ Styles still The WWE (C) and Shane says "Styles you will be defending your WWE Championship in a Elimination Chamber Match against John Cena, Baron Corbin, Orton, Bray Wyatt and a opponent of my chosen that will be reviled at The Elimination Chamber PPV." We see the next week just days before there WWE Championship Elimination Chamber Match we see Styles, Corbin, Orton, Wyatt and Cena have a contract signing. "Styles says we're missing someone." Shane replies by saying "I know and he will be reviled this Sunday at Elimination Chamber."

•Conclusion Storyline

We get to The Elimination Chamber and we get to The WWE Championship Match. The WWE (C) AJ Styles vs John Cena vs Randy Orton vs Bray Wyatt vs Baron Corbin and vs someone. So we see Styles, Cena, Corbin, Orton and Wyatt all come out and we see Styles grab the mic and he says "Who's the last guy in the match?" Then the lights go out and we see a Terminator on the titon torn and then Omega's name pops up and the crowd goes insane and ballistic. You see Styles legit smiling. So it's Kenny Omega vs AJ Styles vs John Cena vs Randy Orton vs Bray Wyatt vs Baron Corbin in The Elimination Chamber Match for The WWE Championship. This match last for about 30mins. Corbin is eliminated first, Orton is elimated 2nd via Cena is elimated 3rd, Wyatt is eliminated 4th and we have Styles vs Omega the last two in the chamber which makes sense. These two guys go an extra 10mins we're AJ Styles pins Omega via Styles Clash and pins Omega 1,2,3. He retains his WWE Championship. On SmackDownLIVE following Elimination Chamber we have AJ Styles come out and he straight up wants Kenny Omega to come out which Omega does. Styles says "What's up buddy welcome to WWE man, it's been a long time coming for yah." Omega replies by saying "I wanna face you at WrestleMania 33 for your WWE Championship." Styles says nah you lost against me, outta nowhere Shane comes out and he says "I agree with Styles you lost Omega, but I tell you what if you qualify in this match you will have your wish granted and face Styles at WrestleMania 33 for The WWE Championship." Omega says "Cool what do I have to do?" Shane says "You have to beat Corbin, Wyatt, Orton and Cena in a Fatal 5 Way Elimafion Match which the winner will face Styles at WrestleMania 33 for The WWE Championship." So we get to the main event Kenny Omega vs John Cena vs Randy Orton, Bray Wyatt and Baron Corbin in a No.1 contender Elimination Match winner faces Styles at WrestleMania 33 for The WWE Championship. We see Kenny Omega win the match which he will face Styles. We get to WrestleMania 33 and we see Kenny Omega vs AJ Styles for The WWE Championship. This match last for about 20mins were Kenny Omega dethrones AJ to become The New WWE Champion. Post match we see both Styles and Omega hug and basically Styles giving the throne to Omega. That's my storyline and I hope you all enjoyed it. I know it was a very long storyline but it was a real In depth storyline. More post to come stay tuned. #NoDQ #StylesVsOmega #ImaginaryStoryline #WWE

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