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Posted by J. Elam on 01/25/2017 at 11:30 AM

Miz and Maryse enter Bryan’s office. He wants a locker room for him and Maryse. He wants Bryan to do something about it. Bryan gives him a rematch for the IC title. Miz wants a no DQ match. Bryan says no and makes it a Lumberjack match.

Recap of the whole Orton/Wyatts angle up to this point.

Luke Harper vs Randy Orton: They all entered together. Bray’s just sitting in his chair, not acknowledging either of them. They brawl on the outside. Randy slams Luke onto the barricade, then the announce table. Then Luke gives Orton a big boot. Bray throws both guys into the ring to break the countout. Luke goes for the discus clothesline, but Orton counters with the RKO for the win. Bray helps Luke to his feet and gives him a Sister Abigail.

*I wish they’d actually give Luke some promo time so we can hear his issues with Orton. They’re doing all of this based on facial expressions, and in ring action. It’d be nice to hear something for a change.

Recap video of the steel cage match for the Women’s championship between Alexa Bliss and Becky Lynch. Mickie James returned and cost Becky a chance at winning. After the video, Mickie James is backstage on her way to the ring.

Renee Young asks her why she cost Becky. She talks about beating Trish, being a 5 time Women’s champ and Divas champ. She’s mad about the Women’s Revolution stuff. Says she wouldn’t be here if not for Alexa fighting the revolution. She says it’s not about the revolution, but about her reinvention. Becky Lynch interrupts her and they start fighting. Becky tries to hop the barricade after Mickie, but Alexa was waiting for her. They beat up Becky in the ring with their respective finishers. Mickie tells her to always be one step ahead.

Now we see a video of Carmella and James Ellsworth shopping. He’s trying on a bunch of outfits. The last outfit matches hers and she gives her approval. This is terribly unfunny.

Baron Corbin makes his way to ringside to join commentary.

Over the top rope Battle Royal: Rhyno immediately went to eliminate Slater. Vaudevillains got eliminated like 2 seconds later. Slater throws Viktor over the top. Viktor hold Slater on the apron and Konnor eliminates him. Mojo eliminates Konnor and Rhyno. Now it’s down to BreezeDango and Mojo Rawley. Mojo and Fandango are on the apron. Tyler goes to superkick him, but Mojo pulls Fandango in the way. Tyler goes to kick Mojo off the apron, but Mojo flips him over the top. Mojo’s going to the Rumble!

Video from before the show. Nikki Bella was talking about how Cena has nothing to do with her success. Natalya shows up and throws her into a truck.

WWE champ AJ Styles makes his way to the ring. He’s mad about the RR poster. He doesn’t like that John Cena’s in front and that he’s in the back. He calls out Cena. He won’t let Cena talk. He’s mad about Cena insulting him on the Today Show. He kept getting referred to as “a guy from Atlanta” by Cena and the hosts. Talks about how he held down the fort while Cena was gone and that no one missed him. He’s complaining about not getting respect. Cena says he held down the fort for over a decade. He knocks on AJ being from the indy scene. Says he wasn’t built for the indy scene, but rather WWE. Says AJ’s not on his level. Says AJ’s only holding the title because he lets him. Says AJ’s like all his other opponents with their insults.

*Cena was just amazing here. But I do think he’s a bit delusional. He calls AJ just a guy, but yet this “guy” beat him 3 times already. So, doesn’t that make Cena a loser to lose to someone he thinks is a nobody?

Kalisto vs Dolph Ziggler: Kalisto went for some kind of springboard, but Ziggler caught him midair with a superkick for the win. Match went like 1 minute. Dolph grabs a chair. JBL stands up, but Apollo Crews shows up to fight Ziggler. Dolph runs off.

Naomi vs Natalya: No match, as we see Nikki beating her up backstage. Naomi says she came to SD because it’s the land of opportunity. She’s not leaving until someone steps up. Alexa Bliss makes her way. She’s not here to accept the challenge. She insults Naomi’s lack of TV time. Naomi wants a title shot, but Alexa says she’s not worth her time.

Dean Ambrose backstage. He’s asked about his strategy for the Lumberjack match. He says he's going to trust his instincts. It's also his plan to win the RR.

Intercontinental title match: Miz vs Dean Ambrose: Dean gets thrown to the outside, but the heels don’t attack him. Miz stomps on Dean and berates the heels on how to attack. Miz gets thrown over the top, and the faces land some hits. Ambrose went for the rebound clothesline, but the heels pulled him out. Good heel move. I like that. Ambrose gets his revenge soon after when he dumps Miz towards the heel side, then hit the suicide dive. Ambrose tried to get back in the ring, but Maryse held his leg. Miz took advantage and hit him with Daniel Bryan’s move, the Flying Knee. Miz hits some dropkicks in the corner ala Daniel Bryan, Dean dumps him over the top rope on the third attempt. Miz tries to escape, but the faces pulled him back. Ambrose leapt off the top rope onto all of them. Soon after, Ambrose connects with the rebound clothesline, but Baron Corbin broke the pinfall. Now everybody’s in the ring brawling. Corbin throws several guys over the top, then went for Ambrose. Ambrose ducked, and Corbin went over the top. Miz tried to capitalize and rolled up Dean. Dean kicked out and hit the Dirty Deeds for the win to retain the IC title.

*I’m a sucker for the heels attacking the faces in Lumberjack matches. And vice versa, faces attack the heel.


Royal Rumble’s this Sunday, and I’m pretty excited for it. I think this is the first year in a while that there’s no clear favorite to win. It’s really unpredictable. I still have Miz as my personal favorite to win.

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