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Posted by J. Elam on 01/24/2017 at 09:43 AM

Starts with a recap of last week’s handicap match between Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens/Chris Jericho for the US title.

Roman Reigns opens the show. He says he’s going to be Universal champ come the end of the Royal Rumble. Owens and Jericho show up. Owens calls out Roman for putting people through tables for years, but says only 1 person has ever done it to him singlehandedly (him). Jericho says he’s going to teach him a lesson. Roman asks him if he just gave him a rematch. Owens accepts for him and says Reigns will be locked in the shark cage by the end of the night. Reigns says he’ll be US champ by the end of the night, and Universal champ at the RR.

*I've been really impressed with Roman's mic skills the last few months. They're not cringeworthy like they were back in his first solo push. Lately he's been coming across as quite comfortable.

Cesaro (with Sheamus) vs Luke Gallows (with Karl Anderson): Cesaro is insanely strong! Held Gallows on the delayed Gutwrench. During the break, Anderson hit Cesaro, and Sheamus chased him off. More feats of strength by Cesaro! Deadlife Vertical Suplex. Series of uppercuts on Gallows, then a Tornado DDT. Gallows shoves Sheamus, but Sheamus can’t retaliate with the ref watching. Ref turns around, and Sheamus clotheslined Gallows. Cesaro locks Gallows in the Sharpshooter, but Anderson returns and attacks Sheamus. Cesaro got distracted and Gallows capitalized for the win.

Foley backstage. He’s talking to Stephanie on speakerphone. Sami Zayn walks in and wants in on the RR. Stephanie says he’ll have to earn it by beating Seth Rollins.

*Doesn’t Sami Zayn know how to knock before entering a room? He just walks right in. It’s rude.

We get a look at a WWE.com interview with Bayley. She talks weird. Like, she comes across as too nervous. She’s too nice. I want to see some more fire from her. Although she did turn it up right towards the end.

Seth Rollins backstage. Foley enters his locker room. He tells him about his match. If Sami wins, he gets Seth’s spot in the Rumble. Seth says he’ll beat Sami, win the Rumble, and rub it in Stephanie and Triple H’s faces.

Seth Rollins vs Sami Zayn: This is a rather boring match. Nothing really stands out, other than Seth’s suicide dive before the break. After the break, Sami hit Seth with a Blue Thunder Bomb, but Seth kicked out. Now we’re getting some near falls left and right. Seth barely kicked out of a Michinoku Driver. Seth hits Sami with a superkick and a Falcon Arrow. Sami kicked out of both. Seth goes for the Pedigree, but Sami tosses him over the top rope; onto the floor. Sami went to the top rope, but Seth kicked him. He went for a Pedigree off the top rope, but Sami countered into a Sunset Flip Powerbomb for a 2 count. Sami hits the Exploder Suplex. Seth rolled onto the apron. Sami tried to hit the Helluva kick, but Seth hit the Pedigree on the apron. Triple H’s music hits, and Seth got distracted. Sami rolls up Seth for the win.

Seth walking backstage. He’s angry and looking for Triple H. Foley says he’s going to get to the bottom of it.

Drew Gulak, Tony Nese, and Ariya Daivari vs Mustafa Ali, TJ Perkins, and Jack Gallagher: Perkins had Gulak in some kind of lock, but for some reason, let him go to make a pinfall attempt. The faces get the win after Ali hits the Reverse 450 Splash.

New Day’s here. Before they can really say anything, Enzo and Cass interrupt. Cass says he’s entering the Rumble, and Rusev and Jinder show up. They’re both entering. Now Titus O’Neil’s here. Titus says it’s an 8 man tag. Xavier says there’s 5 of them, and one of the 4 Titus mentioned is Lana (Titus is apparently bad at match). The 4th member is Braun Strowman.
New Day and Cass vs Rusev, Jinder Mahal, Titus O’ Neil, and Braun Strowman: The heels win after Braun hits Enzo with a PowerSlam. Big Show’s here. He’s in the Rumble too. He and Braun have a stare down. Braun backs down and says “On my time.”

*I thought it was funny how Braun tagged in by hitting Jinder on the head. Also, it appears Rusev might have some kind of injury to his nose. Might have happened after Kofi hit him.

US title match: Roman Reigns vs Chris Jericho: This is like, the umpteenth time they’ve fought in the last few months. Reigns wins by DQ after Owens attacks him. Owens calls for the shark cage to be lowered. They get Roman in the cage, but can’t lock it. Roman fights back and locks Owens inside the cage. The cage is raised and Jericho hangs on to it. Roman Superman punches him off. Then he hits the spear on Jericho. After the commercial break, Jericho opens the cage for Owens. Charly enters the ring and tells Owens that his match against Roman is no disqualification. Owens says it’s unfair to defend his title under those circumstances.

Now we get the sitdown interview with Raw Women’s champion Charlotte Flair. She did a fantastic job heeling it up here and hyping her match with Bayley.

Nia Jax vs jobber (Didn't catch the name): Nia won after like 15 seconds. She’s interviewed after the match. She’s dedicating her win to Sasha’s career. She said a month ago, Sasha was champion. Now she’s forgotten. Sasha Banks makes her way to the ring with a crutch. Sasha attacks her with her crutch and hits the double knees on the outside. I guess her knee is healed now? I'm confused.

Rich Swann vs Noam Dar (with Alicia Fox): Heh. At one point, Alicia tried telling a fan to do something about Swann. Swann wins after a kick. Post-match, he calls out Neville. Neville comes down, but stops at the apron. He retreats, but Swann attacks him. Now Neville’s walking away.
Cedric Alexander interview. He sees his match with Neville tomorrow as a chance to improve himself. Alicia shows and says he’ll never be anything without her. Noam asks Cedric if everything’s cool between them. He says as far as Alicia is concerned, they are. He shoves him, and Alicia says he almost made him cry.

Goldberg’s here. Somehow, his forehead’s bleeding. No clue how that even happened. He keeps restarting his promo. Kept forgetting his lines. Paul Heyman’s here. He threatens Goldberg with Lesnar (the same guy he beat in like 50 seconds). Brock shows up. Goldberg calls him down to the ring. Now they're face to face when Undertaker's gong goes off. A few seconds later, he's there in the ring! All 3 stare each other down... and... that's it? Raw just goes off like that? How anticlimactic.

That main event angle was so awkward, weird, and any other synonyms you can think of. I have no idea what happened to Goldberg here. I'm wondering if he may have concussed himself before he came to the ring? Whatever he did, it's probably what led to him forgetting his lines and starting his promo over 3 times. Then Taker showing up, and the show just ends? Not sure what that was about. I expected them to get physical, but obviously we'll have to wait.

Another nitpick I have is that everyone that wants in the Rumble, all they have to do is just say they want in, and they're in. But in Sami Zayn's (and even Titus O'Neil) case, he had to earn his spot. It's inconsistent.

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