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Posted by Jordan Turner on 01/20/2017 at 11:10 AM

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•Positives About Monday Night Raw

Now this week's episode of Raw was interesting with barely any positives quite frankly. We saw a 8 Man Tag Team Match between Stroman, Jericho, Owens faced Rollins, Reigns & Zayn. This match was actually pretty good. That is to me the only positive I saw and the only positive that I simply enjoyed quite frankly.

•Negatives About Monday Night Raw

Now the negatives about this episode from Raw is obviously there. I didn't like that Gallows & Anderson won via Sheamus hitting the ref but they didn't win The Tag Team Championships which I didn't like. Not gonna lie but I'm getting board seeing Sheamus & Cesaro as Raw Tag Team Champions that's just me personally. Also we saw the segment with Raw Women's Champion Charlotte & Baykey. Now before I discuss this horrible segment, I just wanna say this, I love Bayley but ever since she has came to the main roster to me she has lots all the momentum she ever had down in NXT that goes for Sasha Banks as well. I can rant all day for Sasha Banks which I'm thinking of doing a post about it Royal Rumble week. But to me WWE is obviously trying to book Bayley as Daniel Bryan. Bu to me it isn't that organic, WWE is forcing it which they can't do that in these situations. The fans have to decide if there gonna cheer or boo Bayley. But I'm going off topic. To me the segment was boring and uneventful quite frankly. This storyline between Charlotte & Bayley to me isn't interesting what so ever.

•Positives About Tuesday Night SmackDownLIVE

The positives about SmackDownLIVE is obviously there and I really enjoyed this show. We saw the situation between The Wyatt Family were Luke Harper desracted Orton and Ambrose defeated him. Post match we saw Orton lived and confuse towards Luke Harper. Then we saw Harper and Orton brawl for a bit until Wyatt broke it up. Then as a lesson Harper hit Wyatt which the crowd was shocked that he did that. So this storyline is only heating up and I can't wait to see what's next in this preveral split between possibly Harper or Orton. Also we saw The Steal Cage for The SmackDownLIVE Women's Championship between Alexa Bliss & Becky Lynch. This steal cage match to me wasn't needed. But it was a good match, I loved the way they used the cage though. We saw Alexa Bliss retain the title via La Luchadora coming in and coasting Becky Lynch the match. Becky took off the LA Luchadora mask we're it was reviewed as Mickie James as LA Luchadora. To me there wasn't that big of a pop, I just think people were literally shocked when she was revived as LA Luchadora.

Positives About Thursday Night Impact Wrestling.

The only positive I give this show was a segment which was "Fact Of Life" segment. Trevor Lee, Brother Nero, DCC and host EIL Drake. Not gonna lie this segment was pretty funny, now I didn't crack up laughing that much but I did chuckle low key. Also hearing Lashley vs Eddie Edwards will fight in a "Last Man Standing Match" for The TNA World Championship next week which is exciting. Also Jade vs Rose Marry for The Knockouts Championship in a "Monsters Ball."

•Negatives About Thursday Impact Wrestling

This episode was meh to me quite frankly the negative I'll give this show is obvious. It's the segment with Rock star Spud and Arron Rex. Rex gimmick is sort of a gay character?? I have no clue what his character is all I know is he has gone deep down the water ever since coming to Impact Wrestling like seriously....... This segment was cringe and I know Impact Wrestling wants to do comedy I get it but if it's gonna be this we'll guess what I'll pass. Overall this episode was meh quite frankly and I'm being completely honest. I hope you all enjoy this post. #NoDQ #RAW #SDLive #ImpactOnPop

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