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Posted by ViRTUE on 01/15/2017 at 11:21 PM

January 15, 2017

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Who Should Win the Royal Rumble?

It has officially been one year since ViRTUE’s RAGE has been on NoDQ.com! YAY me! Or maybe I really mean, YAY you! Okay now, here we go. First of all, since John Cena Vs AJ Styles and Roman Reigns Vs Kevin Owens are the WWE and Universal Championship matches (respectively) at the Royal Rumble, I will not consider them as potential winners of the Royal Rumble match. I know sometimes if the Championship matches happen before the Rumble match, the losers of those matches could technically come back out in the Rumble match; however, I am going to say this will not happen. With that being said, WWE’s Creative Team and Vince McMahon are probably eyeing up having Brock Lesnar, Bill Goldberg, or the Undertaker win the match. No! No! No! No! No! Now that there are two top Championships that could be challenged for at WrestleMania, WWE needs to use the Rumble match to push someone to Main Event/Big Stage status. I am sick of hearing this crap about how WWE does not want another Austin, Rock, or Cena caliber (top level) talent because they do not want to deal with the politics of that talent after they become super popular. Whether this is true or false, WWE should NOT try to meddle in how popular and successful a Superstar can become. In my opinion, WWE needs to make more top stars because stars draw money.

The question then really becomes, what wrestler is the most deserving to win this year’s Royal Rumble match? I have five wrestlers in particular who I think are worthy enough to win this year’s big match. I believe WWE could make a compelling case in the storylines for them winning, regardless of which one it is. Last year at this same time, I chose that the winner of the 2016 Royal Rumble match should have been Bray Wyatt. But instead, we got Triple H. Once again, I think Wyatt should be highly considered to win this year’s match. Look, I will say the same thing over and over again, like a broken record. Wyatt has the in-ring ability, the mic skills, and the mysterious presence and connection with the fans (fireflies), which are all key ingredients that justify him being at the next level. He has had several big matches against the likes of the Undertaker, John Cena, Roman Reigns, Chris Jericho, and Dean Ambrose. Some of these matches were even at WrestleMania. Wyatt’s main problem that has held him back is untimely injuries. It seems like he was in store for a big push early in 2016, but back and leg injuries got the better of him and thus derailed his potential push against then WWE Champion, Roman Reigns. Nonetheless, I am pretty sure Wyatt will not win the Rumble and will probably face Randy Orton at Mania.

I will probably get some heat for this one, but I also think Dean Ambrose deserves to win this year’s Rumble match. Hell, he was the one Triple H had to eliminate last year in order to win. Ambrose also has the credibility of being a former WWE Champion and is the current Intercontinental Champion. However, I will admit that Ambrose would probably be better suited as a top heel if he does indeed ever get another Main Event WWE Championship push. There are not many scenarios that are obvious where Ambrose could compellingly win the Rumble this year, other than if he turned heel. Just imagine if it came down to Ambrose and Seth Rollins, and Ambrose blatantly cheated (perhaps a low blow) to assist him in winning the match. I would love to see Ambrose cut a true heel promo on the following SmackDown stating why he did what he did, but I will keep dreaming.

Speaking of Seth Rollins, he is also very deserving of the possibility of winning the Rumble. He not only had to vacate the Championship because of his knee injury in late 2015, but WWE had Triple H screw him over against Reigns and Owens for the Universal Championship on Raw. Yes, I know it is obvious that Rollins will probably face Triple H at Mania with nothing on the line, but I would like to at least suspend my disbelief that Rollins could still win the Rumble match. It would be cool if Triple H ended up being in the Rumble and it came down to him and Rollins, with Rollins ultimately winning of course. Again folks, just another scenario that I think would work out well heading into WrestleMania season.

As for my personal favorite choice, I would also not mind seeing Chris Jericho win this year’s Royal Rumble. If I could assume that Owens will retain the Universal Championship against Reigns, then having Jericho win the Rumble could be absolutely genius by WWE Creative. I am not quite sure if Jericho would turn face, but I do have a scenario that could definitely help. Imagine if Jericho wins the Rumble and Owens retains the Universal title, and then heading into Mania, Owens turns on Jericho and beats him up on Raw. Owens then ties Jericho up in the ropes and forces him to watch the List going through a paper shredder. How late 1980’s and early 1990’s is that? Jericho’s List is so over with the crowd, I really think a scenario like this would put Jericho over as a super baby face. At the same time, this would give Owens major heat. These types of angles all make for a perfect storyline stew, especially heading into Mania season. Come on Jimmy Jacobs, make this happen. If you don’t, well, you might just make the List. LOL! Some of you might get that and some might not.

Finally, the most logical non-Undertaker/Lesnar/Goldberg wrestler to win the 2017 Royal Rumble is none other than the Miz. Sure, he failed as WWE Champion and headliner of WrestleMania earlier in his career, but perhaps it was too early for him to be in that spot. Look, the Miz is a company man and makes several promotional appearances every year. He is WWE Films’ golden boy, starring in the last gazillion Marine movies, even though they are straight to DVD/Blu-Ray. He has the prototypical heel ring valet/manager in Maryse. And of course, he is a decorated WWE Superstar, once holding the WWE, US, IC, and Tag Team titles. He can also cut one hell of a worked shoot promo, just like he did against Daniel Bryan on Talking Smack. How ironic would it be if the Miz won the Rumble, and if Cena won the WWE Championship against AJ Styles, tying Ric Flair’s record? Yes, Cena Vs Miz happened before at Mania, but things are much different now and the Miz is on an entirely different level than he was before. This time around, Cena would be the Champion and the Miz would be the challenger. To make things more intriguing, Daniel Bryan could be the special referee. Damn, I can see it so clearly now, and boy is it compelling. At Mania, Bryan turns on Cena and helps the Miz become the new WWE Champion. Now that would be AWESOME!

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