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Posted by Jordan Turner on 01/14/2017 at 01:29 PM

Hello Everyone, Welcome to my Wrestling Column. Make eye go follow my personal blog wrestlingvibes.com Much appreciate it dearly, because I love writing for this website and I'm blessed to be given this opportunity. Hope you all enjoy the storyline.

•Introduction Storyline

Now we're gonna kick this feud off with Triple H coming on SmackDownLIVE saying "Well Cena is gone once again, because he's doing movies, TV shows and etc." John Cena outta nowhere comes out and he says "What's up Triple H, you talking crap I see you talking crap about me? Well I'm the company guy and I've been on top ever since 2005 and I know you've always hated the fact that I was the top guy. You know what you gotta deal with it because until you find a replacement guy to take my spot I'll always be the top guy." When I leave I'll comeback and be in the same position I was before you know why? Because my name is John Cena that's why." Triple H replies back and says "I wanna beat your ass because you have never ever deserved to be the top of the company." Obviously both HHH & Cena have history.

•Twist Storyline

This was all before The 2017 Royal Rumble. We're at The Royal Rumble and we have The WWE Championship Title Match between John Cena vs The (C) AJ Styles. This match goes for about 20mins and when Cena does the AA again on Styles and outta nowhere we see Triple H come out a Pedigrees Cena when the ref was down. Styles takes advantage and does his Styles Clash and takes advantage and pins Cena 1,2,3 and retains his title. Post match we see Triple H grab the mic and he says "You will face me at WrestleMania 33 and I'll end this once and for all, I'm gonna be your ass at the biggest show of the year." So we see on SmackDownLIVE John Cena open the show and he straight up says "Triple get your ass out here right now." Instead of Triple H coming out and confronting Cena we see Stephanie McMahon come out. John Cena says "Why are you here? You have no business being out here so get the f*** out my ring." Stephanie says "This ain't your ring bitch so my husband will be here to f*** you up." Cena says "Listen slut go f*** your husband to get him happy then after your done tell him Cena wants his ass out here right now got it Steph." Outta nowhere Triple H comes from behind him and hits him with a sludge hammer and attacks Cena. So him and Cena are shoot fighting and fans are wondering if this fight is legit or not. Outta nowhere Stephanie comes and slaps Cena and spits on Cena then Nikki Bella comes out and she attacks Stephanie McMahon and those two ladies shoot fight. Fans are liking what there seeing but there wondering if this all is legit or not like I said earlier. Triple H and Stephanie run because they see Cena grab Steal steps and attempts to hit both Stephanie and Triple H. But we see Vince and everyone else in the back brake this up.

•Conclusion Storyline

We see on Monday Night Raw Vince McMahon come out and he says "Cena vs Triple H will have a match at WrestleMania. Also my daughter Stephanie McMahon will have a match as well against Nikki Bella." So all four of these people can end there feud, the reason why Stephanie is fighting Nikki Bella is because well Cena was getting attacked by Stephanie and she couldn't sit in the back and let this happen to her man. So that's why these two are fighting at WrestleMania 33 and it's a simple storyline. We get to WrestleMania 33 and we see Stephanie McMahon vs Nikki Bella. This match last for about 10 mins in which we saw Nikki Bella defeat Stephanie, also we have Triple H vs John Cena. Now this match is changed to a Falls Count Anywhere Match because well Vince decided to add a stipulation to this. So Cena vs HHH in a Falls Count Anywhere Match, this match goes in the crowd, backstage in the parking lot and everywhere else. The match ends with Cena doing The AA on Triple H and he falls inside a two glass tables. Triple H is all bleeding on his back and stuff. So Nikki Bella and Cena ultimately defeat The Authority which leads to a happy ending. So hopefully ya'll enjoyed this storyline. See ya'll later on tonight I'll be reviewing The UK Tournament tonight on The WWE Network. See ya'll soon. #WWE #CenaVsHHH #NoDQ

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