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Posted by Jordan Turner on 01/13/2017 at 12:44 PM

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Positives About Monday Night Raw.

The positives About Raw this week isn't a lot but at least I'm giving them credit. Now we saw a interesting Raw which we saw a New United States Champion in Chris Jericho. When he defeated former champion Roman Reigns. Which was a handi cap match for the title between Reigns vs JeriKO. Obviously Reigns lost the title to just become The New Universal Champion. Won't be upset nor surprised if it happens. Also the other two positives were seeing Shawn Michael's and The Undertaker which Taker declared himself to be in The 2017 Royal Rumble. That's the only positives I have.

Negatives About Monday Night Raw.

The negatives of Raw is the same when regards to the show being 3hrs. But the negative about the show is Charlotte vs Bayley feud that I don't care about. This match has happened two times already on Raw which makes no sense, why would WWE give away the match that we're gonna see at The Royal Rumble coming up to only give it away two times on an episode of Raw. I don't understand and I'll never understand that booking decision quite frankly. That's about it.

Positives About Tuesday Night SmackDownLIVE.

I really enjoyed this episode of SmackDownLIVE. In which we saw the segment between Alexa Bliss, Becky Lynch and Daniel Bryan. Bryan announced that next week on SmackDownLIVE we will see a Women's Championship Match between Alexa Bliss vs Becky Lynch in a "Steal Cage Match." I'm truly pumped up for that match like no joke. Now will it be a brutal Steal Cage match? Nope but at lease SmackDownLIVE is getting a stipulation match like this and the rivalry certainly calls for it. Also we saw Cena defeat Corbin clean which was shocking and I didn't really like that but it doesn't really matter quite frankly. Also the situation between Miz and Ambrose is indeed a interesting storyline that has me 100% invested in it. Also the storylines between The Wyatt Family w/Orton, Carmella & Ellsworth I'm very interested in what they do with that moving forward and last but not least the storyline ft Nikki Bella and Natalya. So storyline else SmackDownLIVE is killing it simple as that ladies and gentlemen. No negatives.

Positives About Lucha Underground.

This is the mid-season finale for Lucha Underground. Which sucks honestly but there taking a break and they wlll be returning in 2017 durbung the summer time. We saw The Lucha Underground Champion Johnny Mundo cut a promo. This promo was decent with Mundo, he was making fun of The MAC and how he's gonna embarrass him with there "All Night Long Match." Also we saw Azteca Jr faced Matanza in a "Death Match." Now this match was good I really enjoyed it and Matanza won via throwing Azteca threw the floor which was indeed a "OMG" moment for sure. Then post match outta nowhere we see Azteca's friend Rey Mysterio come in attack Matanza and obviously Rey gets attacked but he fights it off. But then Matanza attempts to run at Rey but Rey back body dropped Matanza which The Monster fell through the floor like Azteca did. Lucha was fun this week and no negatives here.

Positives About TNA Impact Wrestling.

We saw this week for Impact was the situation with Lashley and EC3 to whom will challenge Eddie Edwards next for The TNA World Championship. This was a No.1 contender's "Last Man Standing Match" and it wasn't a impressive Last Man Standing Match but it was interesting for what it was. Lashley won which he will challenge Eddie to a rematch for the title. The other positive I wanna talk about was the promo segment ft Jade and The Knockouts Champion Rose Marry. This promo segment was really good by both talented ladies no doubt. So basically Jade wants that Knockouts Championship once again but Rose Marry will only give it to her if Jade accepts Rose Marry challenge which Jade did. The match Rose Marry decided to pick was The "Monsters Ball." This match is gonna be awesome to watch and I can't wait to watch it. So that's all I got no negatives for this week's show. So thank you everyone that reviews my columns. Take care now. #RAW #SDLive #LuchaUnderground #ImpactOnPop #NoDQ

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