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Posted by J. Elam on 01/11/2017 at 04:57 PM

We start with a recap of 3 weeks ago when Renee slapped Miz. Then the following week where she and Dean got revenge. The week after where Maryse slapped Renee, and finally the IC title match last week where Dean was victorious.

New Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose opens the show. He’s hosting the Ambrose Asylum. He makes some jokes that fall flat. He announces his entry into the RR match. His guest is The Miz. He says every second Dean holds the title taints everything he’s done for the title. He officially enters the RR match. He wants Dean to hand over the IC title. JBL wants him to do it for the world and the country. He instead hands Miz his very own Miz Participation Award. Miz throws it in his face and starts attacking him. He holds him up for Maryse to slap him, but Ambrose ducks and she hits Miz instead. Then Ambrose hits Miz with a Dirty Deeds.

We get a promo video from the Nikki Bella/Natalya feud starting at Survivor Series when Nikki was attacked. After the video, Natalya attacks Nikki backstage.

*Nattie’s pretty much just saying the same thing Carmella did. Can’t they come up with something else to use against her?

Natalya vs Nikki: Nikki doesn’t wait for the bell and just starts attacking Nattie. Now they’re brawling on the ramp. Nattie throws Nikki into the barricade. They fight in the ring briefly and Nattie tries to escape through the crowd, but Nikki stops her. They’re back in the ring now, and the referees break it up. They continue fighting anyway, Nattie hits Nikki in her surgically repaired leg, then puts her in the Sharpshooter.

Dolph Ziggler interview backstage. We get a lookback from his attacking Kalisto last week and subsequent locker room fight with Apollo Crews. He’s asked why he did it, but he just walks off without a word.

Kalisto vs Dolph Ziggler: Dolph’s doing a good job keeping Kalisto grounded. He’s not letting him connect with his aerial moves. Kalisto wins via rollup. Dolph gives him a Zig-Zag afterwards. Now he’s grabbing a chair and hits Kalisto with it a few times. Now Apollo Crews shows up to fight Dolph and defend Kalisto. Dolph hits him with the chair a few times too.

American Alpha interview in their locker room. They’re defending their tag titles against the Wyatts tonight. They say they’re the only alphas in the tag division, not the Wyatts. They finish by saying people can try to take their titles, but can’t.

*Good, confident promo by America Alpha. Didn’t waste time and got straight to the point. Need more promos like that.

John Cena interview. He’s got a match with Baron Corbin. He’s not happy that Corbin and AJ Styles called him a has been last week. He says he’s fired up and that Corbin’s in trouble.

Wyatt Family promo. Standard rambling. Ends with a knock-knock joke. Luke Harper stared a hole through Orton the whole time. Never took his eyes off him. Not even sure he blinked.

Tag Team Championship: New Wyatts (Orton and Bray) vs American Alpha – AA wins after Harper distracts Orton on the apron. Orton and Harper are nose to nose until Bray separates them. Harper goes to kick Orton, but hits Bray instead. Now Bray's getting in both of their faces, then he walks off angrily.

*Good back and forth match. Not a fan of AA winning via distraction, though. I feel like a clean win would help people take them more seriously. I was under the belief GM Daniel Bryan said this match would main event the show?

Becky Lynch in Daniel Bryan’s office. They’re looking over the footage from last week’s match with Becky and the Luchadora. They’re trying to figure out who’s under the mask. Alexa Bliss shows up. She suggests it’s Meryl Streep. Bryan says she’s defending her title next week against Becky. Bryan says the match will be inside a Steel Cage. Hmm.

*I still get the feeling Bryan is abusing his power. I know he's a face and all, but he's really been heel like towards the heels.

Carmella (w/ James Ellsworth) vs – Crowd’s chanting “Let’s go, jobber!” Ellsworth grabs her leg to distract her. He does it a second time so Carmella can hit her finisher (that the jobber botched taking). She wins via submission.

*That was horrendous.

Ellsworth and Carmella backstage. He wants a kiss, but Carmella declines and wants him to take her shopping.

Corbin interview. He says Cena’s glory days are over. It’s his end of days. AJ Styles is here. He’s on commentary for the match. He says tonight is Corbin’s night.

Baron Corbin vs John Cena – Corbin seems to be paying more attention to Styles than Cena. Every time he’s got Cena down, he’s jawing at Styles. Corbin not going down for Cena’s shoulder tackle. I don’t think I’ve seen someone withstand that before. Maybe a monster type like Kane or Big Show. Corbin’s done a good job countering Cena’s comeback attempts. First there was the second try with a shoulder tackle countered into a PowerSlam. Then he counters another move with a SideWalk Slam (For some reason, Mauro called it the Deep Six). Now he counters yet another into a Bear Hug. Corbin evades a move, but Cena catches him with a Tornado DDT and an AA for the win. Cena stands tall and AJ just poses atop the announce table with his belt.

*Corbin looked really good in this match. I expected AJ to interfere in some fashion but he didn’t. Oh well.

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