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Posted by ViRTUE on 01/10/2017 at 11:33 PM

January 10, 2017

Twitter: @EGW_FOW_Virtue

The Year of Cody Rhodes

Holy moly folks! It has seemed like an eternity since I last posted an official ViRTUE’s RAGE. As the saying goes, New Year…New Me! Um, not really! If anything, New Year…More RAGE! As you can probably tell by the photo above, I want to talk about the American NIGHTMARE, Cody Rhodes, and how I think he will have a monster 2017. But first, I have some loose ends I would like to tie up on some current events. One of them is obviously about the buzz that has been going around regarding the Kenny Omega Vs Kazuchika Okada match from NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 11. Without a shadow of a doubt, I graded the match an A++ on my scale, which is the equivalent of 5/5 stars. The last 10-15 minutes of the match should now be considered the Holy Grail of modern day professional wrestling. That is no bullshit folks. For those of you who want to troll and hate on the match because you think it was overrated, well, you can keep hating and remain uneducated on what professional wrestling is supposed to be. In my opinion as a 25+ year fan or wrestling, it was a masterpiece and perfect blend of old school wrestling, ring psychology, high flying wrestling, and sports entertainment. Before moving on, I would like to quote the Amazing N8 Mattson, a legitimately trained professional wrestling veteran. You cannot get more credible than this…

“Just watched Okada/Omega, it was good. I really think it got 6 stars because those two paced themselves, told a story, built to their big moves and sold everything accordingly, with great body language, facial expressions and emotion. All these ingredients combined make for something special and memorable. I've never subscribed to Meltzer's star ratings simply because it's one fan's opinion. I believe he scored it so high because most matches nowadays aren't given the time to really let the story build. Guys these days do so many spectacular moves and spots but they don't allow enough time to properly sell before moving on to the next thing. These guys took their time. I saw lots of old school elements here, especially at the beginning. It wasn't the greatest match I've seen because I'm not a big fan of either one, but it was good for the effort they put in.” Amazing N8 Mattson

Now briefly on to the next topic of Chris Jericho becoming the new WWE United States Champion on Raw. I think it was a great call by WWE booking to finally pull the trigger and let Jericho have a title again. However, this should have been done a long time ago, perhaps soon after Kevin Owens became the Universal Champion. Nonetheless, I think it was a great move to continue to push and book JeriKO strong. It should definitely add some nice story building heading into (and after) the Royal Rumble. Maybe, just maybe, we will end up getting a Jericho Vs Owens match at Mania this year. As I think about it more, how many total Championships has Jericho now won in his WCW/WWE career? Wow! Drink it in folks!

Speaking of WrestleMania, I think it is finally time for Ronda Rousey to leave the Octagon and join the squared circle. What better way to make an impact in WWE than at Mania? I have previously stated that I think she would be a great fit in professional wrestling, just like Ken Shamrock was in the 1990s. With a female talent pool of Charlotte, Asuka, Sasha, Bayley, Becky, Nikki, Nattie, Bliss, potentially Mickie James, etc, the possibilities seem endless to utilize Rousey. Personally, I would like to see her face Asuka during WrestleMania weekend for the NXT Women’s Championship at the TakeOver event, win it, then show up at Mania and have Asuka confront her in front of the huge Mania crowd. After a colossal stare down, there then needs to be a pull apart with pure chaos immediately following. Flashbulbs anyone?

As for CM Punk, I would love for time to heal (HEEL) all wounds and have him once again have a working relationship with WWE. Even if it takes a couple more years, I am okay with that. Despite Punk’s failures in UFC, and the rumors of Bellator wanting to sign him, he will always have mass appeal in professional wrestling, no matter what year it is. The possibilities of what he could do for WWE and what WWE could do for him (when the time is right) are mind boggling. If you disagree that fans would care to see him in wrestling again, then you are dead wrong. As a matter of fact, you will all be chanting CM Punk, CM Punk, CM Punk. How great would it be if Triple H put his career on the line, and Punk was the one to come back and beat him at a Mania, for Trips to never wrestle again? Yes, very unlikely…but?

Sorry for making everyone wait to read about my thoughts on Cody Rhodes, but now it is finally time to talk about the American Nightmare. I sure hope this is something he is often called going forward. A beautiful, dark play off his father Dusty Rhodes’ nickname, the American Dream! Looking back at New Japan Pro Wrestling the last couple of years, 2015 was the year of AJ Styles, and 2016 was the year of Kenny Omega, both guys from North America. Obviously, NJPW has their home country talent like Okada, Tanahashi, Naito, etc. that are always going to remain at or near the top of the card; however, I absolutely love how NJPW utilizes talented Western wrestlers and makes them a big deal. This not only helps their company and the home country talent get over more globally, but it also gives shine to the Western wrestlers upon their departure back to North America and definitely helps to get them work (Styles, Gallows, Anderson, Jericho, Young Bucks, Owen Hart).

Although Cody Rhodes has already worked for WWE and has working relationships with EVOLVE, Ring of Honor, TNA, and Global Force Wrestling, could 2017 now be the year he explodes into the upper echelon of the wrestling World? If he does indeed have a nice run in NJPW, I believe a year from now, WWE will be scrambling to try and sign him back to the company. Look, whether you want to believe me or not, that is fine; however, my gut feeling says that Cody can be a major draw if utilized properly. Shame on you WWE! Not only does he have great wrestling ability, but he also has the genetics, mic skills, and charisma. There is no question that he has all the main tools it takes to reach the top level. In a previous column, I have referred to Cody as an underappreciated wrestler. As of this column, I still stick to that categorization. However, I really do hope that within the next year I can shed that label and consider Cody as one of the top Main Event Superstars in the wrestling industry.

Whether Cody Rhodes ends up being an integral part of New Japan’s Bullet Club, Ring of Honor’s Bullet Club, or if he ends up being on his own, the bottom line is he is basically all over the World right now with the various promotions he is currently working with. I would not be surprised if he gets the Young Bucks’ treatment and earns more money by working for various promotions than WWE would pay him with one locked down contract. I now find it very intriguing with the current sabbatical of Kenny Omega from NJPW. Is he going to jump to WWE like Styles and Nakamura did last year, or is he letting Cody have his shine in NJPW? Then when we all least expect it, Omega returns to NJPW and a feud against Cody is born. Either way, I will be paying very close attention to whatever Cody Rhodes has to offer the wrestling industry, both in the Far East and in the West. The American Nightmare is coming for you! Sweet dreams…

Twitter: @EGW_FOW_Virtue




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