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Posted by J. Elam on 01/03/2017 at 12:11 PM

Finishing up my predictions for WWE (main roster) in 2017, here's what I think is happening. Part 1 can be found here: http://nodq.com/columns/485312695.shtml


AJ Styles –
1. He retains until Mania where he loses to John Cena for reign number 16. He enters a brief feud with Randy Orton to hold him until SummerSlam, where he wins the WWE Championship back from Cena.
2. Should Cena win the Rumble match, he and Styles will face off. If not, he’ll face Randy Orton at Mania.

American Alpha – They hold the tag titles until Zack Ryder’s good to go. After dropping the belts to the Hype Bros, they win them back from The Usos.

Apollo Crews – He’s got a good look and all, but he has no charisma. He’s a guy that was brought up to the main roster before he could work out all his kinks. It looks like Jobberville for Crews.

Baron Corbin – My personal pick to have the breakout year. 2017 is going to be Corbin’s year. He’ll have a strong outing in the Royal Rumble, but won’t win. After the Draft, he’ll find himself with championship gold when he beats newly drafted Sami Zayn for the IC title.

Curt Hawkins – His return to WWE is one to forget. He’ll be lucky to be a jobber if he’s not among the releases.

Dean Ambrose – Dean seems to survive anything WWE’s creative team throws at him. With that said, he might win the IC title at some point, but I think it comes in the second half of the year. After Roman’s trade to SmackDown, he and Ambrose will feud. I currently have him penciled in to win the Andre Battle Royal.

Dolph Ziggler – Nothing big for Dolph. He’ll get a few title opportunities, but they won’t amount to much if he wins one.

Fandango – He and Tyler Breeze will continue teaming up and doing comedy sketches. Other than that, it’s mostly they’ll be used as jobbers.

Heath Slater – He and Rhyno will eventually split and begin their brief feud. After that, it’s back to being a jobber for Heath. He’ll remain there until they find something for him to do. Maybe he lands an IC title shot. During the Draft, he’ll go to Raw.

Hype Bros – Currently on pause with Ryder’s knee injury. Once he returns, they’ll take on American Alpha for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships. If they do win, they’ll be transitional champs until Dash and Dawson debut to defeat them.

Jack Swagger – Similar boat as Heath Slater. It’s Jobberville until they find something for him to do.

James Ellsworth – He’ll continue on with this alliance (?) with Carmella, until she gets bored with him and dumps him. After that, he’ll be confined to comedy sketches/matches.

John Cena –
1. My pick to win the Royal Rumble. Yes he has a match against Styles, but should he lose, I don’t see why he can’t participate in the Rumble. Either way, He’ll go on to beat AJ Styles at WrestleMania for his record tying 16th World title reign.
2. Undertaker’s Mania opponent.

Kalisto – Drafted to Raw so he can join the Cruiserweight division. It’s the only thing that can salvage him at this point.

Kane – Another long tenured performer. Technically in WWE since 1995, the fire will burn out this year. Kane can go on to be an agent for WWE. He’s a very intelligent man off camera, so he’d be of great use backstage or representing WWE in the media.

The Miz –
1. If there was ever a time for Miz to be World Champ, it’s now. After Cena’s 16th reign, Miz will win MITB and cash in successfully. Miz will hold the title briefly, but eventually will drop it back to Cena for reign 17. As a result of this, Miz will move out of the midcard scene into the main event scene.
2. My no. 1 pick to win the Royal Rumble. He’d lose at Mania to Cena, but would win it later on after MITB.

Randy Orton –
1. He’ll feud with Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper heading into Mania where he’ll face AJ Styles.
2. Undertaker’s Mania opponent. Traded to Raw for Roman Reigns.

Rhyno – After his eventual feud with Slater, Rhyno will go off on his own. I don’t see him finishing out the year in WWE.

Shelton Benjamin – Once the Gold Standard finally gets himself all healed up, he can join the midcard division. He’ll impress in the MITB match, but won’t win. He’ll team up at least one more time with Charlie Haas to face American Alpha.

Tyler Breeze – See Fandango.

The Undertaker – Cena’s Mania opponent if he’s not facing Orton. Either way, this will be Undertaker’s last ride (no pun intended) and he’ll quietly retire. There’s nothing more for him to do. He’s done everything one could possibly do. It’s time to go home, Deadman.

The Usos – They’ll win the tag titles from the Hype Bros, only to lose them to American Alpha.

The Vaudevillains – Mostly stuck as a jobber tag team. They’ll probably be drafted to Raw.

The Wyatts – They’ll feud with Orton for a bit, then they’ll do what we’re accustomed to seeing. They’ll talk a lot of trash, but won’t win any meaningful matches.


Alexa Bliss –
1. Drops the Women’s title to Becky Lynch at the Royal Rumble. Works her way back up for a summer reign.
2. Faces Mickie James at WM.

Becky Lynch –
1. Wins the title at RR. Faces Nikki Bella at Mania.
2. Wins the title at RR. Faces a returning Mickie James at Mania.

Carmella – She’ll lead Ellsworth on until she grows tired of him. In the meantime

Eva Marie – Comes back and continues with her “push.” Winner of Women’s Battle Royale at WM.

Mickie James -
1. Faces Becky Lynch at Mania. She wouldn’t be heel during said match.
2. Faces Alexa Bliss at Mania.

Naomi – Floats along on the roster. Participates in Women’s Battle Royal at Mania.

Natalya – Faces Nikki at RR. Participates in Women’s Battle Royale at Mania. Gets a brief title run during the latter half of the year.

Nikki Bella – Faces Becky Lynch at Mania. Loses the title to Alexa Bliss around SummerSlam.


Well, those are my predictions. I'm sure at least half of them will turn out to be wrong, but I won't lose any sleep over it. It's supposed to be fun, remember?

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