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Posted by Ryan Latino on 12/31/2016 at 11:26 AM

What a year it has been in the WWE. So many moments, so many shocks and so many surprises. With so much to see on the Network and the constant flow of PPV's there has been so many matches that could have a case for match of the year.
It has been hard but I have come up with my top three along with my Superstar of the year Aj Styles and Feud of the year Sasha vs Charlotte which I have talked about in recent columns on this site.
Here are my top three and all for different reasons. Some might agree and some might have other favourites but these three matches had me on the edge of my seat and shows why I love professional wrestling.

Cena vs Styles at Summerslam.
This for me was the passing of the torch between two top guys at the peak of their careers. The match had everything from the slow start as they both felt each out. False set up after another teasing the crowd as they went for their finishing manoeuvres early. They had the crowd in the palm of their hands as they went back and forth. What made this match was a mixed audience where everyone under 16 chanted for Cena and everyone else chanted for Styles. The ending had never been done before with Styles kicking out of the AA from the top rope and finally getting the win. This was the victory Styles needed as it catapulted him to new heights and the face of Smackdown aswell as the WWE title. It is no more than he deserves and that night they stole the show.

Zayn vs Cesaro vs Owens vs Miz Fatal Fourway at Extreme Rules.
This was a match I felt showed off all four Superstars from the first minute to the last. Owens with his comedic timing taunting the others and the crowd was pure heel perfection.
Zayn with a score to settle with Owens stooping at nothing to make sure if he wasn't going to win then neither would Owens. The battle they had added to the matches intensity.
Cesaro flying about the ring European uppercutting everyone in sight and using his freak strength to do moves only others can dream about doing.
The Miz finally showing his capabilities as champion and in a match where he could show off his skill set.
The match had everything and they used the ring and the outside really well with some amazing spots. Added was The Miz retaining the title by the skin of his teeth in a really entertaining match which the crowd were really invested in with constant chants of 'this is awesome '.
A match I feel has gone under the radar as it was so early in the year but it has stuck with me as it was truly brilliant and all four Superstars reached new heights because of this match.

Revival vs DIY two out of three falls at NXT takeover.
What can I say about this match apart from the fact it was wrestling gold. I can't remember a tag team match in recent years that had everything from technical wrestling to fists and brutality. From the quick first fall which no one saw coming to Gargano being cut off and worked on throughout the match and the audience getting behind him as you thought lightning could strike twice. The story told between heel and face and the crowds involvement had me on the edge of my seat. The chemistry between the two teams was off the charts as they put together combination after combination telling a story and portraying it in a rollercoaster of a match.
The ending was amazing as DIY had both members of the Revival in submission moves as they desperately tried to hold on as they looked in each others eyes holding each others hands trying not to tap as DIY applied more pressure resulting in both members of the Revival tapping out.
This was thirty minutes of wrestling magic not seen in tag team wrestling for many years not seen the feuds of the Hart Foundation vs the Bulldogs and Edge and Christian vs the Hardy Boyz. I hope both teams go to the main roster and showcase their talents to a bigger audience as this was a match to be seen for many years to come. If anything deserves a five star match this was it. I am glad I watched it unfold live on TV.

So there it is my match of the year!! One I could watch over and over again.
Here is to 2017 and what it might bring. I'm sure there will be a few surprises and a few shocks and I for one can't wait!!

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