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Posted by Jordan Turner on 12/30/2016 at 01:24 PM

Hello Everyone, Welcome to my Wrestling Column. So I hope you all come and support what I do when regards to blogging on here writing about professional wrestling because it's what I truly love. I love giving you all great reads that you can enjoy and what I go coming for 2017 is gonna be huge with covering even more wrestling if you follow or at least go to my Twitter which is @JordanTurnerJT you will know what I'm talking about exactly. Let's get this started shall we.

Positives About Raw.

We saw barely any positives on Raw because quite frankly the show just doesn't feel the same. The two positives were Brawn Stroman and Neville's promo once again, so that's two weeks in a row that I'd mention Stroman and Neville as the postives of Raw. That's about it quite frankly. Nothing else on that show that I personally enjoyed as a viewer on Monday Night.

Negatives About Raw. It's quite frankly the same old negatives when it comes to Raw. Raw becoming 2hrs once again has to happen simple as that, Raw's formula ain't working look at the way SmackDownLIVE is being produced and run. It's new and different and it's what we all want the quote on quote "Flagship show Monday Night Raw" to be booked. The women's division is boring but finally there giving us new match ups which I appreciate dearly with Charlotte vs Bayley and Sasha Banks vs Nia Jax I dig it. But they've already given us Charlotte vs Bayley two times already so when they ultimately have a match possibly at The 2017 Royal Rumble I'm just not gonna care because we've seen it already. That's my way of thinking. The tag team division freaking sucks simple as that Cesaro & Sheamus as tag champs is cool but other than that team there's no one else that I truly enjoy which sucks. But those are the negatives about Raw this week.

Postives About SmackDownLIVE. Well ladies and gentlemen from my overall positivity of SmackDownLIVE this past week you will see that I firmly enjoyed this recent episode of SmackDownLIVE. We saw a returning Super Man in John Cena, which he cut a great promo and basically he's back because he wants to tie or potentially break Ric Flair's 16x World Championship Reign. So that was his promo was mainly about and I really enjoyed it honestly. Also we saw New Tag Team Champions with American Alpha winning those titles which was defiantly shocking indeed. They took those titles off The Wyatt Family real quickly which we all didn't see this one coming. So is WWE speeding up that process with having Orton turning on Bray & Harper. I can defiantly see it happening sooner rather than later. Also we saw Alexa Bliss vs Becky Lynch for The SmackDown Women's Championship. This match wasn't all that impressive but it wasn't horrible at all either. Bliss mid match played possum when I thought her arm broke which that wasn't the case she is just double jointed. But she won via a mask person come in and coast Lynch the match which it was Mask Lucha Dora. We all are thinking of who's under the mask which gives a special excitement about that indeed. Also we saw the main event Triple Threat between Corbin vs Ziggler vs Styles which was a spectacular match no doubt, but at the end of the day we saw AJ Styles "The Man That Runs The Camp" he won but then immediately following the match we saw Cena come into the ring and basically saying that he will see him at The 2017 Royal Rumble. So this should be interesting we're SmackDownLIVE goes with this and I'm invested and excited for it. That was all the positives about SmackDownLIVE no negatives as usual which I love.

Positives About Lucha Underground.

Now this episode was really enjoyable in my personal opinion. We saw Mil Mutues face Jeremiah Crane, but the match didn't last that long because we saw a returing to the Tempe in Prince Puma. He attacked Mutues with a kendo stick which was cool to see that this rivalry is far from over. That was it for that then we saw PJ Black & Jack Evans vs Angelico & Son Of Havoc. This match was also enjoyable no doubt about it. Lucha Underground never disappoints in there matches I know some of the matches are quick but mostly when that happens it's a story that is being told. The main event I freaking enjoyed. We saw Texano vs Cage in Match 4 which we saw Cage lose to die it up at 2-2 then Dario Cueto come out to a nice Match 5 Of The Best Of 5 Series right now tonight which was a "Falls Count Anywhere." Ladies and gentlemen I can't describe what I saw you will have to go out yourself and personally watch this yourself. This match was absolutely phenomenal on all aspects like seriously no joke. But at the end Cage won and he won Dario's Ultimate Opportunity that these two guys were fighting for. Cage goes into Dario's office and Cage wins a glove which was the ultimate opportunity. Cage was mad and Dario said that true him you will like it. Which Cage took it and chocked Dario and said "I think I like this." So that's it and no there's no negatives about Lucha Underground which I like. Hope you all enjoyed this posting and more to coming heading into The New Year of 2017 and I hope 2017 is a break out year for myself and I think it will. See you all tomorrow everyone. #NoDQ #Raw #SDLive #LuchaUnderground Make sure you follow my personal blog wrestlingvibes.com

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