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Posted by J. Elam on 12/28/2016 at 10:27 AM

Cenaís back. Big reaction. CM Punk chant already.
He hypes the crowd with the upcoming matches for tonight. Tag titles on the line, Womenís title, and World title. Mentions Ziggler, Corbin, and Styles. Crowd popped big for Styles. Says heís not done, heís not leaving, and itís his era. Heís challenging the winner of the title match at RR.

Itís good to see Cena back. It was only 2 months or so, but I missed him.

Kicking things off with the tag title match. New Wyatts (Orton and Harper) vs American Alpha vs The Usos vs Heath Slater and Rhyno:

(After a commercial break - Outside Mizí dressing room. Says heíll only answer questions if Rene interviews him.)

Match 1: Wyatts are standing outside. Letting everyone else fight it out. Smart. Mini botch there by Slater, and The Usos eliminate him and Rhyno. (I wonder if that was an intentional spot to further the angle with Slater and Rhyno). Usos jumped off the ropes into a double belly to belly by AA. After a reversal, Usos eliminated. Usos beat up AA afterwards. Orton going for the Superplex to Gable, Luke tries something, and Orton accidentally knocks him off. AA capitalize and win the tag titles.

Gableís a pretty strong dude. Gave Rhyno a Northern Lights, and deadlift German suplex to Harper.

I didnít like AA winning here. As a non-NXT fan, I still donít know who these guys are, nor why I should care. Plus, they showed signs of infighting between Harper and Rhyno, and Orton and Harper. This depletes the tag division of 2 of its better teams. Now there arenít really any good teams for AA to face other than The Usos.

Ziggler interview. Says it wasnít wise to put his title shot on the line against Corbin last week. He cuts an underdog promo. Now Ellsworth is here. Carmella says she finds him attractive.

Iím tired of Zigglerís underdog promos. He does them every time. Heís not an underdog anymore. Heís justÖ there?

Womenís title match is next. Alexa Bliss vs Becky Lynch: I hate the pin reversal spots. Always found them boring. Some luchadora (in the same outfit Becky wore last week) comes down and loosens the middle turnbuckle. Alexa throws Becky head first into it and hits her with a DDT for the win. Sheís interviewed and says it was probably Sasha or Nia underneath the mask.
My money would be on Deonna Purrazzo being the one under the mask.

Miz interview. Says 2017 will be the year of the Miz. Ambrose is behind him and beats him up. Glad to see Ambrose (and Renee) finally got revenge on Miz.

Nikki interview. She wants revenge on Natalya.

Something seems off about Nikkiís promos since she returned. Canít quite put my finger on it.
Corbin interview. Says he shouldíve been recognized as a top star a long time ago.
Odd thereís been no pre-match promo by Styles. Probably because theyíre in Chicago and they know heís getting a huge pop. Still weird he had no promo though.

WWE Championship match. Baron Corbin vs Dolph Ziggler vs AJ Styles: I heard/read a rumor that Corbinís only in this match due to AJ not being at 100% yet. Corbin still needs some work on the mic, but as far as in ring stuff goes, heís earned it. Corbin went for the End of Days, but Styles wrapped around him. Ziggler dropkicked him and AJ went into a Crucifix pin. Well done spot. Ziggler and Styles working together to put Corbin through the announce table is smart strategy. Wear down the biggest threat in the match. Lots of reversals in this match. I think Corbin missed a spot after the Ziggler Superkick to Styles. Looked like he was too late breaking the pinfall, but AJ kicked out anyway. WOW. Corbin hits Styles with the EoD while Ziggler simultaneously hits Corbin with the Zig-Zag. Another well done spot. Corbin hits Ziggler with the EoD, then Styles hits Corbin with the Phenomenal Forearm and pins Ziggler for the win to retain.

Great match. All 3 guys delivered. I was really impressed with Corbin in this match. Iíd go as far as saying itís his best match. Heís going to be huge next year.

Cena shows up and shakes AJís hand. I expected AJ to just walk away there and leave Cena hanging.

Cena vs Styles again. I donít mind it. Their feuds have actually been good. With all the acting gigs heís piling up, this might be Cenaís last hurrah in the world title seen. Iíd give him his 16th reign.

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