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Posted by Jordan Turner on 12/26/2016 at 11:54 PM

Hello Everyone, Welcome to my Wrestling Column. Hope you all enjoy this post. Again make sure you all follow my personal blog as well wrestlngvibes.com Thank you!

We kick off the last show of Raw before 2017 with obviously a promo featuring Stephanie McMahon. Right away fans in Chicago start chanting "CM Punk's" name. Typical Stephanie were she's waiting until the fans stop which they did. Then we get Seth Rollins and Rollins is simply there to call out Triple H and obviously he doesn't show up. WWE is plainting seeds for a Triple H vs Seth Rollins match which we will see very soon. Stephanie McMahon tells Rollins that he will never be "The King" and never be on her husband's league. Then outta nowhere Roman Reigns comes out and crowds start booing him like always. Both Reigns and Rollins want to face Brawn Stroman but Stephanie has Rollins be the one to face Stroman. That segment was decent but agian it wasn't nothing exciting that much.

1st Match of The Night. Raw Tag Team Title Rematch. Cesaro & Sheamus vs New Day. Winners-Cesaro & Sheamus. Decent match but again notninf that exciting quite frankly.

2nd Match of The Night. Nia Jax vs Shariot. Winner-Nia Jax. Squash match. Her opponent wanted to basically fight for Sasha Banks and defend her honor. This was useless and non important. Nia said to Shariot that she needs to pick a better role model.

3rd Match of The Night. Bayley vs Charlotte. Winner-Charlotte via Dana Brooke counting so quickly. WWE is slowly building Bayley off as a big underdog baby face which makes sense at the end of the day. But we've seen these two ladies fight two times already. I simply don't care about this feud quite frankly because well they simply have it away already so there's no point in me feeling and getting invested in this feud. Even though it's a new match up so on that end I ain't complaining but they've already gave it away. I don't know we're there building towards and I'm not interested in it that much.

4th Match of The Night. Neville vs TJ Perkins. Winner-Neville. Post match he gets interviewed and he is challenging The Cruiserweight Champion Rich Swan for 205LIVE. Also Neville said that now since he's a heel that the fans wanna cheer him and that fans don't understand his accent which annoys him. This was just building and promoting 205LIVE.

5th Match of The Night. BO Dallas & Darren Young vs The Shinning Stars. Winner-No one because Brawn Stroman came and attacked everyone that was in the ring. I absolutely enjoyed this because this match was pointless to begin with. Brawn Stroman has been looking very strong which I actually like and he's been growing on me.

6th Match of The Night. Brawn Stroman vs Seth Rollins. Winner-No contest because Sami Zayn came to interfere in the match to beat down Stroman but obviously it didn't work but Stephanie McMahon backstage announced to Stroman that he will face Sami Zayn next week on Raw in a Last Man Standing Match. I'm actually excited about that match.

7th Match of The Night. Gallows & Anderson vs Golden Truth. Winner-Gallows & Anderson. Boring match next..........

8th Match of The Night. Aryia Davari vs Rich Swan. Winner-Rich Swan. Nothing exciting here at all. But we saw post match that Swan was interviewed and he accepts Neville's match for tomorrow on 205LIVE. Outta nowhere you see Neville attack Swan. Again just building storylines on Raw for 205LIVE which makes perfect sense.

9th Match of The Night. Kevin Owens vs Roman Reigns. For The United States Championship. Winner-Roman Reigns. This was obvious which I wasn't surprised. Post match we see Jericho & Owens try to attack Reigns but Rollins comes in and both Rollins and Reigns attack Owens and Jericho. Nothing here to end Raw of 2016 heading into 2017 of this upcoming year. Quite frankly everyone I'm so happy 2016 is over for Raw. This year of Raw in 2016 wasn't that great, I will say this they did have some excitement and shock factor but it was mostly negative. But heading into 2017 I hope Raw changes for the better which is all we can hope for. #WWE #RAW #NoDQ Goodnight Everyone and take care.

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