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Posted by Jordan Turner on 12/23/2016 at 01:34 PM

Hello Everyone, Welcome to my Wrestling Column. Make sure you follow my personal blog wrestlingvibes.com and on Twitter @JordanTurnerJT Hope you all truly enjoy what I bring to the table when regards to writing on this great website. I give it all I got every time I write on here and I hope you all see that and appreciate it. I'm truly grateful for the opportunity that NODQ has giving me and I hope I get many opportunities within the new year of 2017. Let's see we're this goes heading into the new year which I believe I'm only moving upward.

Positives Of Monday Night Raw. Now I will say that there was some positives from this episode of Raw but it had nothing to do with wrestling which that is a dam shame. I enjoyed Neville heel promo we're we heard him basically talk trash to the fans and saying that he's the ultimate King Of The Cruiserweight Division. I also enjoyed Brawn Stroman legit throwing Sin Cara into the Christmas Tree I really enjoyed that and the most important thing I enjoyed it was seeing Sasha Banks which she has been booked horribly but we saw here with nagging injuries in storyline. But I know she's legit hurt. But we saw Nia Jax come in and talk trash to Sasha while Sasha before that said that she simply isn't the Boss anymore then Nia comes around and she says that she's the new Bo$$ and not Sasha then she kicked her crutch which she got booed which I loved. So we're gonna see a new feud featuring Sasha Banks vs Nia Jax.

Negatives About Monday Night Raw. The negatives is fairly simple. The show overall as a whole was just boring and I wasn't simply emjoying it, also the 3hr format is ridiculous and at this point I always say to myself "When will I fall asleep during this show." That's sad because I don't say that about SmackDownLIVE. But the segment with Owens, Jericho and Foley was kind of funny but it was ultimately boring and made no sense storyline wise all it did was set up another rematch with Owens vs Reigns at The 2017 Royal Rumble for The Universal Championship. I will say now I won't be upset or shocked if Reigns defeats Owens to become The New Universal Champion. Vince wants his golden boy to go into WrestleMania 33 as champ. Also the other negative was Charlotte vs Bayley having a legit f*n match on Raw when we know it's the next feud happening towards The 2017 Royal Rumble. At this point I love Charlotte and her heel run is great and fantastic but she's obviously the female Roman Reigns of The Women's Division which is obviously and whoever says otherwise I don't know if you see but the way she's been booked WWE obviously loves Charlotte more than the other women on the roster when regards to character and credibility. But I like that we're seeing new feuds within the horrible Raw Women's Division.

The Positives About Tuesday Night SmackDownLIVE.

I loved this show from top to bottom, there's no negatives when regards to this show this past week. I enjoyed the promo segment with Natayla, Nikki Bella and Carmella. That promo was A+ simple as that everyone on social media was talking about it which that is perfection. Also the other positive was what The Miz said post match during a interview when Renee Young interviewed him. Miz basically said that her as Renee Young is sleeping with Dean Ambrose. He made her seem like she's a whore which she obviously isn't one. She's obviously dating Dean Ambrose. But she's slapped Miz following what he said which got a lot of people talking on social media. The other positive was the show that we're gonna have next week on SmackDownLIVE. We're gonna have Dolph Ziggler vs Baron Corbin vs AJ Styles for The WWE Championship. Also we got a Women's Championship between Becky Lynch vs Alexa Bliss and also a 4 Way Match For The Tag Team Championships featuring American Alpha vs The USO's vs Slader & Ryno vs Orton & Bray Wyatt. Also we got John Cena aka Super Man returing and also rumored of The Undertaker possibly returing. To me this feels like a PPV but obviously it's not I'm excited for next Tuesday Night like really I'am.

Postives About Wednesday Night Lucha Underground.

I thought this recent episode of Lucha Underground was a good show. We saw The "Battle Of The Bulls" finle. Featuring Jeremiah Crane vs Cage vs The MAC vs PJ Black. This match was fast pace and I personally really enjoyed it I had fun which what I want when watching a wrestling show I wanna have fun. Then we saw a Steal Cage Lucha Underground Championship Match between Johnny Mundo vs Sexy Star. Now this match legit wasn't all that exciting really I'm sorry I didn't really enjoyed this match as I wanted to. I mean it had some good things but overall as I match to me it wasn't that exciting to me personally. But post match we saw The MAC come in and super kick Mundo because well he's next in line to challenge for The Lucha Underground Championship. So overall that's it and I hope you all enjoyed it because I got another post that will be up later on in the day. Stay tuned. Y'all take care and I'll simply see you all later and please support what I do it will mean a lot to me. #Raw #SDLive #LuchaUnderground

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