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Posted by Justin Watry on 12/22/2016 at 08:32 AM

"I honestly think that you are so good (different) at how you approach columns. I know some people take compliments lightly and such, but honestly, you should be a very proud man. Boatloads of people including me, read your columns ALL THE TIME. Me personally, I wake up every morning, and before I go to school, I read your column (I'm 16). Also, your consistency with your columns is amazing, just from reading them so much, I almost feel like I know your thought process (not that I do). So with all of that out of the way, thank you."

- Sean, wrestling fan

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My 411mania.com Project

As most are now aware, I have begun posting my "12 Days of Wrestle-mas" columns over at 411mania. Starting last week, I've been posting a column every single night until the holiday. Please check out 411mania for all the content and details inside for other fun things to enjoy!

Here are the columns (so far) on 411mania...

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Alright, tons of columns there for all of you. I challenged myself weeks ago to do this "12 Days of Wrestle-mas" run, and it is almost complete. Rather than sit around and write a few thousand words per week and duff it during the holiday season, I did the opposite. Love me or hate me, the train never stops. Keeps moving forward, never backwards. Now to my WWE Smackdown review!

WWE Smackdown Thoughts

- AJ Styles defeated James Ellsworth with ease and left him laying. Champ retains the WWE Championship, and we can finally move on from this nonsense. Long overdue to get this garbage away from the main event scene. I loved this. Keeps AJ Styles strong, keeps him healthy, keeps him interesting, keeps him on top, and best of all - finally destroys Ellsworth.

- Good to see Baron Corbin and Dolph Ziggler get in the mix for a shot at AJ Styles' WWE Title. Adds a curveball to next week's big episode of Smackdown. Plus, two wrestlers rather than one protects AJ some more.

- The Miz retains his IC Championship over Apollo Crews. Afterwards, he calls out Renee Young for her relationship with Dean Ambrose. Cool, pretty unexpected moment. Even if it has been out in the open for awhile on Total Divas, this was different from the standard television product. Shame that nothing is going on with Crews.

- Natalya admits to attacking Nikki Bella at Survivor Series! She was my prediction all along and even wrote about her (and others) last week in a column. Not a 'bad' reveal but not surprising or even very interesting. Nikki and Nattie did a good job in their promo battle here. Carmella is officially out of the story line it seems. I kinda wish Mickie James was the culprit; now THAT would have been entertaining. Either way, WWE held out for just over a month before giving us the payoff to the Survivor Series mystery. Fine, whatever.

- Speaking of Carmella, she ran into a hurt James Ellsworth backstage and tended to him. Comedy ladies' man gimmick? My advice: RUN JAMES! RUN AWAY! Do not fall for her. Man to man - run now!!!

- Dean Ambrose over Luke Harper. I was doing laundry during this. Sorry, just being honest. Had company coming over and was getting ready. Liked the post-match attack though. Awesome to have The Miz and Maryse stand over Deano. Wonder if Renee will wrestle? Probably not.

- Alexa Bliss loses to La Luchadora. Yeah, we all knew it was Becky Lynch under a mask. I think this stuff worked decades ago but tend to fall flat in the modern era. Next week, the two will meet for the Smackdown Womens Championship. Could get a title change.

- Mojo Rawley defeated Curt Hawkins. With Zack Ryder injured, this is what Mr. Hype will be doing for now...nothing of note. Nothing more than the celebrity moment (Ryan Phillippe) to promote Shooter on USA Network. No harm, no foul. Quick and painless.

- Dolph Ziggler vs. Baron Corbin ended in a double count out. They both were gunning for a WWE Title shot last week and technically, NEITHER man should get one after that finish. I mean, they were borh counted out. That is a loss, isn't it? Daniel Bryan came out to announce Ziggler and Corbin will battle AJ Styles next Tuesday night for the belt. A triple threat. Lots of stuff loaded up for next week, the final show of 2016.

- All in all, there a lot to like about this episode. Viewership is still down across the board for WWE programming. However, this show got a little uptick in viewers. That bodes well for next week; there is momentum for Smackdown LIVE. Not just because of all the title bouts but due to...

John Cena Returns!

Yep, John Cena returns to Smackdown next week. In Chicago no less. Should make for a great atmosphere. If there is not a viewership jump for the show next week, I'd be shocked and fairly concerned for the Road to WM in early 2017. Basically, Cena has two options here: AJ Styles and the title at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view OR enter the actual 30 man Royal Rumble match. That is the only dilemma for WWE. If The Undertaker is NOT returning to challenge Styles for the championship (as has been rumored), that leaves Cena. Then Taker can appear after. Will be interesting to see if the company loads up the Rumble match even more (with Brock Lesnar and Bill Goldberg already set) or focuses more on the title match. I'm legitimately intrigued.

Next week will also be fun to watch because of ratings. Smackdown is *just* below Raw right now in terms of viewership. Not tooooo far away. With a run of the mill RAW airing next Monday on December 26th (holidays take away viewers usually) and Smackdown having a STACKED show on December 27th, it is very possible the Blue Brand beats the Red Brand in viewership. Smackdown may do it. Raw better get their stuff together on Monday because Tuesday will be memorable...

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