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Posted by Jordan Turner on 12/20/2016 at 12:39 AM

Hello Everyone, Welcome to my Wrestling Post. Make sure you all follow my personal blog wrestlingvibes.com and follow me on Twitter @JordanTurnerJT Let's kick this boring show off.

We kick off Raw with another promo featuring The Universal Champion Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho. Owens said that he would do anything to be able to remain Universal Champion which he did via Jericho help. But Owens also said that Jericho hurt him because he didn't want to be bothers anyone. Jericho also said what he did was beautiful last night. But here comes Mick Foley and he sets up another rematch for Owens vs Reigns II for The Universal Championship at The 2017 Royal Rumble. So Mick Foley announces it and you see the fans they look not suprised what so ever. Also Foley said that Jericho will be in a Shark Cage at The 2017 Royal Rumble when Owens vs Reigns Match II happen. Honestly this segment was blah because all it did was set up a match.

1st Match. Big Cass vs Rusev . Winner-Rusev via DQ by Big Cass.l once again. This was boring and unimportant once again. WWE once again going to the same old you know what and it's a dam shame.

Here comes Sasha Banks. She talks about her match from last night at Road Block against Charlotte were she lost 2-3 which I completely don't understand that quite frankly. So Sasha talks about how her and Charlotte tore the show down last night at Road Block. Which the match was good but I'm just happy that this rivalry is finally over with. Sasha says that Charlotte was the better women from last night and that she wants her to come out but she doesn't appear. Instead we see Nia Jax appear and Nia says that Sasha you aren't a Boss. I'm the real boss. Then outta nowhere she attacks Sasha's injured left knee and she obviously got booed for it. I love this. This presents a new fresh match within the women's division on Raw. THANK GOD......

2nd Match. Noam Dar vs Cedric Alexander. Winner-Cedric Alexander. Boring match nothing really exciting which is a dam shame I'm saying that.

Here comes The New Day and they discuss there lost from last night at Road Block. Then outta nowhere here comes Sheamus & Cesaro New Raw Tag Team Champions Mock Foley introduces Cesaro & Sheamus New Tag Belts whicb obviously have the red strips instead of the black ones. So New Day and Cesaro & Shemus have a talk but then here comes Gallows & Anderson and also The Shining Stars. These teams come and attack one another to just set up a match.

3rd Match. 8Man Tag. New Day & Cesado & Sheamus vs Gallows & Anderson and The Shining Stars. Winners-New Day & Cesado & Shemaus. Nothing really important here snag so ever.

Here comes Neville. He talks about how he hasn't been used which obviously he hasn't at all. So he's frustrated like we all are for him because he hasn't been used. But he said that he's Tte Cruiserweight King and he will demolish everyone within that division which I love. Also he said that he doesn't want the fans sympathy. Here comes Brian Kendrick and he agrees with Neville but before he can say anything here comes Rich Swan and then TJ Perkins. So we outtta nowhere see Neville and Kendrick lay out both Swan and Perkins. Awesome segment only because of Neville.

4th Match. Son Cara vs Titus O'Neal. Winner-No contest because Brawn Stroman comes in and straight up attacks both O'Neal and Sin Cara. But he grabs Sin Cara and throws him off the stag onto the XMAS Tree and presents. Nothing really here it was just showing how powerful Stroman really is. Also Stroman asked Mick throughout the show that he wants Zayn but Mick refused to give Stroman Zayn. Which comes into play in the main event.

Here comes The 4x Women's Champion Charlotte. She talks about that her and Sasha ended a historic rivalry last night. Also that she is The Queen and she will go down as the absolute best women's wrestler of alll time. Then outta nowhere Bayley comes in and she talks about challenging for The Raw Women's Championship next. Charlotte called Bayley a little kid and a loser but Bayley came back and said that she's beaten Charlotte two times so she's 2-0 against Charlotte. This was all down in NXT at the time. Charlotte says that it doesn't count. So agian we have a match because of this which I have no idea why.

5th Match. Charlotte vs Bayley. Winner-Bayley. Like this match needed to take place which it didn't need to What so ever but that's WWE for you.

6th Match. Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins vs Kevin Owens & Chris Jericho. Winners-No comtest because Stroman interfered and destroyed both Rollins & Reigns. That's it. That was RAW tonight and it was a boring show besides the segment promo from Neville and the segment attack from Nia Jax. The show was boring but Enzo had some funny moments low key which I Ialughed somewhat. But realistically this show had no excitement and entergry. This always happens during this time of year for Raw so I shouldn't be surprised but I kind of I'am but whatever hopefully SmackDownLIVE is good tomorrow we shall see. But I'm done and hopefully you all enjoyed my review. So goodnight everyone! #NoDQ #RAW

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