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Posted by J. Elam on 12/19/2016 at 07:43 PM

New Day vs Cesaro and Sheamus Ė New Dayís run is at 483 days. I have my fingers crossed they lose the titles. This runís gone stale. Iím starting to like Sheamusís them song. Itís been like a year, but itís growing on me. I love the teamwork of Cesaro and Sheamus. That spear Big E does through the ropes worries me. Canít help but feel one day, heís going to get seriously injured. I remember the scare from a few months ago when he landed on his head/neck area. Clever move by Cesaro to feign tagging himself in at the end.

Great opening match. Lots of near falls, and they did them well. Thought there might have been a tease of Cesaro and Sheamus losing when Sheamus inadvertently hit Cesaro. New Day tried to cheat but it backfired on them. I did really like Cesaro countering the rollup and turning it into the Neutralizer. Kudos to him and Kofi on that one.

The crowd was really hot for this match. Weíll probably get a rematch on Raw, but I think Cesaro and Sheamus should hold the titles for a few months.


Kevin Owens interviewed backstage. Charly Caruso asked him if after seeing New Dayís reign end; if heís worried he might also lose his title. He said heís better than New Day. Owens is asked if the seeming end of his friendship with Jericho is weighing on his mind and he ends the interview once he spots Jericho. He offers him a scarf as a way to make amends and Jericho walks away without a word.


Sami Zayn vs Braun Strowman Ė Sami had to last 10 minutes with Strowman. It started off well enough with Braun just owning Sami. Then Mick Foley showed up ala Rocky in Rocky IV, ready to throw in the towel. Sami made his comeback and managed to survive the 10 minutes.

I donít know why Foley needed to be here. He keeps making it about him. He shouldíve just let Sami take his beating. Stop coddling him.


Seth Rollins vs Chris Jericho Ė Jericho kept up with Rollins for the most part, but I think the match went on too long. I predicted Owens would interfere and cost Jericho, and I was right. I figured that would signal the end of their friendship.


Cruiserweight Championship: Rich Swann vs TJ Perkins vs THE Brian Kendrick Ė This match did nothing for me until the end when Neville showed up and beat down Swann and Perkins. I think heíll be a nice addition to the CW division. I think itís sad that the returning heel was more over than a match with 2 babyfaces.


Owens is walking backstage and goes to Jerichoís locker room. Jericho wonít open the door. Owens begs to be put on The List, but still received no response. Owens walks away defeated.
Owens is pathetic. And to think, this is the same guy that sidelined Sami Zayn for several months. Now heís moping over his friend not responding to him. How far the mighty have fallen.


Womenís Championship: Sasha Banks vs Charlotte Flair Ė I think this is the first womenís Ironman match on the main roster. I know Sasha and Bayley had one in NXT. For a 30 minute match, this one sure went by quickly. Usually I find myself bored, but they kept my interest here. Sasha took a pretty nasty bump on the steps. I think thatís what busted her nose later on. Sheís really got to ease up on some of these bumps she keeps taking. Iím not surprised Charlotte won, but I didnít like that Sasha tapped with 4 seconds to spare in regulation. It soured me on the match. If it was 30 seconds or so, maybe Iím not as bothered. This match definitely should have closed the show IMO, but I can see why they opted not to let them close it.

Iím glad this feud is finally over. Now they can work on getting more women over. Thereís more to the division to just Sasha and Charlotte. One of the best parts about this match? No Ric Flair.


Universal Championship: Kevin Owens vs Roman Reigns Ė This match underperformed for me. Roman did fine, but Owens really needs to step his game up as far as heel work. He relies WAY too much on the headlock spot. When not doing that, he trolls the crowd, but they donít really seem to react to that. At least not with boos. Heís courting face reactions. Jericho showed up and hit the Codebreaker on Owens, giving him the win by DQ. As he and Owens celebrated, Rollins showed. Owens ate the spear by Reigns and Rollins hit Jericho with the Pedigree. Then Rollins and Reigns PowerBombed him through the Spanish announce table. They set their sights on Owens and PowerBombed him through the main announce table.

I predicted Jericho would interfere, but I was wrong in guessing heíd attack Reigns. And thenÖ Jericho and Owens are friends again? Or all this time? It makes no sense at all. For weeks theyíve been teasing a feud between them, only to have them as friends again? Stupid.

Iím not really sure how I feel about Reigns and Rollins being cool with each other. There was never any peacemaking, which makes it weird that Romanís just going with it.

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