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Posted by J. Elam on 12/14/2016 at 06:13 PM

Opens with a recap of last week’s match between Dean and Miz. Ellsworth keeps sneezing. Shane and Bryan are mad about his interfering. They say his match against AJ is postponed.

Ellsworth overdid it on the sneezing. I know it’s acting, but still. He did it like, every 3 seconds.

Miz and Maryse host MizTV. We’re on day 28 of Miz’ IC reunion tour. His guest is WWE Champion AJ Styles. Styles says GMs did Ellsworth a favor by canceling the match. Says he’ll destroy him. AJ says no one is on his level. Miz hints that he should be AJ’s next opponent. Dean Ambrose interrupts. He stares down Miz and AJ until Dolph shows up. He calls them both cheaters. Miz hits him with a SCF, then Dean hits Miz with Dirty Deeds. AJ walks off, then Dean hits Dolph with a Dirty Deeds. Luke Harper appears out of nowhere, clotheslines Ambrose and stares down AJ.

Interesting opener. AJ needs an opponent, and there’s a few ways it could go. Ziggler and Harper would be short feuds, but with Miz, there’s a lot they could do there. The only downside is that it’d be heel vs heel, and that tends to not do as well. I’d like to see what Harper could do in a feud like that. Hoping he wins.
GMs backstage. AJ says he needs protection from his challengers. They call a Fatal-4-way for the number one contender’s match. They say if anyone (Wyatt, Orton, Maryse) interferes, their respective partner will be disqualified.
Nikki’s on commentary. Natalya cuts a promo saying she didn’t attack Nikki. She gets interrupted by Carmella. Nattie spends the whole match yelling to Nikki that she’s innocent. Carmella gets the win with a rollup.

I feel like there’s a swerve coming. Either Natalya’s lying, or someone’s returning/debuting. Although the latter would be weird to have a new person as the culprit.
We get a video marking John Cena’s return 2 weeks from now. About time. SmackDown could really use him. They’re low on babyfaces.
Fluffy’s (Gabriel Iglesias) backstage and he bumps into Apollo Crews. Miz and Maryse show up and insult them both. Gabriel and Apollo mock Miz’ fashion choice.
That was an awkward segment. Guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Most guest celeb cameos are awkward. We’ll likely get Miz vs Crews next week.
Tag Team Battle Royal: American Alpha vs Hype Bros vs The VaudeVillains vs The Ascension vs Breezango vs Heath Slater and Rhyno – Gotch got eliminated about 5 seconds in. Gable eliminates Viktor via an armbar in the ropes. Konnor quickly eliminates him afterwards. Heath Slater accidentally knocks Rhyno off the apron, eliminating him in the process. This is likely an end to their tag team. Fandango eliminates Mojo. Jordan launches Aiden off the apron, so he’s out. Slater eliminates Fandango with a leg sweep on the apron. Konnor catches Jordan near the ropes, and Breeze kicks him (Jordan) over the top. Konnor throws Slater over the top. Konnor eliminates Breeze, and Ryder eliminates Konnor to get the win for the Hype Bros.

Looks like Zack Ryder might be hurt. May have messed up his knee.

*Apparently, Simon Gotch is in the doghouse for backstage issues. He got into a fight with Sin Cara. Allegedly he (Gotch) instigated it.
Vignette for Baron Corbin. I think he’s going to have a big 2017. I see him winning the IC title.
Alexa Bliss vs Deonna Purrazzo – Alexa says not to ring the bell. She says Deonna doesn’t deserve a match as she doesn’t do charity cases, unlike Becky Lynch. Gives her a cheap shot and Becky interrupts. Becky’s challenging her to a rematch. Alexa accepts, just not for tonight. Now Shane’s here. He says Alexa will defend her title against Becky right now. Becky wins by countout after Alexa feigned a leg injury. They fight after.
Fatal-4-way elimination match: Dean Ambrose vs Dolph Ziggler vs The Miz vs Luke Harper – This should be a fun match. AJ’s on commentary. Harper’s on fire right out of the gate. He might be the best worker in this match. He gets bonus points for countering Ambrose’s Rebound Clothesline. I wish more folks would do that. I don’t like how they eliminated Miz. It makes him look weak. Harper’s rocking the Sitout PowerBomb. I wouldn’t mind that as his secondary finisher. He should put more people away with it when not using the Discus Clothesline. I’m disappointed Luke got eliminated, but they made him look strong here, so I can’t be that mad. Miz grabs Ambrose’s leg, distracting him enough for Dolph to capitalize and get the win.
Miz and Styles are switching opponents. I see Styles retaining obviously. Could go either way with Dean/Miz. I see Dean winning it, only for Miz to win it back.

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