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Posted by J. Elam on 12/13/2016 at 02:38 PM

New Day opens the show celebrating their record breaking title reign. They beat a record that stood 25 years (Demolition). 478 days is the record. New Day gets it if they win tonight. They’re defending their belts tonight against The Club and Sheamus/Cesaro.

Triple Threat Tag Team Title match: Cesaro was on fire in this match. That was a very impressive sequence to see. The Big Boot to Gallows, the Springboard European Uppercut to Anderson, followed by the "Swiss 1 9" Then the Senton onto Big E off the apron, immediately followed by a European Uppercut to Kofi, a double stomp to Gallows, and finally the Flying Crossbody onto Anderson. Flawlessly executed. Well done, Cesaro.

Really thought Cesaro and Sheamus would win, but oh well.

An overlooked part of this title reign recently has been New Day using whatever tactics they can to keep their belts. I think Corey Graves may have touched on it briefly, but other than that, it’s gone unmentioned.
Backstage skit with a bunch of random people waiting to party with New Day. I saw Bayley and Darren Yougn among them. The fun ends when Xavier pops the champagne all over Stephanie. The crowd had no reaction at all.
Braun Strowman squashed Curtis Axel. Braun’s got some new gear. Sami wants a match against him, but Foley still refuses to give him one. He hints at wanting a trade to SmackDown, and Mick says he’ll call Daniel Bryan. This makes absolutely no sense at all.
Ariya Daivari vs Lince Dorado – Jack Gallagher announces his intention to interfere in this match. That’s pretty funny. He’s such a gentleman.
Seth Rollins segment. He’s hosting “Rollins Report.” He wants Triple H. His guest is Kevin Owens. Owens says he and Jericho have a tag title match later against New Day. Owens and Jericho beat down Seth until Roman makes the save.
Rich Swann interview. Kendrick shows and we hear it’s a triple threat Sunday. TJP shows up and says Swann will find out why he deserves to be champ on Sunday. Says Kendrick can find out now.

I want to get into the Cruiserweight division, but I just can’t. Sure they do flippy stuff, but most of them lack anything that makes them stand out. There’s only like, 4 characters in the division: THE Brian Kendrick, Rich Swann, Jack Gallagher, and TJ Perkins. Everyone else is just there. They don’t feel like part of the Raw roster most of the time. I’d actually like to see them face off against non-cruiserweights. Maybe even add guys like Neville or Enzo to the division.
Rollins and Reigns walking backstage. Foley says they’ve been added to the tag title match later. Looks like Rolleigns is back. Just seems a little weird though, seeing as the 2 have never actually made amends. They’re just sort of going with it.
Sasha/Charlotte package. Graves said there was no rematch clause in the contract. Hmm. Foreshadowing a Charlotte win?
Bayley vs Alicia Fox – Alicia’s still delusional about Bayley “trying” to take “her” man, Cedric Alexander.

I wish WWE “got” Bayley. She was super over in NXT, but they’re having a problem establishing her character on the main roster. She’s not just someone who hugs everyone. There’s more to her than that.
Rusev and Lana promo. Rusev boasts about beating up Enzo. Rusev and Lana show a recap of Rusev beating up Enzo. Lana called him delusional for believing he had a chance. Big Cass comes out to fight. Enzo’s not there, as he’s selling the beating from the previous week.
Owens trying to pump up Jericho for their match. Jericho just wants to focus on New Day later. They’re really teasing these 2 fighting at some point.
Another vignette for Emmalina. Didn’t they say last week she was debuting this week?
Sami Zayn vs Jinder Mahal – Sami wins a quick match.

Foley comes out and says Sami’s being traded to SmackDown. All Sami has to do is sign the contract. Sami asks one last time for a Strowman match and Foley refuses. Foley says he’s being traded for... Eva Marie?! Sami’s really ticked about that. Says he’s worth 1000 Eva Marie’s. Says he’s sick of paying for Foley’s mistakes. Calls out Foley some more until Foley just gives him the match. Foley says there was never a trade. He’s giving Sami 10 minutes against Braun Sunday.

*Foley is terrible at his job (on-screen). Now all of a sudden he believed in Sami the whole time? It’s so inconsistent and it makes no sense whatsoever. It seems like all he does is yell all the time. It’s forcing this passion. It’s not natural.
Triple Threat Tag Title match: New Day vs Rolleigns (Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns) vs Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho – Roman and Seth still have lots of chemistry teaming up. Part of me kinda wants them in the tag division. Loved the spot where Roman held up Jericho and Rollins hit him with a flying knee. They pulled off the (double) Tower of Doom spot. I hate that spot only because the setup takes so long. New Day pulls off the win again by holding their opponents leg, preventing them from breaking the pin. They now hold the WWE record for longest Tag Team Championship reign.

That was a fantastic match. Everyone did their job well. It's rare you see 2 triple threat tag team matches in one night and both deliver.
Owens and Jericho got into a shoving match. Owens tried explaining the Seth pushed him into Jericho, thereby breaking a pinfall. Jericho walked out, and Owens turns around to eat a spear by Roman. Roman holds up the US and Universal titles to end the show.
Interesting that neither Charlotte Flair nor Women’s Champ Sasha Banks were seen on this episode sans the video package. There’s really nowhere else for this feud to go. I take it with the no rematch clause, this really is the end of their feud for the foreseeable future.
My predictions for Roadblock:
1. Cass beats Rusev. Don’t know where you go after that.
2. I have THE Brian Kendrick pulling off a sneak win against Swann and Perkins to win back the Cruiserweight Championship
3. Owens cost Jericho his match against Rollins. Jericho later interferes in the Owens/Reigns match. He doesn’t cost Owens the title, but rather it kicks off a feud between them. Owens faces Jericho at Royal Rumble. Seth and Roman meanwhile, get added to the Royal Rumble match.
4. Charlotte beats Sasha due to Ric Flair interference.
5. Sami Zayn puts up a valiant effort, only to lose to Braun Strowman.
6. New Day might have an open challenge. Who their opponents are, I have no guesses. Personally I want Cesaro and Sheamus to beat them for the titles. New Day has the record, now they can move on to other stuff.

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