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Posted by Jordan Turner on 12/10/2016 at 03:54 PM

Hello Everyone, Welcome to my Wrestling Column. You all will enjoy this unique storyline trust me. Make sure you all follow my personal blog wrestlingvibes.com I'll greatly appreciate it. Now let's start this long storyline but I'm warning you all right now this will be a long storyline but it will be a great read.

Introduction Paragraph!

Now I know having Mickie James coming back is simply huge not only for us fans but also the company. Now it's announced on WWE official Twitter account that Mickie James will be coming to SmackDownLIVE on January 10th in 2017. The fans on social media start going insane and Mickie James tweets out "I'm back and I'm gonna be the top star on SmackDownLIVE." Nikki Bella response back and says "Well you will see why I'm the top star on SmackDownLIVE and no Nikki you aren't the top star on SmackDownLIVE." Nikki Bella response back and says "Well you will see why I'm the too star on SmackDownLIVE." Mickie James simply replies and says "I thought you gotta go and ask John Cena for that claim because me and him used to have a thing." So we get to January 10th and we kick off the show with a returning Mickie James and The SmackDownLIVE crowd start chanting "Welcome back Mickie " she starts off by saying "Thank you for everyone I'm proud to be back in WWE and I can't wait to give you more great moments. But I'm hefe to simply take The WWE Women's Championship."

Twist Paragraph Storyline!

Outta nowhere here comes Nikki Bella. Nikki comes and says "Hello Mickie James welcome back to the company we've missed you within the division very much." Mickie replies and says "Thank you very much Nikki but how are you and John Cena have been doing because if you remember that me and Cena had a think and a hook up just letting you know." Nikki replies and says "Well I don't care because he's with me so that's all that matters sweet heart you had your shot and you failed sadly I'm not gonna fail." Mickie replies and says "Well it looks like you are because what I heard is that he doesn't wanna marry you or have any kids." Nikki replies and says "Well I don't care I'm tired of hearing this I just wanna whoop your ass right now so let's go." Then the ref's come in and separate these two women and the commentary team is building this up as a personal rivalry. Here comes Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan and they both says "Listen we're gonna do a (Women's Tournament) starting next week and the championship title match will take place at SmackDownLIVE's Exclusive PPV WWE Backlash." So Nikki tells Mickie "I'll see you soon bitch." James replies and says "Your Cena's bitch so go clean him up because your his slave anyways go do your job Fearless One." Some crazy stuff when regards to Nikki Bella and Mickie James.

The breaking news on when regards who attacked Nikki Bella and you see throughout the night Nikki has been wondering who attacked her at Survivor Series. So Nikki comes out and calls out all the women superstars in the ring. Nikki says "Who the hell attacked me no one says anything and the lights go out and come back on and we see Nikki Bella down and grabbing her neck once again." We see on the screen titon tron Mickie James and she says "Hello Nikki I bet your wondering who attacked you're wondering who attacked you at Survivor Series well I have your answer and it's me I'm gonna make your life a living hell so be prepared for it Fearless One." Mickie also says "I'll see you in the tournament ass hole" so we see a 6 Women No.1 Contendor's Tournament."

1st Round Match. Nikki Bella vs Natalya obviously we see Nikki Bella winning and defeated her simple as that. You see backstage Mickie James and she doesn't look impressed what so ever. 1st Round Match. Mickie James vs Carmella and obviously just like Nikki we see James win easily will no complication here. 2nd Round we see Nikki Bella vs Naomi and the winner obviously is Nikki Bella wins in a tough match against Naomi. 2nd Round Match. Mickie James vs Becky Lynch and this was a tough fight for Mickie James this match ends up being 15 mins which we saw Mickie James ultimately winning and defeating Becky Lynch. You all can see the patteron but there's a twist coming soon just eating you all. So both James and Bella advance to The 3rd Round finale together and fans are enjoying this tournament and I hope you all enjoy this storyline so far. So back onto the storyline so the semi finals which we see Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan come out and say "We have special opponents for both you ladies so your up first Nikki Bella. 4th Round is Nikki Bella vs ??? Bryan announces Brie Bella as Nikk's opponent. Nikki Bellla is confuse but she wants a win and this match is 10mins and Nikki Bella ultimately wins and defeats her sister."

Now we see that Nikki Bella adavaces to the finals of The WWE Women's Tournament." Now Shane McMahon announces Mickie James opponent is ??? a returning Melina. The crowd goes completely insane. The finals is on the line the winner of this match faces Nikki Bella at WWE Backlash in the finals. So Mickie James vs Melina goes for abour 15 mins and outta nowhere we see Nikki Bella come to watch ringside and they go on with the match and just when Mickie James was about to go connect with her Jumping Spring DDT finisher Nikki Bella distracts Mickie James and Melina takes advantage and does her finisher which is a superkick on Mickie James and pins her 1,2,3 and will face Alexa Bliss for The "SmackDown Women's Championship" at Backlash. Mickie James looks mad as hell dang Nikki coasted her the match that she attacks Nikki post match and does her Jumping Spring DDT on Nikki Bella.

Now following that distraction that Nikki Bella gave to Mickie James and that Mickie James gave to Nikki on SmackDown we see Shane McMahon start the show following a good Backlash PPV. We see Shane McMahon call out both Nikki Bella and Mickie James for a contract signing. These two ladies have no clue what's going on which is a good thing. So we see both Nikki Bella and Mickie James come to the ring and Shane says "Since you Nikki Bella coast Mickie James her opportunity for The Women's Championship and since you Mickie James attacked Nikki whoop on her post match you two have to end thus rivalry now, so I have a suggestion how about we have you Nikki Bella vs you Mickie James go at one another at TLC and this won't be for a title this is a personal rivalry that has to end right now so you two talented ladies will face off in a TLC Match the winner of that match faces Melina and Alexa Bliss on SmackDownLIVE on Tuesday Night did The WWE Women's Championship in The Main Event. So at TLC in a TLC Match we will see this rivalry end between Nikki Bella and Mickie James, Great match back and forth but we see Mickie James shockingly defeat Nikki Bella in a great match. So on SmackDown it's Mickie James vs Alexa Bliss vs Melina in the main event of SmackDownLIVE for The Women's Championship.

Conclusion Storyline Paragraph!

So on SmackDownLIVE following that TLC Match between Nikki Bella and Mickie James. Mickie James comes down the ring and says "Tonight I will walk out as New SmackDown Women's Champion as the show goes off the air." Nikki Bella comes on the ramp as says to James "Good luck." So in tonight's high stakes Championship Match we see Alexa Bliss vs The (C) Melina vs Mickie James in a Triple Match for The SmackDown's Women's Championship in the main event of SmackDown. The (C) Melina vs Alexa Bliss vs Mickie James. Nikki tweets out just before the match "I GOT NEXT" in all caps. So this is the main event of SmackDown for The Women's Championship and Match goes for about 15 mins and we see a New SmackDown Women's Champion which is Mickie James. Nikki tweets out "Your ass is mine Mickie and that title is coming home to the Bella Army." Daniel Bryan comes out following Mickie James becoming New Champion and says "Hold up everyone there's one more match that needs to happen and it's gonna happen right now." Then here comes Nikki Bella and the ref rings the bell Mickie says "WTF Bryan" then Nikki attacks Mickie and they fight for about 10 mins and the evil Mickie James goes down to a baby face Nikki Bella and Nikki comes The New Women's Champion. That's how the storyline needs with the baby face Nikki Bella holding The Women's Championship. So hopefully ya'll enjoy this long in depth creative storyline I just did. See ya'll tomorrow. #WWE #ImaginaryStoryline #BellaVsJames #NoDQ

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