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Posted by J. Elam on 12/07/2016 at 02:47 PM

Being that this week held a PPV, this will be a shorter review. I’m not going to get into every match/segment; just the ones that stood out to me...


Tag Title match: New Wyatts vs Heath Slater and Rhyno - Not surprised the New Wyatts won the tag titles from Slater and Rhyno. I had a feeling they’d win. I see them using the Freebird rule. Even if/when Orton’s out, Bray and Luke can still defend them. Heck, once Rowan comes back, that helps too. I’d even push Wyatt for a singles title while Harper and Rowan handle the tag division.

Nikki Bella vs Carmella - Didn’t land with me. For a blowoff match, it under-performed IMO. It didn’t have that true fight feel. It felt like a regular match.

Ladder match for the Intercontinental Title: The Miz (w/ Maryse) vs Ziggler - I’d say was my match of the night. Great way to end their feud. I don’t have a problem with Miz kicking Dolph in the nether regions. That’s just what heels do. I was also glad Maryse didn’t physically get involved. That’s another plus for me. Now Miz can move on to getting someone else over. Who that is, I don’t know. Maybe an Apollo Crews or something. Someone who’s hungry.

Tables match for the Women’s Championship: Alexa Bliss vs Becky Lynch – I didn’t like the table stipulation to begin with as I really don’t think this feud warranted one. A regular match would’ve done just fine. I was shocked to see Alexa win here. I don’t think she’s ready. On the mic, sure, but as far as ring work, there’s still work to be done. The match seemed slow to me at times. Almost like they were stalling to build to the next spot. Doesn’t help that the crowd random chanted them.

TLC match for the WWE World Championship: AJ Styles vs Dean Ambrose – My second favorite match of the night. Both guys gave it their all and it showed. What I didn’t like however, was James Ellsworth once again getting involved. It took me out of the match. (Not sure what the endgame is for Ellsworth, but I’m tired of seeing him. I dislike him more and more each time I see him). I was surprised to see him screw Dean out of the title though. Didn’t see that coming. One thing I have to nitpick though, is Dean’s selling of going through the tables. With the cameras on him, we could see his eyes were open and he was looking around. Then the next, they were closed. Then they were opened again. His selling is inconsistent is what I’m saying. Wish he’d have sold it better.

Overall, I didn’t dislike TLC, but I won’t say I liked it.


Monday Night Raw

Seth opens the show and (finally) calls out Triple H. Took you long enough! Owens comes out and they go back and forth. Owens says Seth’s got a match against Big Show. He looks really good since he’s lost the weight. I’m truly happy for him. Show walked out mid match after ChokeSlamming Owens for distracting him one too many times. I guess that means Big Show’s a face? Doesn’t matter. He’ll go heel soon enough.

Jack Gallagher debuted. He kinda looks like he could be the 3rd VaudeVillain. Almost like a red headed Simon Gotch.

Jericho shows and Owens tries again to make amends. He got him a title shot (US) against Roman Reigns and a match against Rollins at Roadblock. Despite this, Jericho didn’t seem eager to forgive Owens.

Owens vs Zayn – AGAIN?! They’ve fought like, a million times already. Enough’s enough.

Sasha Banks interview – Sasha says she still respects Ric Flair even though he cost her the title at WrestleMania. O… K… Then she challenges Charlotte Flair to another match at Roadblock. This time in an Iron-Women match. They’re really milking this feud, aren’t they?

There was a video that provided a bit of backstory for Rich Swann. How he lost both his parents as a teenager and that wrestling saved him. That’s the kind of character development I like to see. Establishes sympathy for a babyface.

US Title match: Roman Reigns vs Chris Jericho – Jericho’s lost a step in the ring, but his style works well with Roman. Roman just has that ability to work well with seemingly any style. The match was fine. Not great, but fine. Owens interfered to help Jericho, but it backfired. I’m sad to see them breaking up Jericho and Owens. I don’t think this time is them trolling.

Sheamus and Cesaro vs The Club (Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows) – The finish sets up a triple threat for the tag titles. I’m not sure where New Day is as far as the record goes, but I’d like to see Sheamus and Cesaro be the ones to take the belts off them once it comes. Should definitely be by Roadblock. New Day’s growing stale.

Charlotte Flair promo – She got a tad rattled with the “What?” chants, but she handled herself well. She went on to say how hurt she was when Ric raised Sasha’s arm the week prior. She felt betrayed. Then Ric comes out. He and Charlotte hug. And then… Charlotte turns it up to 11. Slaps Ric and cuts what I’d call her best promo. Called him a bunch of stuff and really tore into him for picking Sasha over her, his own daughter. Sasha comes to make the save and gets beat down by Charlotte.

Kudos to Charlotte for her promo. She really brought it here. Let’s end this feud once and for all, shall we? Give someone else in the division a shot. Like Nia Jax or Bayley. The tough part is, Charlotte’s never been pinned or submitted on PPV, so the odds lean in her favor to win. I don’t know WWE’s plan here.

*I hate the Enzo hitting on Lana thing they had going. Sure it gets heat on Rusev, but it makes Enzo look like a total scumbag. That’s not how faces should act. It’s not OK. I’d say he got what was coming to him when Rusev beat him down in the hotel room.
Same as TLC. I didn’t like Raw, but I didn’t dislike it. There were some things I liked about it.



We open with World Champion AJ Styles in a walking boot. Allegedly he injured his ankle on the 450 Splash through the table. Says he’s not medically cleared to compete tonight against James Ellsworth. (Heh, for a change, the heel’s not lying about being injured). Ellsworth shows up and says AJ’s ducking him and whatnot. Dean Ambrose comes on down and without a word, drops Ellsworth with a Dirty Deeds and walked out. I found that funny.

Tag Title match: New Wyatts (Orton and Bray) vs Heath Slater and Rhyno – Wyatts win, but the story is Slater and Rhyno split, as we saw during Talking Smack later on. I’m a bit shocked to see them split to be honest. Thought maybe they’d make one more push for the titles at least. Oh well.

Carmella vs Natalya – Carmella promo’d before the match, saying Natalya is the one who attacked Nikki Bella at Survivor Series. Match never started as they fought briefly, before Carmella ran backstage. Nattie came across Nikki and tried to plead her innocence, but Nikki just walked off.

Hype Bros (Mojo Rawley and Zack Ryder) vs The Ascension – Short match, but probably sets up Hype Bros as the number one contender for the tag titles.

MizTV – Miz takes a shot at the crowd for not giving him “You deserve it!” chants. His gues is Dean Ambrose. Dean says he’s not angry at Ellsworth for screwing him. Really, Dean? You’re not angry? Come on, dude. Miz doesn’t want Dean to walk away empty-handed, so he gives him a participation award. Ambrose threatened to shove it down Miz’ throat until GM Daniel Bryan appeared. He issued a match between Ambrose and Miz for the IC title later on.

*I think Bryan’s getting full of himself. I know he’s the face and all, but he really has it out for Miz. It’s very heel like how Bryan’s been acting towards Miz.
Alexa Bliss championship celebration – “Ding dong, the witch is champ.” Clever. She kind of threw Becky’s insult back at her by saying “This little b**** now runs the women’s division.” They trash talked and it ended with Alexa backing out of a physical confrontation. Builds some heat for their eventual match. I wonder if they stretch it to the Royal Rumble. Alexa carries herself well enough on the mic, let’s see if she can improve with the in ring work.

Intercontinental Title match: The Miz (w/ Maryse) vs Dean Ambrose – Miz busting out some of Daniel Bryan’s moves is fantastic heel work. From the Yes Kicks, to even stealing Bryan finisher, The Running Knee. Ellsworth shows up and inadvertently costs Ambrose yet another title opportunity.

I liked SmackDown this week. I still don’t like Ellsworth and I highly doubt I ever will. I’m not sure what the endgame is for him. How long can they stretch this thing out before people get tired of him? “Always leave them wanting more.” Do that with Ellsworth. Dean likely is going to want some kind of revenge on him for getting involved in his match. Which is ironic, seeing as Dean did the same for him all those times against Styles. But at least they’re telling a logical story. I’ll give them that.

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