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Posted by Jordan Turner on 12/07/2016 at 01:16 AM

Hello Everyone, Welcome to my Wrestling Column. Make sure you all follow my personal blog wrestlingvibes.com Time for the review.

We kick off SmackDownLIVE with The WWE World Champion AJ Styles. He says that everyone in the area is mad that he's still The WWE World Champion. He also says that Ellsworth is dumb for what he did when he screwed over Dean Ambrose at TLC. But here comes Ellsworth and he says that he thought Styles was happy for what he did. But Styles simply says that Ellsworth is dumb for what he did because Ambrose is gonna destroy him and speaking of Ambrose here he comes. He straight up got int the ring and did The "Dirty Deeds" on Ellsworth. Over decent segment.

1st Match. WWE Tag Team Title Match. Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton vs Heat Slader and Ryno. Winners-Randy Orton & Bray Wyatt. Squash match same like at TLC.

2nd Match. Carmella vs Natalya. Winner-No contest. Because Natalya simply starts chasing Carmella around the ring and into the backstage but Natalya runs into Nikki Bella. Nikki Bella stares at her and Natalya says that she didn't attack Nikki Bella and Carmella did it. Nikki just stormed off.

3rd Match. The Hype Bros vs The Ascension. Winners-The Hype Bros. Not a impressive match nothing special here.

Here comes The Miz w/Maryse for Miz TV. Miz says that TLC was a great night but also a horrible night for some people like Dolph Ziggler were he lost far and square in a Ladder Match. But he brings out his guest in Dean Ambrose. So this was just to set up a match for later in the night but Miz says that Ambrose for screwed over by Ellsworth and he didn't like it. Ambrose says he's whatever about it and it doesn't bother him quite frankly but he's getting annoyed because Miz keeps bringing it up. This just sets up a match.

4th Match. Baron Corbin vs Kalisto. Winner-Baron Corbin. Squash match there Chairs Match was obviously better.

5th Match. Chad Gable vs Tyler Breeze. Winner-Chad Gable. Nothing here what so ever.

We see The New Women's Champion Alexa Bliss come out. Bliss says that she's happy to be Women's Champion and that Becky is annoying and that she is her little bitch. But Becky Lynch comes out and says she wants her rematch but Bliss wasn't having it. Nothing special here.

6th Match. Intercontinental Tiitle Match. Dean Ambrose vs Miz. Winner-The Miz via James Ellsworth coming in and coasting Ambrose the match once again. So obviously WWE is testing the waters for a potential Ellsworth vs Ambrose match. Overall tonight's SmackDownLIVE was decent I mean building storylines again but the wrestling was horrible on this show. Hope you all enjoyed this review. Goodnight everyone. #NoDQ #SDLive

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