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Posted by ViRTUE on 12/06/2016 at 11:45 PM

December 6, 2016

Twitter: @EGW_FOW_Virtue

WWE TLC Review

Well, well, well! I honestly had fun watching this SmackDown Live only PPV event. WWE really needed to step up its game after the somewhat mediocre Survivor Series event. I knew the SmackDown roster was definitely the one who could do it. Now let’s see what kind of grade I can give it to justify that fact. So far, I have given all the Raw/SmackDown branded PPV’s a grade of either a B or a B-. As for the Pre-Show match of Apollo Crews/Hype Bros/American Alpha Vs Curt Hawkins/Vaudevillians/Ascension, well, all I can say is meh, ugh, and yuck! At least I do not count the Pre-Show matches in my final event grades. On a positive note, it was nice to see American Alpha look good by hitting their finisher to get the win, LOL!

SmackDown Tag Team Championship: Bray Wyatt/Randy Orton w/Luke Harper Vs Rhyno/Heath Slater- FINALLY, Bray Wyatt has won some WWE gold; however, it is only the SmackDown Tag Team titles, and he needed Randy Orton and Luke Harper in order to do it. Nonetheless, I will take it. To be honest, Rhyno/Slater have been getting stale lately, and having the new Wyatt Family win the titles was the right call. With a little help from Harper on the outside, Wyatt tagged in Orton who landed an RKO on Rhyno for the win. Match Grade = B+ (short and to the point with a sweet outcome)

No DQ Match: Carmella Vs Nikki Bella- Well, this match was not horrible, especially considering Nikki was involved. However, she could have learned how to use a Kendo Stick better. As for Carmella, she is actually a pretty tough girl. Finally, after Nikki unloaded a fire extinguisher on her opponent, she then hit the new version of the Rack Attack and defeated Carmella. Match Grade = B-

Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match: Dolph Ziggler Vs The Miz w/Maryse- Poor Ziggler. Surprisingly, this match did not have too many high and dangerous spots. It was almost more of an old school psychological affair, especially with Maryse on the outside. There probably were not many super high spots because of the TLC Main Event match later on. Ziggler always works and fights so hard, but in the end he got kicked in the groin not once, but twice by the Miz who then climbed the ladder to retain the IC Championship. Match Grade = A- (a slower pace and more psychological ladder match)

Chairs Match: Kalisto Vs Baron Corbin- Well, considering I really dislike Kalisto, I gave this match the benefit of the doubt. That can most likely be attributed to the fact that I like Baron Corbin and want to see him succeed. In my opinion, guys like Corbin and Big Cass are like pieces of human clay, and if molded correctly, can be major players one day. I really popped for the end of this match when Corbin landed a monstrous End of Days on Kalisto onto a pile of chairs for the pinfall victory. Match Grade = B

SmackDown Women’s Championship Tables Match: Alexa Bliss Vs Becky Lynch- This was a very long match for a Women’s match. I thought both Becky and Alexa held their own very well considering it was a Tables Match and went as long as it did. I think having Alexa win the title was a good move here because now Becky can chase the villainous Bliss. And remember, Becky only lost because she went through a table, which can be considered lucky and fluky. Becky was never pinned or submitted. What a perfect story to keep this feud going a little bit longer. Match Grade = B++ (this match helped both Becky and Alexa's characters)

WWE World Championship TLC Match: Dean Ambrose Vs AJ Styles- Bravo! Brav-freakin’o! What a match! The ladies all got to see both of the wrestlers they frequently get wet over. They even got to see some AJ booty. LOL! Sure, there were a ton of high spots, but hell, it is a TLC match involving the Lunatic Fringe and the Champ that runs the Camp! I am already notching this match as my personal top choice for WWE Match of the Year. I am currently awaiting a highlight video for it. Simply awesome! Oh yeah, and the James Ellsworth swerve was a solid story being told. That is the type of stuff that I miss in wrestling these days. WWE definitely needs to keep the story building going. Remember Goldberg Vs Lesnar? Because I sure don’t! Especially now! Match Grade = A++ (need I say more?)

Final TLC Grade = A- (The Match of the Year will do that to an event)

Stay tuned folks! I will be posting an all new Virtue’s Rage column this weekend about Kenny Omega, perhaps the best professional wrestler in the World today, or at least one of them!

Twitter: @EGW_FOW_Virtue

PPV Grades Year to Date

Royal Rumble = B+
FastLane = B
Road Block = B
NXT Dallas TakeOver = A
WrestleMania 32 = B+
Payback = B++
Extreme Rules = B+
NXT TakeOver: The End = B++
Money in the Bank = B
Battleground = B++
NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II = A+
SummerSlam = B+
Backlash = B
Clash of Champions = B
No Mercy = B
Hell in a Cell = B-
NXT TakeOver: Toronto = A-
Survivor Series = C++
TLC = A-

Grading Scale (16 point system): As an example, a B++ is equivalent to 12/16 or a 3.75/5, 7.5/10



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