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Posted by ViRTUE on 10/30/2016 at 04:32 PM

October 30, 2016

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In case you missed Episode 1: Broken Brilliance

Clueless Wrestling Columnist
Episode 2: “Halloween Havoc”

Twitter: @EGW_FOW_Virtue

Happy Halloween everyone! More importantly, happy birthday to me! Yup, it’s me, the CWC, and it’s great to be back for another go around of the Clueless Wrestling Columnist. I am sitting here at the Myers’ house in Haddonfield, Illinois on Halloween Eve as I write this. I have to admit, this house is creepy as Hell. However, I really feel compelled to do this because I think it will help me remember some of the greatest and creepiest moments in the history of professional wrestling. I remember several captivatingly creepy events in wrestling like the Undertaker making his debut at Survivor Series in 1990 and eventually aligning with Jake the Snake Roberts in 1991; Papa Shango cursing the Ultimate Warrior in 1992; Mankind’s WWF vignettes in 1996; Kane making his debut at Bad Blood “In Your House” in 1997; the WCW Halloween Havoc atrocities from 1998 when Warrior faced Hogan and the PPV feed blacked out in several markets during the DDP Vs Goldberg Main Event; and most recently, the Bray Wyatt Vs John Cena feud from 2014. Well, at least I think these were some creepy events in wrestling history, but what do I know, I’m Clueless?

Since I have listed several of pro wrestling’s creepiest moments above, I would now like to thread some visuals throughout the rest of this column. This will allow us all to take a better trip down memory lane. Let’s be honest here, by posting YouTube videos, it will cut down on me writing a lot of my clueless banter, and I’m sure you will enjoy this format much better. So on a creepy scale of 1 to 10, I will rate how creepy the following moments in wrestling are. Let’s begin with the Undertaker’s WWF debut from the 1990 Survivor Series.

Creepy rating 8/10

The Undertaker had several other creepy moments his first year in WWF, including locking the Ultimate Warrior in a casket on Paul Bearer’s Funeral Parlor. However, one of the most iconic moments was when Undertaker and Paul Bearer aligned themselves with Jake the Snake Roberts in 1991.

Creepy rating 9/10

As hokey as the Papa Shango curse to the Ultimate Warrior was in 1992, as a child, I definitely felt it to be rather spooky. There were several incidents where Papa Shango arrived and very strange things would happen to Warrior, and even Mean Gene Okerlund. I will put all of Papa Shango’s “curse” events into one rating.

Creepy rating 7/10

In 1996, Mick Foley unleashed the Mankind character on the WWF. The vignettes that led up to his first appearance in the ring are still some of the best debut vignettes in the history of the wrestling business.

Creepy rating 9/10

Glenn Jacobs debuted in WWF as Mike Unabomb in 1995. He then became Isaac Yankem, then the fake Diesel, and finally Kane. I truly believe that the 1997-1998 Kane was one of the scariest characters in the history of pro wrestling. Kane’s debut at Bad Blood: In Your House during the Undertaker Vs Shawn Michaels match was near horror perfection.

Creepy rating 9.5/10

WCW’s Halloween Havoc event in 1998 was creepy on an entirely different level. It was as if there was a real-life Poltergeist in the building that night. Not only did Hulk Hogan’s flash paper spot get botched at the end of the match against the Warrior, but later that night many people’s PPV feeds went to black during the Main Event of DDP Vs Goldberg, and they did not get to see the conclusion of the match. Crazy, crazy stuff.

Creepy rating 10/10

I would like to take the time here to honor Owen Hart. I did not want to officially include his 1999 death into this article because it was such a tragedy and unfortunately all too real. He will forever be a legend in professional wrestling. As for the most recent creepiest event I have watched in wrestling, I would definitely give that nod to the Bray Wyatt and John Cena feud from 2014. Wyatt had so much momentum going for him in 2014 after his Daniel Bryan feud and then Cena feud. Unfortunately, the scariest thing of all was WWE Creative’s handling of Wyatt afterwards.

Creepy rating 9/10

I hope you enjoyed Episode 2 of the Clueless Wrestling Columnist. It will return later next month with Episode 3. Remember folks, not everything on a wrestling news website needs to be written as if it could make the Wall Street Journal or Forbes magazine. We are all here to express our views and opinions. Most importantly, we should all strive to be creative and simply have FUN. Wait, I sure hope I’m not breaking the fourth wall here! Regardless, I challenge all wrestling columnists and readers to take a breather once in a while and write/read something different. You don’t always have to be so serious and literal. I think many wrestling columns from back in the late 1990s to early 2000s were some of the best reads I ever had. Coincidentally, pro wrestling may have been at its peak then. Many of those columns had their own unique character/gimmick. Just think outside the box every now and then. I love you all…

Twitter: @EGW_FOW_Virtue

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