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Posted by Thomas Robinson on 12/04/2013 at 02:52 PM

Tables, Ladders and Chairs. Oh My! Three words that fill the majority of wrestling fans with buzz and anticipation. Ever since the match type was introduced in the year 2000, itís given us over-the-top madness thatís had us on the edge of our seats. The culmination of the three most iconic weapons in WWE history, the match never seemed to lose the buzz that was created by the Hardys, Edge and Christian and those damn Dudleys more than 10 years ago. The matches were so exciting and thrilling that the WWE decided to introduce a PPV with the TLC theme of matches in 2009. And those pay-per-views certainly didn't disappoint.

The pay-per-views featured table matches, ladder matches, chairs matches and the ultimate mix of the three on the same card, giving the fans a little treat for their hard earned money. While having some rather bland matches on the card, the first event in 2009 featured some incredible action including the hard-hitting, high-flying ladder match between Shelton Benjamin and Christian. Not only that, but it gave us shocks and swerves that caught everyone off guard. Iím sure Iím not the only one that was stunned by the rookie Sheamus putting John Cena through a table to win the WWE Championship. And year after year, the show went from strength to strength.

The 2010 TLC event saw a lot of the same anarchy from the first PPV, if not more. We saw the first ever divas tables match which was definitely one of the best diva matches in the last 5 years. We saw ladder matches, chairs matches, but nothing came close to the fatal four way TLC match for the World Heavyweight Championship featuring Kane, Rey Mysterio, Alberto Del Rio and TLC Veteran Edge. This match was really well done because while all four men involved had vastly different wrestling styles, they all were able to put on a hell of a performance for the fans along with the big bumps and crashes that we all love from the TLC matches!

TLC 2011 was a very unique PPV because this was the first time since October 2008 that a PPV did not feature on John Cena. It kinda felt like WWE was using this PPV as a lab experiment and went absolutely bananas! We saw internet sensation Zack Ryder capture the United States Championship! We saw internet sensation Daniel Bryan capture the World Championship! And we saw internet GOD CM Punk retain his WWE Championship in a stellar triple threat match with Alberto Del Rio and The Miz! While putting the internet in a good mood, the WWE also closed the book on the Triple H/Kevin Nash storyline by putting on a surprisingly good Sledgehammer Ladder match which featured a great ending with great writing from the WWE writers to end this memorable WWE story! It really was a treat for everyone. And so was last yearís event!

Like 2011, a major WWE superstar was out of the equation for TLC Ė WWE Champion CM Punk. Having to alter their planned CM Punk vs Ryback TLC Title match, WWE gave us something special. Team Hell-No and Ryback took on the new stable in town The Shield! If you wanted high-flying, if you wanted death-defying, if you wanted brutality, if you wanted a good old 3 on 3 fight, you got the whole lot with this match! Changing the rules to the first team to get a pinfall or submission, WWE gave all six wrestlers the chance to shine at TLC! And we had a ladder match with an incredible swerve that saw AJ Lee turn on John Cena allowing Dolph Ziggler to get the huge main event win he truly deserved. Now the question isÖ can this yearís TLC hold a candle to any of these events?

While Randy Orton vs John Cena again isnít everyoneís cup of tea, the historic implications of the match will make sure that match lives long in the memories of the WWE faithful. A new Undisputed Champion set to be crowned at the TLC PPV. However, the rest of the card seems really under-developed. Yeah, only 5 matches have been announced. However, do any of them 5 matches seem appealing? We have CM Punk and Daniel Bryan both being subjected to 3 on 1 handicap matches against The Shield and The Wyatt Family that are both much better suited on television than on pay-per-view. Surely they could do something much better with both men and stables. We have the Intercontinental Championship FINALLY being defended on the main card of a PPV and the divas title at stake against AJ and Natalya.

I mean, havenít we seen AJ and Natalya lock up 10,000 times this year? Do you really need to see it again? Not to mention that theyíre not going to have Big E Langston drop the IC Title this early into his reign. So with the Table match, ladder match and chair match not yet announced, WWE will have a tough time building up this PPV with only 2 weeks left. So if they want a TLC PPV that can be as good as its predecessors, WWE are going to have to pull big something out of the bag. Because with the Road To Wrestlemania just right around the corner, itís crunch time for WWE as we head to New Orleans.

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