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Posted by Justin Watry on 09/17/2013 at 02:20 PM

"I just read three people's columns: Aaron Rift, John Canton and you and trust me when I say this...I love and look forward to your columns (both on NODQ & 411) the most."

- Sartaj, wrestling fan

You all know the drill by now. Tomorrow will be my weekly 'random thoughts' column. There are a bunch of great emails waiting for a response. However, do not be shy in adding to the pile. I will get to them all eventually! Also, my next 'Ask 411 Wrestling' column will be posted later tonight (around midnight) over at 411mania.com - always a fun read. Be on the look out for that. Until then, let's run through some quick Raw thoughts...


1. Good opening segment. I am curious to see if Daniel Bryan will be officially listed as a two-time WWE Champion or not. Back in April 2000 when Chris Jericho "won" the belt from Triple H, it never counted. Either way, this was the expected route and right move. Daniel Bryan needs to keep chasing, chasing, chasing, and chasing while getting screwed over at every turn.

2. Interesting move not to simply give the title back to Randy Orton. I like that HHH (and Stephanie McMahon) to be more ruthless. A similar story line took place in 2007 with Orton. Later on that night, he ended up punting John Cena's dad in the end to prove how ruthless he can be. This time, he beat down The Miz. I kept thinking he would go after his dad...like years earlier. Brilliant idea to do this in Cleveland as well!

3. Okay start for Ryback and Paul Heyman. Funny that Curtis Axel appeared for all of five seconds. WHY?!?! Get him away from Paul E, and just end the experiment already! The kiss on the cheek was genius - little things go a long way for heels to get heat. Great ending.

4. I am fine with CM Punk not appearing. John Cena does not appear on every, every, every, every Raw episode. Plus, it sets up a big return for Punk next week to be even more angry at Ryback and Heyman heading into Battleground.

5. Very good segment with Dusty Rhodes, Big Show, The Shield, and Steph. I like that Goldust has the potential to come back, at least in one more guest appearance. Full-time? No thanks. Random matches and big spots? Yes pleases. He can still deliver and really help out Cody Rhodes' momentum. With the ending of Raw last night, let's hope Show starts to fight back...money problems or not.

6. HHH fired referee Scott Armstrong. Are we supposed to feel sorry for him? It seems like he was in cahoots with Triple H more than anything. Plus, he was promised a nice severance package. Not sure how to feel about this development yet...

7. Nice to see the tag division get some love! I assume the lengthy match will bomb in the television ratings, but sometimes you just have to take those hits. The Usos are back to being the #1 contenders for some reason.

8. Lots of filler. Really, there was tons last night. The three hours actually flew by pretty quickly, but some matches in the first two hours did absolutely nothing. With a pay-per-view coming up in LESS THAN THREE WEEKS, I really have no idea what WWE is doing. Are they hoping for a terrible buy rate? Do they even care to promote matches for Battleground? Seriously, the PPV is in less than 20 days. That is going to be a tough sell regardless of what the card looks like.

9. Enjoyable main event. I am perfectly content with Daniel Bryan facing a member of The Shield each week. The matches do well in the quarter hour ratings, and you know the quality will be there. No winner, as Orton got involved before it ended.

10. THEN AN ALL OUT BRAWL BROKE LOOSE! Oh my goodness. The live fans were ready for this moment, and it paid off big time. The locker room finally had enough and revolted. From Rob Van Dam to Kofi Kingston to The Usos to Zack Ryder to many others, they all ran down to help Daniel Bryan. The high energy celebration was even better, with the entire arena solely behind him. It was so cool. Just so cool.

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