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Posted by Justin Watry on 07/08/2013 at 02:55 PM

"I genuinely enjoy your columns, and I tend to read them every day. While I don't agree with every point you make, I can see the logic in how you rationalize things which I respect. It is great to see someone who is confident in their opinion and is not afraid to defend it no matter how decisive it is. That kind of strong writing sense is exactly what I look for in a writer and is sorely missed in the wrestling community."

- Conor, wrestling fan

*As predicted last year, Dwight Howard left the LA Lakers. Good luck in Houston!*

No stalling today. Let's go...

I hope that title made sense. It came to me last night and just fit. Maybe my 'cleverness' is just something of my imagination? Either way, those four words say it all. The wait is over. No more videos. No more vignettes. No more hype. It is all done with. Tonight, we get The Wyatt Family. I have never been to Baltimore, Maryland. However, it is sure to be quite the event. On top of that, Vickie Guerrero (and Brad Maddox?) will have a job evaluation on Raw. Buckle up folks...

Saquib via email:

"In your opinion, what do you think is the heat between Brock and Taker? I read Brock's autobiography and it seemed that he was not happy about the traveling and unannounced jobbing at house shows (he mentioned an incident where he found out he had to job to the Rock in Miami much later than he was supposed to and that the officials didn't mention it to him). Some say that it was mostly because after Taker returned to his Deadman persona in 2004, after WM, at Judgment Day, Brock was supposed to job to Taker but then he left. Could that be the reason? And finally, why do you think Taker and Lesnar's match at Unforgiven in 2002 went to a draw and Taker threw him through the sets to end the PPV? Before that no one gave Brock a severe beating and he dominated legends like Hogan and won the title convincingly from the Rock at SS 02."

Fair question but covered many times!

1. The part about Unforgiven is simple. The feud was more about destroying each other than the actual title. Once things broke down, you had to know a DQ/countout finish was coming. It reminded me of JBL vs. Eddie Guerrero in 2004. There was no way their initial clash would result in a pin fall or submission. Taker and Lesnar were more focused on the next month's Heck on a Deck match. Thus, WWE had to get past Unforgiven without a winner. Brock stayed undefeated, while Taker deserved one more chance at the belt. Perfect!

2. The 'heat' is just a difference of beliefs. Taker respects everything about WWE and all of the unwritten rules that come with it. Brock cares about money...and not much else besides himself supporting his family. The travel and everything that came with the business just slowly got to him. Thus, of course, there would be some dissension when Lesnar decided to up and leave without much notice. WWE treated him like royalty, and he walked. So many guys on the roster lost to him in clean fashion. Legends were manhandled by the rookie - everything to make him seem great. Then he threw it all away and left. Yeah, that was not going to go over well within the locker room.

Franck via email:

"We learned Monday that the Wyatt Family will be making their debut next Monday. Now I've been struggling with something, and I want your take on that. When they debut, heel or face? On one hand, I can't see them debuting as heel because there is already two heel three-man stable: The Shield and 3MB, even though they are more glorified jobbers, they're still heel jobbers used to lose to put over the faces. But on the other hand, I can't see them debuting as faces. Sure three man face stables are pretty rare, I could say to my knowledge that there is none right now, but the way their promos were built and what they were saying, they don't generate a face vibe to me. I know that may fall in the ''fantasy booking'' category. But, what's your take on that?"

Seem like heels...

The way everything has been hinted at, we are supposed to be afraid of them. The commentators constantly call them weird and creepy. Remember 'perception is reality' in this world. WWE has gone out of their way to make The Wyatt Family different and crazy. All that is left is to see them live and in person. As noted above, I have never been to Baltimore. Who knows how the audience will react? To me, they don't even have to heels or faces to start, Just come in, have a few segments, give a speech, interact backstage with different people and cause chaos for awhile. When the time comes for an actual feud, they will be ready.

Damion via email:

"I don't mean to be "that guy," but me and posse think Silva threw that fight. He wasn't fighting like himself. What say you sir?"

Not at all.

Here is the thing about Saturday night's fight: Silva WAS fighting like himself. He always mocks his opponents. He always takes things easy. He always looks disinterested. He always slowly walks around the cage at big moments. He always does cocky dance moves...yet pulls out the victory because he is THAT good. This time, it caught him. As the old saying says, if you play with fire long enough, you will get burned. Last weekend, karma FINALLY smacked Mr. Silva right in the face.

Raw Preview

Honestly, there is not much to say. The go-home Raw for Money in the Bank should be very good. There will be tons of guys looking to grab a briefcase this Sunday night. Rob Van Dam will likely get a final push for this weekend through a video package. The World/WWE Title feuds could also use a final push tonight. All of that, plus Vickie meets the McMahons in the middle of the right with her job on the line. Finally, the Wyatt Family arrive on the scene. No longer are they coming.

They're here...

Announcement: A few days ago, TNA Impact Wrestling released a few talents. I have yet to give my opinion on the news. Why you ask? That is because I'm currently in talks to land an interview or two with the wrestlers involved. Nothing is set in stone but should be by next week. Obviously, everyone knows the names released. Who could it be? Stay tuned!

Update: Things are NOT looking as good as they did over the weekend...hold tight.

What do you folks think?

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