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Posted by Alex Burnham on 07/08/2013 at 11:32 AM

Iím going to shoot off on some random topics. I have had several things that I think would be good to discuss for my columns, but it is always difficult for me to pick just one. I will look over a few things for WWE International, Paul E. Dangerously, and speculate on the Wyatt Family among other things.

First things first, the Wyatt Family debuts tonight on Raw. They have been getting vignettes for a few weeks now, and it is no surprise they go on right before the go home Raw. MITB hasnít had an epic build, and by all rights it really doesnít need to. Everyone knows what is at stake and that the main point is the ladder matches. Anyone interested in seeing the Wyatt Family will have to tune into the Raw when they will try to do their last efforts to convince people into buying the MITB PPV. It is a smart booking point on WWE to gain some extra viewers. I am curious to see if there will be a match or even what is said. I will admit I have not seen anything of the Wyatt Family except the Raw promos, but I have heard great things. It definitely has me intrigued to see the possibilities tonight.

I was sitting around with a father of a friend of mine. Both of them had been long time wrestling fans, and my friendís dad made a comment about how there is a much larger diversity race in nationality than there ever has been in the WWE. He is absolutely correct. Ever since WWE went on to be a big global corporation they have tried to make a market all over the world. In doing that, the idea is to find someone of their nationality that they can cheer for. For all purposes it is a smart idea, but I donít know if it has developed fully in markets the way WWE may have wanted. One idea that I am honestly surprised WWE has never attempted is national training centers. We have NXT, and before that FCW and OVW. Now it would cost a ton of money, but could ultimately be profitable. If WWE set up a training center in the UK for instance, it could catch talent. UK would be a smart choice, because it is already rich in WWE. There is also a good chunk of talent over there. Get a national TV deal for the UK, and put on a small organization similar to what NXT does here. You can build up stars, and keep a constant presence in the UK. Then when those stars are ready you can transition them over to the WWE, and boom. Perhaps the viewers can switch over to see their favorite star make it to the big time. If it flops, WWE is out somewhat but they made an effort. If it succeeds, then WWE can move to another territory. If it drastically increases revenue, I could definitely see the WWE doing that. Perhaps it has been discussed before, but there is a lot of great overseas talent that may not have the means to get to the WWE financially. They may have yet to been discovered because companies like the WWE or even TNA or ROH canít always be over there to discover them. It is an interesting idea, that could be a big risk or big reward situation.

Perhaps you have seen some of the older promotions such as the AWA. Perhaps you remember the early days of WCW and ECW. If you do you may remember Paul E. Dangerously and the Dangerous Alliance. Heyman has always done stellar work, and he has always been associated with talent. The Dangerous Alliance always had potential to be one of the biggest things of itís time but for whatever reason it did not reach the heights it was capable of. It held great wrestlers such as Stunning Steve Austin, Rick Rude, Arn Anderson and Larry Zybszko. With the debut of Curtis Axel, who is to say we cannot see a reemergence of the Dangerous Alliance? A Heyman stable of Lesnar and Punk has always been speculated, but Heyman has a ton of stock in being a manager. Would people even notice Axel without Heyman right now? I think Axel is a good in ring talent, and I really enjoy watching the guy. Heyman helps make him right now. He carries a big brunt of the mic work for Axel, and he is what is currently putting eyes on him. It has wedge Axel into some big storylines, and certainly has led to him becoming the Intercontinental Champion. Now letís think about a guy like Seth Rollins. He is absolutely incredible in the ring, but most of the mic work is carried by Dean Ambrose. If Rollins were on his own, who better to be a mentor for him than a person like Paul Heyman. Someone who can mold his mic work, and let Rollins flourish inside the ring. It is definitely possible, maybe not likely but possible. I donít think Rollins would ever be that person, but I think there is a mass of young talent who could be. I think you do need someone with a bigger on screen presence to be in the group to draw some eyes on it. There are a couple stables right now and I donít think WWE should go overboard on them. However, simply because Paul Heyman is associated with that group it would dry eyes on them and could be a boost for careers.

Who would you want in a New Dangerous Alliance? What will happen tonight with the Wyatt Family?

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