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Posted by Justin Watry on 07/07/2013 at 01:43 PM

"I genuinely enjoy your columns, and I tend to read them every day. While I don't agree with every point you make, I can see the logic in how you rationalize things which I respect. It is great to see someone who is confident in their opinion and is not afraid to defend it no matter how decisive it is. That kind of strong writing sense is exactly what I look for in a writer and is sorely missed in the wrestling community."

- Conor, wrestling fan

*As predicted last year, Dwight Howard left the LA Lakers. Good luck in Houston!*

No stalling today. Let's go...

Jon via email:

"Do you know the extent that a performer goes to to get into character? Do you know stories of particular wrestlers who have rituals they must go through to get into character? Or do wrestlers just snap into character once the camera starts rolling? Do wrestlers take a while to snap out of character once they walk back behind the curtain?

Also, what are your thoughts on Eli Manning? Why do you think he gets overlooked so much? I'm sure you are familiar with NFL NETWORK TOP 100 list. The first year they did it, he wasn't on the list after already winning a Super Bowl, the next year he was ONLY 31 after winning his 2nd Super Bowl MVP. And now this year he dropped to 43 behind QBs like Andrew Luck and RG3 and Joe Flacco. Why is Eli the Rodney Dangerfield of NFL QBs?"

Good questions.

1. Most guys turn into their characters an hour or so they go out there. Kane is not walking around backstage setting things on fire to pump himself up. Sheamus is not kicking walls all day to ready himself. However, once they know their segment is coming, it is just mental preparation and focus. It is no different than theater or any other form of acting. You act 'normal' with friends/family. The second that red light goes on though? You flip the switch. Method acting is a totally different ball game. One story in particular - Torrie Wilson legitimately walked around with a limp to get into character. She was fine, but the story line dictated she was hurt. Thus, no matter where she was, on camera or off, she limped just to 'become' the character.

Other stories include Eugene. He was told to play his gimmick in airports and stuff. For a character like that, you REALLY need to be all in. The Nexus was told to act 'mean' out on the road and play up their roles. Others do it, but I'm sure part of that is just being annoyed and bothered by fans. Not much acting involved there!

2. As for Eli? I don't care for any of these 'lists' or 'rankings.' Whether it be WWE, entertainment, or the NFL Network - who cares? If somebody is #3 instead of #4, then great. If my favorite is #20 or #40, big deal. It is just someone's opinion and means absolutely nothing to my life. The NFL Network is stalling time in the off-season to get fans talking about football before September. Mission accomplished, I guess! Now to the Giants QB - sadly, it probably has to do with being Peyton Manning's little brother.

I know that is not fair, but to many - he is still just the younger (and lesser known) brother of the Manning duo. It is a shame; I'm with you. In a lot of ways, he has played better 'big games' and also won 2 Super Bowls. Peyton only got one, despite having unbelievable regular seasons. Eli just has to keep doing his thing. Forget about lists. Do not worry about respect around the league. Go out there, do the best you can, and grab a third Super Bowl.

Hassan via email:

"Do you think Paul Heyman would work as a face or was he born to play a heel?"

A born heel.

Even when he was cheered and beloved in ECW, that was just from the Kool-Aid drinking fans that knew better...but didn't care. The man lied, cheated, stole, and brings all of that to an on-screen character. Right when you think he is a trustworthy guy and may be nice, he screws you. It is just brilliant. I'm already picturing him backstage welcoming RVD back to WWE, only for Curtis Axel to attack him. Outside of a Hall of Fame speech, it is hard to imagine him playing the good guy anytime soon.

Bruce via email:

"I would like to see Ryback turn back into a face. This feud with Jericho can accomplish that. On Smackdown, Jericho called out Ryback on his complaining. Jericho can blatantly call Ryback a failure and a complete flop, making this a mission for Ryback to prove himself. Win or lose, Ryback looking strong and shaking Jericho's hand at the end is all that matters. I honestly don't think Ryback's heel turn is working. I know YOU don't think it matters, but Ryback's loss record doesn't make him that formidable nowadays."

I'm torn.

WWE never went officially 'all the way' with Ryback and his heel turn. If they wanted to do that, he would have destroyed John Cena and been the new champion for months on end. However, the company gave us the inevitable Cena/Ryback series of matches before pulling back. The door was left open a crack for the man to simply go back to face months later. In a lot of ways, this reminded me of R-Truth in 2011. The guy turned heel to feud with John Cena for awhile in the main event...but had enough there to turn back face months later. Could Chris Jericho help that transition next week at Money in the Bank? I suppose so. With so much else going on in WWE though, it is tough to say it WILL happen.

Announcement: A few days ago, TNA Impact Wrestling released a few talents. I have yet to give my opinion on the news. Why you ask? That is because I'm currently in talks to land an interview or two with the wrestlers involved. Nothing is set in stone but should be by next week. Obviously, everyone knows the names released. Who could it be? Stay tuned!

What do you folks think?

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