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Posted by Aaron Rift on 07/06/2013 at 05:05 PM

I am here to answer your WWE and TNA questions to the best of my ability. I'm having fun with it, so don't expect all the answers to be serious! Click here to add me on Facebook.

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Can you see RVD winning the MITB match? If not, do you think WWE will reunite the tag team of RVD and Kane to face The Shield for the Tag Titles at SummerSlam?

I don't think RVD will be winning the MITB match due to his part-time role. I could see him and Kane teaming together as a possibility if Undertaker doesn't end up doing Summerslam.

Hey Aaron, love the show. I've heard you mention in a previous video the possibility of an I-Quit match between Undertaker and John Cena. if this were to happen could you see WWE ending the Streak, or finally having Super-Cena submit?

I think Cena would be tapping but a match with that stipulation will probably never happen so WWE wouldn't have to make that decision.

if the curtain call wouldn't have happened, triple h would have won the 1996 KoTR tournament, so the Austin 3:16 promo wouldn't have happened, so would have the AE still occurred, and would everyone be watching nitro on monday instead of raw?

Also if someone didn't tell Austin what Jake Roberts said in his promo, Austin 3:16 wouldn't have been born. WWE was moving in the direction of a more adult-oriented show but who knows if Austin would have gotten as big as he did.

Hey Aaron, do you see the Shield ever turning face because of their popularity and the way they're over with the crowd. Possibly feuding with the Wyatt Family when they debut?

Their whole act is about gang attacks and outnumbering people. I just don't seem them being a face group.

Who do you think the 3rd member of TNA's hall of fame will be next year? I know the obvious answer is Jeff Jarrett, but he should of been the first, so I don't see him going in for quite some time. So who do you think?

Probably somebody like Hulk Hogan or Jeff Hardy. In other words, a top guy that TNA wants to please so he won't leave the company.

Quick question Aaron. Do u think Kofi would work as a heel or is he just one of those guys no one wants to boo.

I don't think he would work well as a heel at all.

Who would you rather see face undertaker at wrestlemania 30- Cena, Rock, Sting or lesnar??

If Sting's available, he'd be my first choice. Next would be Cena and then Lesnar or Rock.

Hey Aaron love the show, what do you think of seanz view entertainment? any suggestions for him? please answer in video

Is that the guy that showed his penis in a video? My suggestion would be to not show your penis in videos. That might be a good idea ya know?

Where do you see wrestling being over 10/20 years when all the guys like Hogan, Sting and McMahon have faded out

Hulk Hogan and Sting fading out? Hulkamania's gonna live forever, brother! As long as those stinkin' vanilla midgets can't get the job done, the Hulkster will need to be around to get things back on track, jack!

What is your favorite high flying move? For me its the 450 or the Moonsault Double Stomp by Sonjay Dutt

I always felt RVD's five-star frog splash was the most spectacular of the high-flying finishing moves.

With the Mcmahon family storyline continuing until Wrestlemania 30, do you see HHH vs A Representative for Vince Mcmahon?

That seems like a good possibility and this whole McMahon storyline will give HHH a significant role at Wrestlemania this year.

Hey Aaron do you know if the Kane now is the Kane as the unmasked Kane and/or the first masked Kane, a reply would be great, thanks

Kane has always been portrayed by Glenn Jacobs.

Why is Curtis Axel getting such a push?

Because he's the son of a son, and a son of a gun. Oh wait, that's Dustin Rhodes.

Is the world too politically correct and butthurt sensitive these days for there ever to really be another era similar to the Attitude Era?


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