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Posted by Justin Watry on 07/06/2013 at 01:39 PM

"I genuinely enjoy your columns, and I tend to read them every day. While I don't agree with every point you make, I can see the logic in how you rationalize things which I respect. It is great to see someone who is confident in their opinion and is not afraid to defend it no matter how decisive it is. That kind of strong writing sense is exactly what I look for in a writer and is sorely missed in the wrestling community."

- Conor, wrestling fan

No stalling today. Let's go...

Damion via email:

"What's your opinion on Foley? I know everybody loves Mick, but Ambrose made some points about Foley being a bad example for them and a bad role model for the future generation of wrestlers who had bloody brawls on the indy circuit trying to be like Mick. As kids, we all learn the whole "jus because your friends jump off a
bridge..." advice, but should his actions be vilified as opposed to celebrated? I never met him but heard he was a nice guy, also a fan. Because of him, a future star with the dream of outdoing Mick vs. Taker at Heck on a Deck would dang near have to kill themselves."

Good points.

Mick Foley knows what he has done. You can celebrate it for the time period and the risks he put on for the fanbase. At the same time, he certainly understands the precedent he has set. It's a shame. You are right. Aspiring wrestlers, who want to top that, are just looking for a death wish. On the flip side, Foley did make his career that way (in some ways) and can't really shy away from it. Do as you say, not as you do, right? It is such a tough balancing act. You are darned if you promote the violence and darned if you pull a 180 and tell others not to do it. Mick is a knowledgeable guy, so he can make it work.

James via email:

"My question is, based off the double turn with Ziggler and Del Rio, and you pointing out it would make sense for Ziggler to chase the title because it's a face thing to do. What I'm thinking about though is that people have been mentioning a possible Jericho heel turn lately (rumors of course) and Ziggler and Jericho have been having a little feud in the making boiling lately. What do you think the chances are that Jericho could cost the Ziggler the title at MITB, so they can play up a feud where it'll take Ziggler away from the title scene for a little while, build him up as a face, before then making him chase the title? With Jericho likely to take time off soon, it would make sense. I don't know if that would be fantasy booking though since there is a slight chance of it happening?"

Not bad.

I'm not going to worry about the 'heel turn' stuff. That has been out there for months. This all hinges on two things. First, is Chris Jericho going to be around for Summerslam? He had a good match with Dolph Ziggler last year at the pay-per-view, it's all come full circle. If Ryback is going to destroy Y2J and leave him laid out, then his time is over with...for now. Secondly, my gut reaction is that WWE wants to throw the belt right back on Ziggler. I'm not sure if another long Alberto title run is in the cards (hope not). The title change had to happen for a double turn. Now, that things are in motion, the belt may have to go right back. However, if AJ Lee and Big E have anything to say about it, that may not happen either.

Bruce via email:

"I want to point out my feelings on RVD's return. I agree that he should be taking on a Jericho like role, but he's going to need some big singles wins to jump start that. Christian as well. He's been gone from the spotlight too long in my opinion to be taken as a big victory. He needs to mix it up with the main eventers before being placed with the young guys."

Fair point.

I can agree with that. So far, Rob Van Dam is set for Money in the Bank and a few television tapings after that. You can assume a match at Summerslam is also coming. After that, who knows? I don't suspect him to win the briefcase next Sunday night, despite returning after a few years. However, those few TV tapings could probably be used to help him out. Maybe a big main event one week, a couple wins over 3MB, and a length match against Antonio Cesaro? Seems about right. It gives him a couple wins, puts him back on the map and leads into Summerslam...

Rock via email:

"Have you ever thought of or applied to a job position in the WWE? You have great ideas sometimes for major storylines. You have the mind of a new generation. Plus, you run your own column, so even us people can give you ideas and maybe you can implement them. You can make the WWE interesting again and listen to us fans. A new opening was posted at the website for a writing assistant that will help in writing scripts, promos and more. Are you going to give it a try?"


As noted before, I never wanted to be a pro wrestler when I was older. My respect for them is WAY TOO HIGH to even think of putting myself in their category. Played just about every sport growing up - didn't even consider pro wrestling at all. As for a writing assistant or something to that effect?

Doubtful. That would probably require traveling full-time. I enjoy taking vacations (who doesn't?) and going around the country. That is fun - I've been to 10-15 states. However, all of that is controlled and planned out. Being on the road year round AND working during that mess? I would not last very long. It is the same reason I have no problem with Brock Lesnar (or others) who just avoid the schedule. It is grueling. If you can get paid and stay close to home, you do it! More props to Brock for getting that deal...

That being said, SOME positions in WWE do allow you to stay at the headquarters in Connecticut. Not every single job requires travel. I have not looked at the job posting over at WWE.com - maybe I should? However, an assistant usually means you are side by side with your superior. That would, in turn, equal tons of traveling and working with the Creative Team on the road. My head is starting to hurt just thinking about it.

Announcement: A few days ago, TNA Impact Wrestling released a few talents. I have yet to give my opinion on the news. Why you ask? That is because I'm currently in talks to land an interview or two with the wrestlers involved. Nothing is set in stone but should be by next week. Obviously, everyone knows the names released. Who could it be? Stay tuned!

What do you folks think?

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