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Posted by Justin Watry on 06/24/2013 at 01:01 AM

"I honestly think that you are so good (different) at how you approach columns. I know some people take compliments lightly and such, but honestly, you should be a very proud man. Boatloads of people including me, read your columns ALL THE TIME. Me personally, I wake up every morning, and before I go to school, I read your column (I'm 16). Also, your consistency with your columns is amazing, just from reading them so much, I almost feel like I know your thought process (not that I do). So with all of that out of the way, thank you."

- Sean, wrestling fan

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Be sure to check out those columns! If you have some free time, there is some extra reading material for you. Everything is there. From the best Canadian born wrestlers to Daniel Bryan to Smackdown vs. Raw to the beloved Attitude Era, it's all covered. Also, a BRAND NEW article on Money in the Bank was just added! Give them a chance and feel free to send in feedback. I am always open to gathering new opinions/thoughts. Until then, let's get down to it for today...

Damion via email:

"Do you see yourself watching wrestling when you're old or do you think you will grow sick of it one day?"

Good question.

I was born into it and suspect it will go on forever. Trust me, there has been some terrible episodes of Raw, Smackdown, ECW, WCW, etc. Yet, I have not gone anywhere. Being 25 years old now, there is not much I haven't seen. From the styles to the programs to the deaths to the moments to the stars, it is all a big cycle. No matter what the wrestling business throws out there, I will be watching.

Luke via email:

"Del Rio winning the World title. At first, I was so angry that he won! When Ziggler cashed in earlier this year, it was a moment to remember! I looked forward to a decent reign where he put on solid match after match and lifted the title back into its glory days.

When he went down with that concussion, I knew that it wasn't going to be good. When Payback started, I expected a quick match with little to no offense applied to Ziggler's head. Obviously, I was wrong.

The match itself wasn't that bad to be honest, but I think it told more of a story than any other that night. As soon as the doctor came out to check on Ziggler, that's when I feel they triggered the double turn.

Every hit Ziggler took got worse and worse (bviously cause he is the best at selling moves), and Del Rio wouldn't ease up. Once Del Rio got the pin, I was angry! Furious as to why Ziggler dropped the belt so early and especially to him. It wasn't until later on in the PPV that once Bryan took the pin against The Shield that it clicked! Even though Ziggler lost the belt, he clearly left that match the winner. If WWE wanted to bury him, they would have just stripped him or had him drop it on Raw or Smackdown. Instead he had a very brutal match in where he got even more over with the fans. It reminded me of the Austin vs. Hart match at WrestleMania 13, and the No Holds barred match between Edge and Guerrero. Even though Austin and Guerrero lost, they left the match with a new found respect with the fans.

When I wrote to you about the importance of the brand extension, I said we haven't seen our next true main eventer. Ziggler is it! After that match, I don't think anyone can question whether or not he is tough enough or belongs in the main event.

Del Rio's reign is purely a transitional one, in my opinion. He'll drop the belt to either Orton, Sheamus or Punk. When Ziggler is completely over this concussion, he'll come back get his revenge on Del Rio and go on to win the belt again!"

Honestly, I can't add much.

You nailed it. A 'winner' and 'loser' does not mean very much in the grand scheme of things - the story does. Ziggler gained more from losing than winning at Payback. I am not going to start proclaiming him to be the next huge star, but he has the tools and desire to do so. WWE knows what they have with him and if that concussion is all healed up, who knows how his face run will go?

Amazing. All from a male cheerleader and somebody who failed a Wellness test years ago...

Robert via Twitter:

"Robert Aitken (@RobertAitkenBR) @JustinWatry You're right about the comic books. Made a few in the 90s. Can find them on eBay still."

There you go!

This topic was brought up over the weekend. To be honest, comic books are not my expertise. I've probably only read a few throughout my entire life. However, WWE doing something like that did ring a bell from the last few decades. A big thank you goes out to Robert for that information.

WWE Raw Preview

Truth be told, I am going to be writing a full Raw preview over at The Layfield Report on Monday. Yes, you WILL read my columns there. I am going to force you all! Okay, maybe not. Either way, Monday night will be a huge show concerning the Money in the Bank PPV next month. WWE should be making many matches known. Mark Henry vs. John Cena for the WWE title is official and RVD is returning in some capacity, but that's about it. No more stalling or wasting time. We need to find out about the ladder match(es) coming up. Those are eventful each year, and the participants always cause quite a stir. Should be very fun!

What do you folks think?

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