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Posted by Aaron Rift on 06/22/2013 at 06:57 PM

I am here to answer your WWE and TNA questions to the best of my ability. I'm having fun with it, so don't expect all the answers to be serious! Click here to add me on Facebook.

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Hey Aaron. If Mark Henry wins the WWE title. Can you see Daniel Bryan winning then cashing in money in the bank on Henry at SummerSlam, then have Cena vs Bryan somewhere down the line?

The problem is that Henry vs. Bryan isn't exactly a marquee main event match. I suppose it could work with Punk vs. Lesnar as the headlining match but the WWE Title should always be a high-profile match. One person suggested the idea that Henry beats Cena at MITB and Bryan cashes in on Henry the same night.

Hey Aaron, love the show, how do you feel about Jeff Jarrett joining the Main Event Mafia?

I actually think it's critical for him to be a part of the storyline. For the Mafia's return to get over, I feel you need to bring back a fresh face/outsider who hasn't been seen for a while. Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe are great, but they have been around. Not to mention the logic hole where they didn't help Sting at Slammiversary.

Hey Aaron, do you think it was a missed opportunity not to have Shaq at Wrestlemania ? After what Shaq did to Big Show when he was guest host was all over the media and I think WWE could have capitalised on this.

I'm not really sure what the hell happened with WWE and Shaq. Shaq even said in an interview that he going to face Big Show at Wrestlemania so obviously he wanted to do the match.

Who do you think has the best mic skills in tna? I like Aries, Roode and Storm but Sting I think is the best. Unfortunately

Bully Ray, Angle, Hogan, and Sting.

Hey Aaron; in your opinion, how would you rate the Krispen Wa vs HBK vs Triple H for the World Heavyweight title match back at Wrestlemania 20? Good overall match would say?

It was probably the best triple threat match in wrestling history.

Hey Aaron, do you think the wwe should bring back the draft,personally I loved draft night

There's really no point now.

Aloha Aaron, I heard you often saying you would give Cena time too heal and re-charge is that more on Vince or Cena


Did Jericho turn heel on Smackdown ?

No, he was pissed a guy interfered in his match.

do you think its a possibility that big E could do what dolphs t-shirt says and steal his girlfriend considering big E and aj are both still heel

That is one direction WWE could go in but I think Big E is better off in a babyface role.

Hey Aaron. What is your opinion on Mark Henry's finisher, The World Strongest Slam. I actually never believed it as a strong finisher wich guys dont kick out from. Its just a Scoop Front Slam

Yeah but it's not just any man doing it, it's MARK FREAKING HENRY.

Hey, Aaron, Love the show and your cats. What did you make of The Shield's first loss? Personally, I thought it shoud have been done better. Why did Team Hell No beat the shield when they are about to disband? At least Daniel Bryan got a rub off it.Thanks

I liked the fact that Daniel Byran got the win for his team. With that being said, the first loss probably should've occurred at a PPV event rather than a taped Smackdown.

Hey Aaron, Thanks for answering my question on 318. Here's one more. Do you see any follow-up on James Storm winning the 100.000 Dollars on the Jokers Wild Tag Tournament PPV? It could turn in to a storyline with the proper booking(with all respect to TNA

The problem is that nobody saw that PPV.

Hey Aaron, do you think The Rock vs John Cena III & Brock Lesnar vs CM Punk will be the two matches to headline summerslam? please answer in video.

The Rock isn't going to be at Summerslam. Lesnar and Punk seems likely.

How would you book Damien Sandow as a face and will it work out

I don't see how his current gimmick would work well as a face.

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