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Posted by Aaron Rift on 04/26/2013 at 03:09 PM

I am here to answer your WWE and TNA questions to the best of my ability. I'm having fun with it, so don't expect all the answers to be serious! Click here to add me on Facebook.

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Hey Aaron what deal with Christian? He has been out of action since late summer with a shoulder injury. so what's the deal? Please answer in thanks HAVE A :) DAY BANG BANG!!

He should be back soon. I'm guessing WWE is just waiting for a good opportunity to bring him back similar to the returns of Mark Henry and Jack Swagger earlier this year.

Hey Aaron, do you see CM Punk being a babyface in WWE again? if so when and how do you think he'll do it?

It's possible he'll come back as a babyface. Either way, if he comes back for the Payback PPV he will be a babyface to those fans. I think his best work is as a heel but it may also be a matter of balancing the faces/heels on the roster.

I always thought WWE dropped the ball with the Nexus storyline. I felt it had potential and if done right could have made each member of Nexus a star. How do you feel about the Nexus, where do u think things went wrong, and what would u hav done different

They should have won at Summerslam and at subsequent PPV events. Guys get over when they win big matches. That's why Nexus quickly fizzled out and The Shield is still over with fans.

Do you think tnA's gut check challenge is working because the last two people to win a match ended up being eliminated and they ended up going with one of them and why is too much experience is a factor in not being chosen?

The Gut Check experiment is a failure in my opinion. It's not drawing any further interest in the TNA product. I don't know if Adam Pearce is going to be involved in the storylines, but TNA is crazy to turn him down if it's legit.

Hey Aaron, do you think that R-Truth was better as a heel? I always liked insane truth. But, because they wanted him to feud with the miz, he turned face. Do you think they should feud again with the tables turned? Truth as a heel and miz as a face?

It's hard to fairly judge his run as a heel because WWE did a terrible job of making him a credible opponent for John Cena. While the "Little Jimmy" stuff was funny, it was hard to take him seriously as a main event star when he was doing that gimmick.

Do u feel WWE should have given Ric Flair a short title run before he "retired". I was watching a raw from 2003 when he was wrestling HHH for the title & it would have been a perfect opportunity for Flair to win & drop the belt in @ the next PPV? PAIV

It might have been a nice touch but I think WWE didn't want to put the title on a legend again after Hulk Hogan's run did poorly in the ratings.

Hey Aaron, do you think TNA will ever become competition to WWE?

If TNA is able to develop a better business model, create new stars of their own, and come up with some fresh storylines, anything is possible.

Hello Aaron! What did you think about Snitsky's career in the WWE? Could you see him make a return?

When the highlight of your career is punting a baby, I wouldn't say it was a great one and he probably won't be back. But then again... it wasn't his fault. ;-)

Hey aaron, What do you think is the greatest match in the WWE/F history? For me it has to be the 2001 Survivor Series Alliance vs WWF :)

I wouldn't put that match in the top 1000 WWE matches. Well, maybe. Seriously though, Austin vs. Hart at Wrestlemania 13 is my pick.

How is Summerslam Axcess ? is the VIP worth it?

I have never been to it but I've heard positive reviews from people.

Hey Aaron, what do you think would of been Chris Benoit's role in the invasion storyline if he didn't get injured and could you of seen him becoming WWE or WCW champion during that time?

It was being teased that either him or Jericho were going to join WCW so who knows. With the roster being really crowded at the time, I doubt he would have been WWE or WCW champion.

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