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Posted by Alex Burnham on 03/26/2013 at 12:42 PM

“after the ( Obviously false ) tease for a heel cena on raw fans jizzed there pants I personally wouldn't want a cena heel turn because i don't think cena can pull it off or that there is a big enough face for him and even if he somehow did pull it off i don't think WWE can keep it hot & interesting”

From Mr – AboNet

The John Cena Heel turn is one of the most widely speculated events to have never happened. There have been rumors at almost every corner, and the IWC seems to be clamoring for it to happen. They’re sick of the same old Cena. They’re sick of seeing the same man in the main event for the last 8 years. What ifs and what nots. That’s all it has ever been. But let’s take a really in depth look at it shall we.

First off, Cena can pull it off. He is a great promo man. It is not hard to talk shit about someone and get the people mad at you. The difficult part is to be original. Cena can do it. We he picks up his intensity level he can. The man has endless things to be angry about. If I was the head man of the company, if I was the one working all these house shows, if I was the one putting on solid matches like he has, if I was the one that granted more wishes than anyone, and I got booed out of the building I would be highly pissed off. That’s what Cena needs. He did all of these things for years. He stuck by his motto. The people turned on John Cena. He has done his job. So all the material is there for him. Have Cena beat on some of his old allies. Let him beat on a face Sheamus, a big match with Triple H somewhere down the road possibly, Rey Mysterio, Kofi Kingston, Randy Orton, and countless others are there for him to get the heat off of.

Secondly there is an opponent for Cena. That man’s name is Ryback. John Cena turns heel and runs all over the roster a lot like he already does. Just an unstoppable force. Then he meets up one on one with the young, hungry, powerful Ryback. Ryback has a huge following. Not perfect just yet, but they guy has the major potential. Just imagine Cena running a nice long lengthy run, and facing off against a built up determined Ryback. It has the potential to be a mega match if done right. Ryback wins and boom a new mega star is established. He has guys like Mysterio and Orton around as well. Sheamus is there. Daniel Bryan is there. Jericho could possibly come back and have a few. Triple H should be in the discussion as well. Talk of a Lesnar face turn could led to a match between the two of them as well, so yes he will have quality opponents. Plain and simple.
WWE just kept a year-long feud with Cena and The Rock relevant. It is also going in the neighborhood of two years. CM Punk stayed relevant throughout a 14 month WWE Championship reign. If WWE does this, they will do it right. They know that a lot can be done, and as long as it has been clamored for it will be done to perfection.

I’m not saying that it will, but right now seems like an opportune moment to do so. Cena’s promo last night was edgier. You could see a sense of urgency in his eyes and his tone. He was pissed off. He needs this win. He is desperate. Desperate men will do desperate things. What better way than against The Rock? The Rock is a WWE legend. The fans are really behind him. Imagine if Cena cheats to beat The Rock on the biggest stage of them all? Cena needs this win and he is desperate to get it. Desperate men will do anything to get what they need. Austin did it before. Punk did it in the middle of the WWE Championship run. Hulk Hogan did it years ago. It can be done with your major star. Bret Hart and Stone Cold had the infamous double turn. This one can top those in a big way. If done right it can produce a major star as well for the baby face that knocks him off. It will guarantee that this WrestleMania is remembered forever. If you keep Cena heel long enough as well it sets up for something very special at WM30. The Undertaker vs. John Cena in the epic clash of the titans. It can set up for an eventual rubber match between Cena and Rock again whenever.

It can be done. Maybe it should be done. Maybe it shouldn’t. The scenario is there for it to be done. It could create the next major WWE Mega Star. It could be a total flop. It probably won’t ruin television ratings, in fact I would suspect they may go up. Love him or hate him, John Cena can do it. John Cena will have quality opponents. That heel turn may be the event the spirals a changing of the guard in the WWE. It could be the ushering in of the next generation. If you want him to turn heel, support it. If you want him to stay face, support it. If you are tired of seeing him, just tune out when he is one. It is not irrational to think Cena could turn heel or stay face. It is irrational to act like it will never happen, and that now is a great opportunity to do so.

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