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Posted by Matt Murphy on 03/24/2013 at 10:19 PM

How's it going everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend, but sadly, it's coming to an end. Good thing as wrestling fans that we have Raw to look forward to on Mondays. I'm here to answer a couple of reader questions tonight, so without further ado, let's get it started.

This is an email from Medo:
"My experience with TNA is I first started watching it as a show around 2010 because of the whole hulk hogan thing see I knew TNA before but I didn't watch full episodes cuz honestly It didn't interest me enough however what I did watch was the matches cuz back then you knew you WILL get your money's worth not "a 1996 episode of WCW" all that time I used to wish that TNA goes to the next level and when I heard that hogan is signing with TNA I remember I was so happy & exited cuz he's hulk hogan and at the same time I was sad & angry cuz he's hulk hogan ; ) And we all know what happened after that he changed TNA ... To the worst
And 1 thing never changed ... The ratings.
So my question is this : after all that happened to TNA and what is happening now can it be fixed ? Who can fix it ? What should happened ? Who should get fired & who gets hired ?.
Your thoughts & keep up the good work."

Thank you for your question and kind words.

I could go all day on this subject, I have many times as a matter of fact over the years and it never seems to change with TNA. For every step forward, it's always been 2 steps backward. Before anybody brands me as a "hater", I like TNA, I want them to break through the glass ceiling and really become a challenge to get WWE to really step their game up, but for some reason they just can't seem to do it.

I've been following TNA since 2004 and been watching since they had an hour long show on FSN or whatever channel they were on at the time. The early years of TNA were without a doubt the glory days, it was such a great alternative product. Slowly but surely, they started losing their alternative appeal. When Hogan signed, it should've been huge, but it just hasn't been. The ratings have been stuck in purgatory pretty much since they've had their 2-hour timeslot on Spike TV.

Honestly, they should just cut their losses on Hogan. Bischoff hasn't done much either, but I'd say he's more worth keeping than Hogan, he has his production company(which judging by the mistakes TNA routinely has in that department isn't really that great), and he's a proven creative guy. But Hogan has done nothing to boost ratings, so they might as well save their money.

Call me an optimist, but TNA can be fixed, but after all this time I'll be damned if I can say how. I think when the word going around that they were talking with Paul Heyman around 2010, that could have really gotten them going. But apparently they weren't willing to compromise with Paul. Too bad, because I heard some of the ideas Paul had for TNA and they were damn good. Paul E. is a creative genius, and with the Carter's money behind him, he would be left to focus on the product. But it was not to be.

I think what they should focus on right now, is ending the nonsense storylines, keep it simple for now, and accentuate what makes you different and superior to your competition. The 6-sided added something different for sure, but 3 years later it's not necessary to bring back. Just highlight your unique aspects. Showcase the X Division as the premier place to see high flying action. Ramp up the tag team and Knockouts division again, hire more quality women and form more great tag teams, because Bad Influence and Roode and Aries are good, but 3 teams in the division isn't gonna cut it. Give the people a reason to tune in, and stay there. Provide a quality product that they can't see done better every Monday and Friday night, and people are going to want to watch every week. Put out a half assed imitation, and no one's going to want to watch except the people who already have been watching. Simple.

This is an email from Rock:

We know Jericho vs fandango is in the plans. I want to ask some questions 1)is this a waste of Jericho's time and talent? 2) is this match a good idea?We know Jericho likes to put over younger talent but think about it Fandango WINNING HIS DEBUT MATCH, against JERICHO at the GRANDEST STAGE. Don't get me wrong this win will immediately establish him but fans hate fandango and want to see him get a beatdown. The keyword in the last sentence was IMMIDIATE which brings me to my next point , I feel giving him a win early against a big star wud be a major mistake just like wwe push ryback so early in his career. How would u fell abt this win?

Many matches to wrestlemania have been announced and the build to many of these is going but unfortunately is very slow. I am buying wrestlemania nonetheless but my real question is what can we expect from raw in the coming two episodes because we seriously need something BIG. and I mean BIG. Triple h s lesnar has been good but not great but I m totally invested in that fued. Actually this is the only match that feels like wm main event level.Cena vs rock is the match I want to see most but we haven't seen a good build apart from the promo at old school raw, I feel we need an other one of those or possibly a few minute brawl between these two. I want a good no actually great build for this match but even if I don't I will still watch this match because I want cena to beat rock. Taker vs Punk is a match that I am still not invested in completely. I m 50 50. They also need something big. Last week they were only given a few minutes and considering it a high profile match, this is not good. I like the way they are going with this story. but if done right it can be really good but if done wrong it can really offend us fans. Alberto vs jack, I don't care abt that.

Which match will be the showstealer in ur opinion. I think hhhh lesnar or punk taker.


I thank you for the questions, and I love the fact that I've been getting multiple questions about Fandango, because it shows that something about the guy is clicking one way or another.

I think the match is a great way for Fandango to make his debut. Against an established star like Jericho on the biggest stage of the year? Can't ask for much more than that if you're Fandango.

I don't think it wastes Jericho's talent at all. He's proven on Raw he can make this entertaining with his promo, and he got some fire and actually got Fandango to finally show us some moves. At this point in his career, Jericho's all about putting over the new talent. Many people don't seem to like it, but then again many people complain when veterans bury newer guys and stay in their spot so a lot of people just like to complain.

If Jericho and Fandango do wrestle at WM and have at least a good match and Fandango doesn't get squashed or look like a joke, then it firmly places Fandango's name on the map. Honestly, I think that's all this match would do, I don't see it being the same situation as Ryback. Ryback was pushed into the title scene because of an injury to Cena, before that he was being very slowly built up. If Fandango wins at Mania, I doubt he'll be put into the title scene, he'll just establish himself as a credible wrestler. And really, that's all you can ask for when trying to get over a new talent.

For Raw, these next two weeks are CRITICAL. Last week was a terrible show, especially for one leading up to Wrestlemania. But with the HHH/Lesnar match set now, Punk and Taker still building steam in their feud, and The Rock finally being back, I expect nothing short of heavy duty buildup for Mania. We need it badly.

As of right now, I want to say HHH and Brock will steal the show, but I have to go with Taker and Punk. With the rumors of injuries between the two, I still have slight doubts about how the Taker vs. Punk match will go, but I trust that both guys will turn it up to 11 and bring their A-game. HHH and Brock has the potential to be something special as well, so you can't go wrong with either pick.

Well that'll do it for today, I hope everybody enjoyed the read and I remind you all that my inbox is always open. Have a good night, and let's hope Raw is excellent tomorrow.

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