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Posted by Justin Watry on 01/08/2013 at 01:51 AM

"I personally love reading your articles. I hate the usual internet fan. They seem so annoying and ridiculous. You seem like a normal person who likes wrestling, not a crazy wrestling fan who can't escape it, and it bleeds to their normal life."

- Josh, wrestling fan

Just a quick reminder: If you wish to email me and hope for a reply, it needs to be done in a respectful matter. Cussing and insulting me through a computer screen is not going to get a response. This column is for well thought out comments, opinions, and logical discussion on professional wrestling. Feel free to join in anytime! My contact information is listed at the end of every column. With that being said...

Alex via email:

"Muhammad Hassan, to me, was a perfect heel. His middle eastern gimmick drew him so much heat. He wasn't a really bad performer either. The network cracked the whip on him, and WWE cast the character out. Do you think Hassan should have just been sent over to Raw on a different network? People hated the character. Genuine heat, and he never had to say a word to do it. WWE had big plans, and I just feel like they could have moved him back to Raw and cashed in on those plans because people wanted to see him get what was coming to him."

Sorry for the delay in responding! There are still TONS of emails to get through, so some will slip through the cracks for awhile. As for the topic, I agree with you. He was a good talent, but his departure was one big mess. I thought the whole thing could have been avoided. Obviously, HORRIBLE timing caused the character to end. If the 'attack' had taken place on ANY OTHER DAY, there would have been no controversy, and life would have continued on. Sadly, that was not the case. Thus, Hassan was forced off the network.

As for simply moving him back to Raw? I suppose it was possible. He did continue with the company (off camera) for a little bit longer. The thing is he wanted to be on television as soon as possible. WWE was going to wait it out. Then he quit the business. To me - I agree with The Rock's infamous promo from June 2002.

If you do not want to be here, get the "F" out!

Clearly, he didn't truly love the industry. He got his quick fame, fortune, and wanted more, more, more, MORE! There was no patience with him, so he was gone shortly thereafter. Somebody like Daivari (who did have the passion and desire for the company) stuck around and did well for a few more years. To this day, he is still wrestling. Good for him! Hassan? A distant memory in a long line of 'what if' wrestlers...


1. John Cena vs. Dolph Ziggler

WWE is going STRONG with Cena this year. That has been made apparent. I don't think he will win the Royal Rumble, but the company is certainly trying to get fans to think so. A nice opening promo with him and Dolph Ziggler. Plus, their match afterwards was great. My assumption is that this ends the story line, but you never know with AJ and Big E involved.

2. Ricky Steamboat

A few weeks ago, I wrote the following about Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat:

"I think WWE could use him a lot more on television - almost like Mick Foley or Rowdy Roddy Piper. Let the man cut an intense promo on a young heel one night. It doesn't have to turn physical, like it did with the Nexus two years ago. However, the man is always backstage at live events anyways. The man knows what he is doing - even in 2012."

There you go! Now, we are in 2013, and it seems like my premonition is coming true. At least, I hope so. The man can be on television A LOT more than he has been the past few years. He is at nearly every show anyways, so what would be the problem? Even for one night, I enjoyed his interaction with Wade Barrett on Monday night. Having a little history involving the Intercontinental Title could be great before WrestleMania 29.

3. Hype

The Road to WrestleMania is off to an exciting start. WWE built up The Rock appearing all night long, and it should pay off. We had the big Raw last night. The Rock will appear on Smackdown this week, with Big Show vs. Alberto Del Rio already announced. Next week will be a star studded event celebrating Raw's 20th anniversary. Of course, tickets for the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony go on sale this weekend. Thus, the first inductee will be announced very, very soon (next week?). After that is the Royal Rumble, and you know the company will be off and running towards April 7th...

4. TLC Match

Wow! Ladies and gentlemen, THIS match is why WWE is still king of the industry. Just watch this TLC match once more, and that will answer every question you have. Absolutely nothing in this business can touch WWE and their 'big fight' feelings. Ryback vs. CM Punk in a TLC match for the WWE Title on Raw is an early match of the year candidate.

I know, I know. Save the jokes - it is VERY early into 2013. I get that. However, I expect this match to STILL be listed in 12 months among the best all year. It was THAT good folks! Both men did a superb job. Paul Heyman was at his best here. The commentators treated this as a huge event, and it worked with a lively crowd. Honestly, I loved it! The Shield (predictably) helped Punk win, but the ride from start to finish was highly entertaining.

1. Final Segment

This is it. WWE told us this match was coming on July 23rd, 2012. They TOLD us this was going to be taking place at the Royal Rumble in January. Despite ups, downs, rumors, false news stories, and hope - the match is now confirmed.

Rock and Punk will battle for the WWE Title in three weeks in Phoenix, Arizona.

As expected, the two brought their best on the microphone to end Raw. The crowd was dying down before this, but they hung in there to see these two spar verbally. It was everything I had hoped for. Punk did his usual sucking up to the "IWC" by name dropping the 'internet darlings,' but that was par the course for him. Rocky made his usual clever jokes about a person's body parts - something he has done for over a decade. For both men, it works well. Blend it together, and you have a HOT beginning to their build towards the Rumble. Rocky stood tall last night, so it is now Punk's turn to get best Rocky...

...can't wait!

*What do you folks think? Did you enjoy Raw as much as I did?* What is next for Punk and Rocky?*

Let me know on twitter @JustinWatry!

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