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Posted by Dave Scott on 01/07/2013 at 08:04 PM

Hey there guys! Dave Scott back for some action, traction, satis-f***ing-faction. Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year, but enough of that let's get on to the wrestling chat!

First up though, in 2 weeks time I shall be dipping into the podcast business. Me and my friend Phil are going to try a Royal Rumble based podcast to go alongside the predictions that we usually do. So if you have any Royal Rumble based questions, go onto my Twitter and ask and we will cover the questions on the podcast.

Tweet me your questions: @DaveFCIC

To be completely honest though, I haven't been watching a great deal of wrestling over the festive period. So I'm not going to bother writing about the shows that were on TV over the holiday period.

What I'm going to do this week is write a list of things I would like to see happen in WWE in 2013. If you listened to Inside The Ropes this week you will know I've stolen that idea from them, but if you don't listen to that show then ignore that last part. Also if you haven't listened to it before then go check it out, they are by far the best wrestling podcast out there at the moment.


I read a rumour that this might actually be happening and I don't know how true it is but I want to see Shelton Benjamin back in a WWE ring. He has been one of my favourite wrestlers for years and thigh he may never be a main event guy, he can perform well as a midcarder and if they bring Charlie Haas along with him, they would be an asset to the tag team division. That is if they are really looking to bring the tag team division back.


This is a really simple request. I want to see more build in the feuds lower on the card. Some of the greatest feuds and matches in the past were built around the IC title. All they need to do is just invest a bit more time into the midcard scene and when they start taking it seriously, then us at home can start taking it seriously also!

The last time that one of the midcard titles felt like a big deal briefly was when Ryder was after the US title, he wanted it desperately and it showed, this alone made me think of the title in a higher regard as you had a guy here and all he wanted was to hold that belt. However that didn't last long and they had him job out to Swagger!


I want to see the New Age Outlaws make a comeback and have one more run in the WWE with the tag titles. I think those two cold come in and get a run and then put over a team like the Prime Time Players. Having NAO come back would definitely grab the attention of some people that hadn't watched in a few years and using them to put over a new tag team wold benefit the tag team division going forward.


I want to see The Shield dominate for a few more months and be worked correctly. I would like to see them perhaps delve into the title divisions also, maybe have Ambrose hold the IC title and the other two hold the tag titles. It has been a very long time since we have seen a good stable and even longer since we have seen one that just takes over as many titles as possible, this would come across as fresh as it isn't something we have seen in recent years.


Finally, I hope that WWE has The Rock get beaten this year. The Rock doesn't need to keep on winning, however if someone gets a pin on The Rock, it is huge for their career. Ideally we would see CM Punk get a win over him, but I can't see that happening, but I suppose you never know with WWE!

Well that is me for this week boys and girls, I'll be back next week with hopefully something a bit longer as the last month or two I've had to write these on my iPad, which is bloody hard work. So here is to hoping that my laptop is working by then!

Also, this is the year anniversary of me writing columns. I'd like to thank everyone who has read my stuff over the last year and cheers to NoDQ for letting me do this. I know I'm not the best writer out there and I never try to pretend I am, I'm just a wrestling fan and want to share my opinions with other wrestling fans, so a big thanks to you all!

If you ever want some wrestling chat follow me on Twitter: @DaveFCIC

I'm always on Twitter during Raw, so if your around then send me a tweet.


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