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Posted by Justin Watry on 01/07/2013 at 03:11 PM

"Justin, I just wanted to let you know that your beloved Packers lost to the Vikings while my beloved Cowboys game with the Deadskins has just started."

- James, wrestling fan

No stalling today. There will be plenty of time ALL week to hype up MY Green Bay Packers! Let's just get right to a few reader requests...

Shane via email:

"Royal Rumble prediction is that Ryback will break Kane's record of most eliminations. It's not something that Kane needs or that people care about with him any more, so let Ryback destroy 11+ people and eliminate them."

That prediction is noted. Ladies and gentlemen, write it down! Shane is predicting that Ryback will break Kane's record for most eliminations ever in a Rumble. I have not read that anywhere else, so ALL credit will go to you! If it happens, major props will be given out after the pay-per-view event.

As noted in a previous column, I have no problem giving credit where credit is due. Send me ideas. tweet me predictions! Let your voice be heard and see how 'correct' you really are. Concerning your idea, I like it! As you said, I don't think Kane really "needs" that honor anymore. Giving it to Ryback would be great. On top of that, I have Big Hungry winning the Rumble and challenging Big Show for the World Title at WrestleMania 29. Big Hungry vs. Big Show? That is the direction I would go. Let the WWE Title situation be sorted out in February (Elimination Chamber).

JB via email:

"Justin, what are your thoughts on Samuray Del Sol signing a WWE contract earlier today? I have seen him in the ring at a AAA show when I visited Mexico in 2011 during a 6 man tag match, also involving Juventud Guerrera and Psychosis. It is safe to say he is much better than Sin Cara. You just have to see for yourself - here is a clip showing highlights of one of his CZW matches."

To be honest with you, I had never heard of him. The Youtube video DOES look impressive. It all looked good. However, anybody can make a 'best of' clip and show the best parts. I could put together a 'best of' Brooklyn Brawler video and make him seem like a World Champion. I could put together a two minute video of Braden Walker and have it seem like he was a WWE Hall of Famer!

Oh yeah, someone already did...

The bottom line is I have no idea how talented he is. If WWE is interested in him, he must be worth something. With Rey Mysterio heading towards retirement and Sin Cara still getting used to the American scene, why not bring in another masked superstar the try out? He looks like he has a nice size, so perhaps he would be brought in for more than just the 'high flyer' in WWE. I have no idea. In conclusion, I quickly checked the news wire for any updates and found this from Del Sol's Twitter account:

"Amigos I am not signed with WWE just ignore the photos and rumors, if you don't see it posted on my website, twitter or Facebook, not true!"

There you go! We are already getting the laughable 'denial' from a wrestler through social media. As we all know, those mean nothing. It likely means he has NOT signed but will at some point. Thus, he is telling the truth...but not 100 percent of the truth. The fact he addressed the rumor means there IS something to the rumor. Until he shows up in FCW or NXT and confirms the news, I will wait and see. WWE has upped their game in 'scouting talent' recently, so this guy is NOW officially on my radar as someone to watch out for in the future.

Carl via email:

"Hi Justin - Carl here. As you say, you are usually good for predictions, so I challenge you to give a rundown of what you think will happen on Raw this Monday night. I am intrigued to see if your outlook is followed by some of the raw writers. Bye."

1. Sometimes predictions are simply that - predictions. Other times, they are 'predictions' but with a little bit of added knowledge behind them. Just look to my column about Billy Gunn appearing on Raw before the Slammy Awards edition.

2. I know I harp on it a lot, but it all comes down to using logic and sense. Some either don't want to do that or just don't know how to. I have no idea. I try my best to avoid 'fantasy booking,' just making wild picks, going off the wall for the sake of unpredictability and naming scenarios just for a laugh. I stick to the real world, where most things actually come true.

3. Sadly, I have ZERO notes for tonight's Raw. It is a brand new year, and you best believe WWE will begin 2013 with a bang. Thus, I can't speak on anything or give out any "Jay's Ways exclusives" before the show. Sorry!

4. On that note, I will state the obvious. CM Punk will find a way to escape with the WWE Title. Ryback will destroy him and use the TLC stipulation to his advantage. However, Punk leaves with the gold. The Rock will be live in the arena, so expect some teases and stare downs building to the Royal Rumble. Those are the 'easy' predictions. Other than that, next week is the 20th anniversary of Raw. The Red Brand will NOT slow down after tonight, so I assume even MORE attention will be placed on January 14th.

5. Finally, I am VERY interested to see the Raw ratings on Tuesday. My 'feeling' is that the hype will pay off, and WWE will see a decent number. Obviously, it will not be amazing or spectacular but certainly higher than recent three hour shows. That is definite. After tonight, the football competition 'excuse' comes to an end, and all hands will be on deck for the Road to WrestleMania. It is GO TIME for WWE and is truly the best time of the year to be a wrestling fan.

I am ready.

*What do you folks think? How will Ryback do at the Royal Rumble? Are you excited for tonight's huge Raw?*

Let me know on Twitter @JustinWatry!

Also, please email me at the following:




Thank you.

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