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Posted by Will Montgomery on 01/07/2013 at 02:18 PM

Welcome and welcome back to Will's World! For those of you who haven't read my column before, I will be putting forth an opinion on the product, the rumour mills, and some funny columns when the mood hits. A few emails I've received are forcing me to reitnerate the fact that all I offer is my opinion of what's happening in the business and nothing more.

Now, this column is going to be tip-toeing into fantasy booking territory. (Which I've been led to believe is the cardinal sin of writing a column.) The only reason for that is because a few major issues need to be addressed with the current (reported) plans for the road to Wrestlemania.

I mis-spoke in my previous column, saying I'd be touching on why I think Cena and The Rock should NOT be facing off for the WWE title at Wrestlemania. What I should have said was, I don't think Rocky should win the title at the Rumble and immediately go towards John Cena at Wrestlemania.

Love him or hate him, no one can deny that CM Punk has been a hell of a champion for the past 400+ days. He burned through the competition as a face, and (while not perfect) has had a hell of a reign as a heel champion. The addition of Paul Heyman at Punk's side was a masterstroke, in my opinion. It kept Heyman relevant for the eventual return of Lesnar, and helped Punk be even MORE effective (Dare I say, super effective?) as a heel champion.

This leads me back to the 1000th episode of Raw. We all remember how it began. The Rock saying he'd be challenging the WWE champion, whoever he might be, at the Royal Rumble, and CM Punk making a pre-emptive strike and leaving The Rock laying flat on his back as Raw 1000 went off the air.

The firm belief is that The Rock is going to the Rumble to face CM Punk. Reports have been released saying that The Rock believes he is going to be the one to end Punk's reign. That's all fine and dandy, but when we look at the big picture, is it really the smartest move? Right now, we have at least two matches that are all but confirmed for Mania this year. HHH and Lesnar, and Cena taking on The Rock for the WWE title. What I'm going to be discussing is the best way to get to Mania and make everyone look as strong as possible.

Like I said, CM Punk has been a fantastic heel champion, in my opinion. A lot of people have been saying if The Rock wins the title at the Rumble, it will make CM Punk look completely worthless as a champion. I understand the sentiment, but I disagree somewhat. Yes, Punk losing to a part time Superstar, full time movie star would be...aggrivating, to put it mildly. But it's not like he's dropping it to David Arquette. The Rock's roots are in the WWE. Bitch and moan about him being a part timer all you want, but ask yourself this: If it was Stone Cold instead of The Rock, would you be as angry as you are now?

That leads up to how I think their match at the Rumble should go down. I don't know about you, but I had one big problem with John Cena building up to the Rock at Wrestlemania 28. Cena had ample opportunity to make a first strike and show The Rock why he had something to be worried about come their big showdown in Miami. But John just wouldn't take the bait. As a result, I just couldn't be as invested in the match as I wanted to be.

Cm Punk on the other hand, didn't wait. The second he saw a chance to make a statement, he took it. And this columnist believes that it was the smartest move that WWE could've made. Because now? It's personal. Punk stuck his nose in where it doesn't belong and humiliated Rocky on live T.V. I'm already looking forward to CM Punk defending against The Rock more than I was for Cena/Rock at Wrestlemania 28. I brought that up to bring this up. A rematch between Cena and The Rock would do a great buy-rate, especially with the WWE title in there. But how does WWE make this match more personal than their first match?

Simple. Cena costs The Rock his match at The Royal Rumble, Rocky retaliates by eliminating Cena from the Royal Rumble.

We'd still have plenty of time to get the belt on to The Rock. The Elimination Chamber would be the perfect venue to do that. Punk can lose the title without being made to look excessively weak. But it does more than that. It gives the fans a reason to care about The Rock vs John Cena II. (And hopefully causes them to forget that their first match was billed as 'Once In a Lifetime')

My explanation thus far leaves a few holes. Such as where does that leave CM Punk for Wrestlemania? Would Paul Heyman play a factor? What about the Shield? I'm not gonna waste any more of your time today with fantasy booking, but the bottom line is that WWE needs a curve ball in their plans to really spark up interest going into Wrestlemania season.

And there we have it folks! Seeing as how this is all speculation at this point, I'd love to hear what YOU think about this. I'll be answering one or two reader questions tomorrow as well as giving my thoughts on tonight's Monday Night Raw. Until then, keep kicking ass like I know you do! This is Will Montgomery signing off. See you all next time on Will's World!

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