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Posted by Justin Watry on 12/10/2012 at 02:08 AM

Kevin Matthews was recently interviewed by Justin Watry of NODQ.com covering multiple topics. From his time training with Bill Demott to the infamous 'stink face' picture he posted on Twitter, it is all discussed. For more information, follow @2CockyKM, @JustinWatry, and @nodqdotcom on Twitter!

JW: For those living under a rock, please introduce yourself.

KM: My name is Kevin Matthews. I'm 6'5 tall, 249lbs, incredibly sexy, and have been wrestling for the last 13 years.

JW: Most wrestlers grew up as fans as well. When did you know that this was something you wanted to pursue seriously?

KM: When I was 4 years old is when I first said I wanted to be a pro wrestler. Follow your childhood dreams fellas!

JW: How did it feel to finally reach the training facility of the biggest wrestling company in the world - WWE?

KM: It felt like shit to "reach the training facility of WWE." It did, however, feel great to reach a goal of signing my name to a contract with the WWE.

JW: They say that first impressions are everything. What was your first impression of Bill DeMott?

KM: My first impression was during my week tryout at Deep South. He was fine by me for that week, but I would later learn it was all one big act.

JW: Now, not everybody has the same "style" as Bill. Who were some of your good influences while learning your craft?

KM: I grew up looking up to guys like Bret Hart, Brian Pillman, and Stevie Richards. Then later on guys like Jerry Lynn, Lance Storm, RVD and a few others were favorites of mine.

JW: Now, let's get to the "stink face picture" floating around the internet. Explain this entire scene please.

KM: What happened was that particular day during training we were required NOT to train on Fridays BY THE OFFICE themselves! It was a day designed to review the tape of the night before, which was their Thursday show they would run weekly. So Bill would a lot of times be in a shitty mood for no rhyme or reason and take it out on us. This particular day, he decided it was "make deal Friday" which he would do from time to time where it would be some absolutely idiotic stunt we would have to do in order to NOT train on a day we WEREN'T SUPPOSE TO TRAIN to begin with. So the deal was two people in the ring with jelly donuts in their mouths, while one guy gets bare ass naked and rubs his asshole all over the jelly donut and onto your face and mouth while Bill stood there (as clear as day in the photo) and laughed. Great training champ!

JW: For those doubting if it is photoshopped or not real, is there any other incidents that offer proof to Bill's unorthodox treatment of talent?

KM: Put it this way - if I waited this long to drop this bombshell at just the right moment. Who's to say I don't have a few more bombshells waiting to explode?

JW: What is the endgame for you? Is it getting Bill fired from WWE? Is it for publicity? Is it to expose his actions? How will this situation satisfy you?

KM: The end game is justice being served. What I mean by that is I want jutice to all the careers he went above and beyond to ruin for his sick pleasure, not just mine but the 2 dozen or so guys and girls from 05-07 and especially the 25 talents who are currently injured under his training in NXT. Everyone in NXT is "job scared," so they won't speak up, I know the feeling. I was in that exact same spot 6 years ago with 30 others...it SUCKS! You know what's going on IS wrong and criminal, BUT if you speak up, you basically WILL lose your dream job. So if I (who knows everything going on right now) CAN speak up for those who can't and I CAN make a difference and potentially save dozens of young kids careers, then abso-freakin-lutely I'm going to do that! What's going on down there under DeMott is nothing short of criminal. Like I first said, I WILL stop when justice is served for everyone!

JW: In your wrestling career, is signing back with WWE an option? Are you hoping to head to TNA or ROH? What does your future hold?

KM: ROH is a sinking ship that tried to snake our building from underneathe us and bombed BADLY. I have zero respect for them and look forward to them closing shop in the next 2 years. If ROH gave me a contract, I would put it in my ferret's cage, so she can shit on it. TNA also no longer interest me nowadays. Japan can be something I would be interested in. Other then tha,t who knows? I have nothing but respect for WWE, just less then none for DeMott.

JW: Final topic: Feel free to let everybody know where they can find you on social media and/or any upcoming shows you wish to promote.

KM: Monthly at the fastest rising wrestling promotion in the United States in Pro Wrestling Syndicate!

Find us at ProWrestlingSyndicate.com

Tweet us @ProWreSyndicate

Facebook us at fb.com/prowrestlingsyndicate

As far as myself goes, tweet me @2CockyKM or fb.com/xkevinmatthewsx.

Also be sure to check out our weekly podcast at TwoAndAHalfWrestlers.com!!

JW: Thank you again! I appreciate it.

KM: Thank you! #DeMottcracy

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