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Posted by Justin Watry on 11/19/2012 at 05:30 PM

"First off, I enjoy reading your articles. I used to rarely read the articles on NoDQ, but yours and the John Report are the two that I find myself looking for. Thanks for the entertaining stuff."

- Erik, wrestling fan

Short column today! I will be gone tonight, so Raw will be recorded and watched later. By Tuesday afternoon, a column will be posted about my thoughts. As usual, Wednesday will be filled with my "random thoughts." Until then, I want to thank everyone for keeping my columns in their thoughts. Praising or bashing, people read. I will be posting the best "meeting a wrestler" story sent to me in the next few days. My contact information is listed below. Don't be shy!

Until then, I will simply reply to all the feedback from TNA Impact Wrestling fans. Instead of going point by point in which I have done a million times already, I will just try and NOT discuss the company. Yes, you read that correctly. Unless a major story breaks or there is something worth bringing up, I won't even bother. They lost their trust in me viewing their show after YEARS of giving them the benefit of the doubt. Now, I am down to turning it off after ten minutes. Just think - I used to watch them weekly and actually care. Thus, all their fans win...for now.

My TNA columns won't return for the foreseeable future. Again, things could change. If a huge story pops up, I will comment on it. If a story line actually catches my attention while reading their recaps, I will post my opinion. Until then though, don't count on reading many TNA thoughts from yours truly. They are slowly turning into ROH or the indies - just not worth it...

For now, let's move to WWE. Last night, three talents finally made it to the main roster. After weeks of rumors! After months of speculation! After years of hard work, they have reached the pinnacle of the industry.

Dean Ambrose is on WWE TV.

Seth Rollins is on WWE TV.

Roman Reigns is on WWE TV.

That is right folks. The constant questioning of when these guys will be promoted is over. Last night, they all appeared. The group beat down Ryback, put him through a table, and quickly left as CM Punk pinned John Cena to retain his WWE Championship. The men made an impact and are certainly going to be the focal point for tonight's WWE Raw episode.

Ladies and gentlemen, WWE has done their part.

The company gave these three men MAJOR BUZZ right off the bat. No weak debut. No wacky gimmick. No goofy look. Just three men taking down one of the top men in the industry (Ryback) and costing him the WWE Title. On top of that, it was a big cliffhanger to one of the infamous "Big Four" pay-per-view events. Again, nobody can say WWE did not go all out here. They definitely did.

Now, it is on Ambrose.

Now, it is on Rollins.

Now, it is on Reigns.

Now, the ball is in their court.

WWE has given them the platform to succeed. People always whine and cry for new talent to get a chance. Guess what? They have been handed a golden opportunity here. As mentioned many times, true talent will shine through. If these guys truly are as great as everyone says, it will show. If they have been over rated all along and bomb, that will fall on their shoulders.

Of course, the guys have YEARS and YEARS to develop. Their real stories won't be told for another few years. One night will not be "do or die" at all. However, tonight is going to be a starting point. Believe that!

If they stumble over their lines in a promo, it is their fault.

If they "botch" or screw up a big move, that is on them.

If the crowd reaction gets to them and they crumble under the pressure, that is on them.

Not WWE.

On the flip side, let's see if they can live up the hype and produce memorable moments.

If they join up with CM Punk and are "Heyman guys," how great would that be?

If they are with Brad Maddox and want revenge against Ryback, wouldn't that be interesting?

What if there are MORE men ready to join them in a little bit of an NXT invasion?

In an event, the world is now watching. Will they hit a home run and begin their WWE careers on a high note or stumble out of the gate and lay an egg live on Raw? I have no idea, but I am very intrigued to watch. It's go time!

*What do you folks think? What is next for the "real" 3 Man Band? Will they shine on Raw or deliver a disappointing appearance? Let me know on Twitter @JustinWatry! Also, feel free to email me at jw_bball_615@hotmail.com, juwa15@yahoo.com, or jw.bball.615@gmail - I read ALL feedback. Thank you!*

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