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Posted by Aaron Rift on 11/18/2012 at 11:21 PM

James Walsh: It was not that good at all. Just because Ziggler won and some IWC favorites showed up (who will be fed to Ryback) does not make it a good show. LOL

Bobby Key: i liked it. Kidd amazed me again. Ziggler was his usual self, loved the ending. It's always good to see some fresh, but familiar faces. Can't wait to see what they do with Ambrose, Rollins, and Reigns. (How many more Anoa'i's are there?)

@Stewie1534: not marked out that much on a @WWE ppv in years sooooo pleased to see @WWERollins & @TheDeanAmbrose and Roman Reigns #thefutureishere

@jonto_maximus: Idk about you but that PPV ending just made me throw my food. Now I ain't got no dinner. God damn wwe pissed me off

Jimmy Shorts Laurix: Only last 2 matches were watchable. The first hour and a half I feel asleep

Jon Wright: I have no problem with keeping the belt on CM Punk. What I do have a problem with are the ridiculous finishes being booked. A low blow from a referee? Now a run in from NXT performers? WWE can do much better than these insults to intelligence.

@MrHardy457: A pretty good ppv, divas match was actually good,Ziggler vs Foley was good, and Punk retaining and..well..you know what happened next @wwe

Hw Collins: More TNA copying. And I'm sure 95% of these idiotic fan boys that can never admit WWE copying TNA but are some of the quickest to jump on the boat when TNA copies WWE the slightest bit are going to say "LOL NOPE TOTALLY ORIGINAL THAT WAS KOOL CM PUNK BEST IN THA WUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRLLLLLLLLLL"

Derek D'Go Goins: The show was good as the 5 on 5 matches were solid encounters. The World and WWE Title matches were great, but both had poor endings. I enjoyed watching the show except for the poor endings to the main events.

@FrostFactor9: Tired of paying for ppv's for every month and watching bullshit like tonight happen..no title changes, nothin @WWE #survivorseries @JohnCena

Shane Sarte: beginning to end total shit. It wasn't the outcomes it was the way they arrived to that outcomes and the incoherent storytelling to get there. Absolute shitfest

Jon Lastrina: Standard WWE show...pretty predictable. At least the ending was unexpected so thumbs up for that.

Dennis Abell: *Complains WWE is too predictable*

*Complains when something unexpected happens*

Just stop calling yourself a fan if all you do is nitpick.

Kendrick Johnson: Stupid typical WWE bullshit. John Cena gets right up and walks away after Punk pins him. Stupid. Getting tired of WWE and I been a fan since I was a kid

@Louis1117: I haven't been this excited to see RAW after a ppv in a LONG ASS time. Definitely tuning in tomorrow. Don't drop the ball on this @wwe!!!!!!

@PedraoH54: Did expect CM Punk to win but didn't expect that to happen to Ryback! This PPV has been a shocker all the way. @WWE #SurvivorSeries

@LeahMuhree: That was probably the lamest PPV of the year. Great job @WWE! What a waste of money. Cut the stupid @CMPunk scripts. #SurvivorSeries

@Angus81: @WWE that ppv was absolutely ridiculous!! CM Punk wins due to 'independant' outside assistance again?! Come on man!! #SurvivorSeries

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