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Posted by Justin Watry on 11/18/2012 at 01:22 AM

"I've been a wrestling fan for quite some time and read your column regularly. In fact, I consider it to be NoDQ's most entertaining one nowadays."

- Franco, wrestling fan

As promised, today will be focused solely on WWE Survivor Series 2012. I will be spending the day watching MY Green Bay Packers play. For those ordering the pay-per-view event tonight, I hope you all enjoy it! If not, I suggest everyone get through Sunday night without breaking the law. Prove me wrong...


Let's see! We have Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal vs. Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel during the pre-show. That is fair enough. Clearly, it is a basic filler match for the live crowd that won't generate much traffic online. In any event, I assume Drew McIntyre will be at ringside. Thus, that gives the heels an advantage in this match. Kidd and Gabriel have no momentum, so a loss wouldn't be a big deal. Plus, they were not originally in the match - Santino Marella and Zack Ryder were. That tells you who the priority was going to be all along.


Antonio Cesaro defeating R-Truth should be a nice moment for both men. One guy needs to keep that title. The other is a solid act for the mid-card at an advanced age. Give the heel a victory and let him bash America for a little bit longer. I am sure a certain All American-American is lurking around somewhere to defend his country!


Eve has not done much since winning the title. Kaitlyn has good theme music, but her interaction with the fans has been minimal. Live crowd are not reacting to the girl, no matter how much she wins. The problem is what follows Survivor Series. More Eve as champion? A fun Kaitlyn title reign? There really is nothing that interests me with either result. When that is the case, a title change usually freshens up the division. However, "hot potato" title changes are not always the answer...


Honestly, this match should be all about getting The Miz over as a strong face. That would seem like a given. On the flip side, is Randy Orton going to stay face as well? That would be my only concern. The Viper turning on Team Foley (and Foley himself) would be fitting.

For Team Ziggler, there is not much intrigue. Cody Rhodes may or may not compete. His replacement would likely just be a mid-card heel, so I am not expecting a major surprise entrant. Thus, it comes down to whether Dolph will be kept strong heading into his (assumed) World Title reign on the Smackdown brand.

For a prediction, I will go with Team Foley winning. The Miz could use a nice shining moment here, similar to John Cena at Survivor Series 2003. It would validate him as face and not worry about any future "heel turns" for awhile. However, I would not be surprised either way. Nothing is on the line, and there is no stipulation to make this noteworthy.


Big Show winning the gold last month was a surprise. I had thought Dolph Ziggler was the one to take the title off Sheamus before 2013. That still may happen, as we get Show/Sheamus in a rematch at Survivor Series. This time, there has been NO tease of a Money in the Bank cash-in from Dolph Ziggler.

To be honest, I have no idea how this match will end up. Show usually doesn't have long title reigns, so that is a point to make. Sheamus winning back the gold would not mean a whole lot in the grand scheme of things. Even with those two options, there is Dolph Ziggler hiding in the shadows with his briefcase. Will he finally cash in his title shot? I don't know. My gut instinct was Sheamus getting the title back here. Then I thought Ziggler would seize the moment. Finally, I arrived back at Show retaining. As stated before, I am not a fan of "hot potato" title changes. You know what? Just end this entire thing in a huge brawl and let everyone go at it! No matter what happens, I will enjoy this unpredictable World Title scene leading up to WrestleMania 29 in 2013.


CM Punk will defend his WWE Championship against Ryback and John Cena. It is VERY important to note that Punk was originally set to not even defend his gold at Survivor Series. That tells you WWE was planning to extend his title reign past the November PPV. Remember, the title was not on the line with his match against Team Foley. Again, that tells you WWE was okay with him lasting another month as champ.

However, now he will defend the title in a triple threat match. That makes things a little bit more interesting as we get closer to 2013. Ryback shouldn't be taking another loss, but you could argue Cena shouldn't either. The past two weeks have seen Ryback AND Cena pin Punk on Raw. Thus, fans have already gotten their "pay off" in that respect. Plus, neither challenger is really concerned with the gold right now. They ave other issues going on in story lines. Having Punk sneak out with the title once again would be fine. Just think of the Summerslam match with Punk, Cena, and Show.

The fact remains that WWE showed their hand by announcing Team Foley vs. Team Punk right after the October PPV. It told viewers that he was lasting until (at least) December as champion. Barring any MAJOR changes from the past two weeks, my thought process is still the same. CM Punk keeps his WWE Championship past the one year mark and battles The Rock at Royal Rumble.

I want to thank everybody for the continued support. The feedback has been great the past few days. The usual naysayers will always be the there, but they will keep on reading every day. Makes sense, right? My usual columns will return this week, as the weather gets colder and colder in Wisconsin. Until then, here is another video for all the gamers out there!

*What do you folks think? Will any title change hands on Sunday? Let me know on Twitter @JustinWatry! Also, you can email me at jw_bball_615@hotmail.com, juwa15@yahoo.com, or jw.bball.615@gmail.com - I read ALL feedback. Thank you!*

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