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Posted by Dave Scott on 11/16/2012 at 07:48 AM

Hey there guys and gals it's your boy Dave Scott here for some Friday night madness! Also this time I have brought some friends along with me. 

What we are going to look at is all of our predictions for the upcoming Survivor Series PPV. This is going to be an ongoing thing so going forward we are going to keep score of the predictions so you can see over time just who's predictions you can trust!

Doing their predictions we have myself the lovely Dave Scott. Hailing all the way from across the pond we have my fellow writer and Heath Slater fanboy George Cushnie. We also have three of my lovely friends who hail from Glasgow, we have Graeme Caldwell, Jordan McDonald and Phil McGinlay. Finally we have our resident American, from the lethal city of Annville we have one of my long time readers KreSade.

I'll leave you all with their Twitter tags at the end so out can give them any feedback or any opinions that you would like to share with them.

So let's get this going!

World Heavyweight Title Match 
Sheamus vs. Big Show 


These two had an awesome match at Hell in a Cell and I really hope they can out do the last match. Now I never thought I would hear myself say that Big Show was involved in a great match, but there we go! I think for this match though it will be best if Big Show is to pick up the win, I feel it is a bit too soon for him to lose it, even if there is a Ziggler cash in which I am usually all for! 

Dave's prediction: Big Show


This one is tricky. They are building Sheamus up. A win on a big PPV would mean more for Sheamus. But a month long title reign with Big Show would hurt to. Although “Show” isn’t known to have long reigns. Plus the WHC really doesn’t matter now. This can go either way. However how strong the Big Show looked on Raw. I can see him walking out WHC. It could go the other way though I wouldn’t be surprised to keep this feud going. 

KreSade's prediction: Big Show


Big Show retains. It doesn't make sense to have the title switch back so quickly after building Show up as a dominant heel. The reign continues for a while.

Graeme's prediction: Big Show


Amazingly their match at Hell in a Cell was a HELLUVA LOT better than it had any right to be.  I'm still astounded by it.  More so that they put the title on Big Show.  Don't get me wrong I don't hate Big Show.  I'm not one of these IWC Smarks who hates everything Big Show does.  I can understand that he's 7' tall and close to 500lbs so "teh workratez" and Cruiserweight style accrobatics aren't on his agenda.  No, what shocked me the most is just putting the belt on him after so many failed runs.  Is he Heel?  Is he face?  Heel again.  Face again.  Along with Kane, I think Big Show has had more character turns than anyone in the company.  

It seems WWE don't know what to do with him at times and how to get him over.  Due to his size, he should be the destructive, evil monster but fans seem to warm to him so WWE has no choice but to make him a big loveable buffoon of a babyface.  I do hope this current run pays off for the big guy.  He deserves it seeing as his previous runs as Champion have been mediocre to say the least.  I mean who can forget his feud with Big Bossman back in 1999?  The one where Bossman taunted Big Show about his dad passing away ("that's right Big Show.  You're a bastard and your momma says so to") or when he became the first man to pin Brock Lesnar only to job the title to Kurt Angle a month later?  Oh and of course.... 45 seconds. 

I think Big Show's going to retain in this one and WWE are gonna try and get their moneys worth out of him.  Kinda similar to Mark Henry's run as champion last year.

Phil's prediction: Big Show


The thing that surprised me about Hell in a Cell was the fact that the Show/Sheamus match was the best of the night. Just a physical, gruelling match between two big lads. I’ll be honest and say that I never saw Show winning. WWE were building Sheamo as a dominant champ, so Show winning clean shocked me. As far as Sunday goes, I can see Regal getting involved and perhaps costing Show the title. Either that or Regal turns heel and aligns himself with Show, but I think it’s more likely Sheamus gets the win.

George's prediction: Sheamus


Big Show - I think he will retain purely because he has just won the title, and if they made him loose it again it wouldnt pass off well.

Jordan's prediction: Big Show

Traditional Survivor Series Match 
Team Foley: The Miz, Randy Orton, Kane, Daniel Bryan and Kofi Kingston vs. Team Ziggler: Damien Sandow, Cody Rhodes, Wade Barrett, Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler 


With this match to be honest it could go either way. I think the main thing that needs to be solidified from this match is The Miz face turn. Apart from that there isn't really else to be gained from this match. Hopefully ADR gets a early elimination because the earlier he is out the match the better as I don't want to fall asleep due to him boring me to death.

Now this one is definitely a hard one for me to decide on. When looking over most my other predictions I seem to be swaying towards heel victories, so for this one just out of pure guessing I'll go for Team Foley.

Dave's prediction: Team Foley

This match has lost my interest. That is WWE’s fault. I don’t see Miz being a leader over Randy Orton. However we may just see a Miz face turn here. He was a lot softer spoken on Raw unusual for an arrogant heel. I really don’t see the benefit of either team winning. Nothing is really on the line. However I can see Miz, Orton and Kane being dominating in this match. Especially Kane and Orton. Wade Barrett and Zigglar I can see being dominating for the heel team. This is hard to tell. But since it’s Foley’s team and Orton is being build again and The Miz is getting a face turn. I go with Foley’s team.

KreSade's prediction: Team Foley


Team Foley's got to be the winner in this one, but I'm not sure why. Gut instinct in this case.

Graeme's prediction: Team Foley


Okay, bare with me a moment while I clear my throat to do the Vince McMahon EPIC voice....


Team Captains Dolph Ziggler and....... Mick Foley (?) erm I mean The Miz captain the respective teams of Damien Sandow and Randy ORTON!!!!!!!  Cody Rhodes and Kofi Kingston.  Wade Barrett and KANE!!!!!!  Alberto Del Rio and Daniel Bryan.  It's Team Foley vs Team Ziggler.

The epitomy of tag team competition.  Remember that?  Anyone?  Just me?  I guess WWE don't remember that neither.

Watching the intro to the 1990 Survivor Series almost brings a team to the eye.  Remember when that's what Survivor Series was all about?  Or remember when the teams at Survivor Series had actual names other than "Team *insert wrestler name here*".  Sigh.

Anyway as for this match, it's just a big mish-mash of current midcard feuds thrown into one match.  To WWE's credit there is one man who's causing me a lot of intriguement in this match and that of course is The Miz.  It was rumoured a Miz face turn was on the cards especially with the release of The Marine 3 around the corner.  Afterall they can't have a heel wrestler promoting a pro-American movie, can they?  Just ask Ted Dibiase how he's doing after his oh so successful face run.  Hey, how you doing Ted?......  No answer huh?  The commercial for the Pay Per View which features The Miz is also very "faceish" and I did think when watching it if WWE were gonna turn Miz face soon.  Here it is.  Will it flop?  Who knows?  Miz has become a bit stale and lost all momentum as a Heel ever since he took a backseat in the WWE Title feud going into Wrestlemania 27.  Even though he was the champion, The Rock and Cena stole the spotlight while Miz and the title belt were the unwanted third wheel in the whole thing.  My prediction is this match will come down to Miz against Ziggler with Miz getting the win then from there a ladder match at TLC with the MITB briefcase above the ring as the two of them face off again.

Phil's prediction:  Team Foley.  Miz is the sole survivor.


For those of you wondering, Kryan are Team Hell No. I refuse to use that name because it’s shit. Anyway, this is the most confusing match on the card. What do Foley and Ziggler have to feud about? Does it matter who wins? Have WWE made an arse of it? Nothing, no and probably. Logically, only one of two men should win this match: Miz or Ziggler. Miz to continue this slow babyface turn, or Ziggler to make him look like someone credible as a potential World Champion. I wish this match had happened a couple of years ago, that way, Orton could punt ADR and get him off my screen. As far as a prediction, it’s really the toss of a coin.

George's prediction: Team Ziggler


Team Foley - They have the better (looking) side, need a face win at the pay per view and this is the one i sense.

Jordan's prediction: Team Foley

WWE United States Title Match 
R-Truth vs. Antonio Cesaro 


I'm sure that this match will be decent, but I wish that WWE would attempt to make people care about US and IC title feuds. The last one that had anything to it was the Ryder and Ziggler feud and that was just down to how well those two guys played it up. 

Now with Cesaro, I haven't been overly impressed with him. He hasn't done anything to make me care about him so far. He has pretty good matches, but nothing that I would go out my way to watch again. I don't see any reason for R-Truth to get a win here though as Cesaro needs the win more than him.

Dave's prediction: Antonio Cesaro


This is another match with little drawling power. Simply I go with Antonio winning. He’s the young guy being built. 

KreSade's prediction: Antonio Cesaro


I don't see the point in giving Truth another run with the belt and Cesaro's not had much chance with a decent feud yet, so Cesaro to retain.

Graeme's prediction: Antonio Cesaro


Well isn't this nice to see?  The US title actually being defended on the Pay Per View.  Sadly, like most of the card this just reeks of rushed filler.  R-Truth has been going nowhere for a while now and sadly it's going to continue.  The whole "little Jimmy" stuff has out stayed it's welcome.  Pyschotic Heel R-Truth was much more enjoyable.  Meanwhile Antonio is a real talent and has a bright future although it's just a shame the crowd won't react to him like WWE wants.  The whole "evil foreigner in America" gimmick has been done to death going back to the days of Iron Shiek and Nikolai Volkoff.  Cesaro wins this cleanly.

Phil's prediction:  Antonio Cesaro retains the United States Championship.


I’ve been a fan of Cesaro’s for years, back to his ROH days. The dude can get it done in the ring, plain and simple. The fact he’s on his own without Aksana is slightly disappointing (she’s HOT!), but it lets the fans get invested in Cesaro. Truth is a credible opponent for Cesaro, but he won’t win. He doesn’t need to. It looks like WWE are building Cesaro as a major star, so the champ retains here.

George's prediction: Antonio Cesaro


Antonio Cesaro, I'll be honest and i don't know enough about him, but R truth seems to be put in this match just to find another opponent for him to beat, so I think definitely Cesaro.

Jordan's prediction: Antonio Cesaro

WWE Divas Title Match 
Kaitlyn vs. Eve Torres 


If anyone has read any of predictions I have done in the past then you will know that I don't really care about these ones. But for predictions sake lets say Kaitlyn to win.

Dave's prediction: Kaitlyn


Diva’s match I really don’t care. I’m sure they will have nice bathrooms. I haven’t been paying attention to this storyline. I see Eve winning though. However much like Sheamus it would mean more for Kaitlyn to win the Title on a bigger PPV name. 

KreSade's prediction: Eve Torres


I couldn't give less of a f*** about this one. I'm actually not even sure which one of them has the belt, since I skip through all of the Divas' matches, so let's just say Eve since she's hotter.

Graeme: Eve Torres


The mandatory "piss break" match.  WWE's been doing their best in recent months to make us care about this feud (featuring Layla to) with the whole mystery attacker but unfortunately it's just not gonna work WWE.  With Beth Phoenix now gone and Natalya doing little to nothing in backstage segments, there is no decent in-ring talent in the Divas Division.  Is Kharma the answer?  Is she ever going to come back?  Who knows?  

The way this feud has been built, then Wrestling 101 dictates Kaitlyn should finally get her reward for her hard work however I'm gonna use the brain that isn't in my head to call this match.  My undying love for Eve Torres sees me favour her and she finds a way to retain to belt.  She's average in the ring but DAMN!  Just like her song says, "she looks good to me".  What?  DON'T JUDGE ME!!!!!!

Phil's prediction:  Eve retains the Divas Championship.


Is it just me, or has Eve got sexier since she turned heel? I love the way WWE have developed her character and she’s not bad to watch in the ring. On the other hand, Kaitlyn has got a long way to go before she’s holding the championship. I’d rather have had Natalya in this match, because at least then she could carry Eve and have a decent match. With things the way they are, this could follow the recent form book and be the toilet-break match. Champ retains again.

George's prediction: Eve Torres


Kaitlyn - I couldn't care less about the diva title but i beleive Kaitlyn has been pushing for a title win and she'll get it.

Jordan's prediction: Kaitlyn

YouTube Pre-show Match 
Zack Ryder and Santino Marella vs. Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal 


This choice is like choosing between a McDonalds and a Burger King for me. Burger King do better burgers and McDonalds do better chips, so each have their high point and their low point. Marbella and Mahal are the low points of these two! Where as I am a total mark for both Ryder and Slater. So I say Teddy Longs evil brother comes out during this match and books it as a singles match between Slater and Ryder and we will have match of the century between them... I can dream! But WWE seems to be liking having Ryder get beat continuously so I gotta go for the 3MB.

Dave's prediction: Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal


Due to how random this is. Just as like the Divas match I don’t care. No one really benefits from a win here. I can see Cobro winning though. They’re the popular team here. 

KreSade's prediction: Zack Ryder and Santino Marella


3MB are being built up as something a little more than the JOB Squad I predicted, so I see them getting the win over their comedy counterparts who, although they're popular with the kiddies, aren't being put up as much of a threat.

Graeme's prediction: Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal


This is what a pre-show match should be.  It shouldn't be a slot exclusive to the United States Championship.  What we have here is a great example of creative saying "we don't know what to do with these guys" and that is definitely the case for Slater and Mahal (and not in this match Drew McIntyre).  

I was starting to like Heath Slater and his goofy one man band antics however I utterly cringe now that he's got his own stable with Mahal and McIntyre in the ranks.  The Air Guitar taunts they do are the type of thing to make you change the channel.  Being honest McIntyre kinda fits the mould as he has long hair so could pass as a "rocker" although it's a shame the U.S. audience still can't understand a word he says.  I can sympathise with him being Scottish myself.  The odd one out of the group is surely Jinder Mahal.  Who in creative thought it'd be a good idea to throw a Sikh into a stable with a Southern USA Rockband Gimmick?  Maybe they're aiming for the unintentional comedy of a real out of place character in the group?  I dunno.  Anyway, I'm ranting too much about a throw away contest.  

On the other side we've got Ryder and Marella.  I mentioned cringe worthy earlier on and I may get heat for it but Marella causes me to cringe probably more than the 3 Man Band.  When was the last time Santino was funny?  Has he ever been funny?  The 3 Man Rock Band are the lesser of the two evils so I'll go with them to pick up the win and continue their "run" that they're on.

Phil's prediction:  Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal


It’s there to fill time, but I don’t know how many people will want to buy the PPV because of this match. Before I get into it, I want to send my condolences to my fellow Scotsman Drew McIntyre and his family. Drew’s mother passed away recently and my heart goes out to Drew and his family. Marella and Ryder, despite being squashed by everyone, are still ridiculously over and I’m intrigued to see where the 3MB are gonna go. As far as a winner, the babyfaces should go over.

George's prediction: Zack Ryder and Santino Marella


Woo Woo Woo, you know it!

Jordan's prediction: Zack Ryder and Santino Marella

WWE Title Triple Threat 
John Cena vs. Ryback vs. CM Punk 


Initially when we had Team Punk vs Team Foley, I assumed they were going to have Ryback get a clean win over Punk. Now that it is a triple threat match I'm guessing that they are going to have Ryback be the one that doesn't get pinned. Really that is the best thing to have happen because I think it is far too soon to have him holding the title, but he still needs to remain strong. I would be really gutted if CM Punk were to lose, but I just cannot see it happening. Also my guess is Maddox will get involved in some way or another.

Dave's prediction: CM Punk


Considering that Cena is wrapped up in this “Scandal storyline” His mind is in two different places. That we will not see Cena vs Rock until WM. I don’t see Cena leaving as champion. Also I don’t see Ryback winning the title yet. They should make him wait for it. It would make people want to see it more. They can keep him in the hunt and just put him in matches where he can’t lose. Then once he wins the title it would mean a lot. So I see CM Punk leaving as champion. Maybe by way of screw job or whatever. I don’t see a clean win. 

KreSade's prediction: CM Punk


Punk retains either by cheating, another screwjob, or gets a sneak win because Cena and Ryback fight each other over the belt while Punk's out of the picture due to getting Rybacked to f***. Punk needs to retain until he faces the Rock at the Royal Rumble.

Graeme's prediction: CM Punk


This is a really easy one to predict.  CM Punk will retain the Championship.  Why is it so easy?  Well WWE essentially told us back on Raw 1000 with the Spoiler that they threw out there.  Book The Rock in a title match 6 months down the line and have CM Punk attack him later that night?  Come on WWE.  To be honest, Rock vs Punk is a match I want to see and the promos will be incredible between the two but until that match happens at Royal Rumble, WWE have to find a way to guide punk through to the event.  

This match is a Triple Threat for one reason.  Ryback doesn't need to lose a clean fall so he can keep his momentum going hence why it was a screwjob finish at Hell in a Cell.  Yeah Ryback finally lost a match but he didn't lose clean so he kept his monster persona intact.  The fodder in all of this is John Cena who's in there to do the j-o-b on the p-p-v.  Punk will snatch the victory and retain his title again by hook or by crook which is prefectly fine with me.  

Maybe more involvement with Brad Maddox?  Afterall on Raw this past week there was the backstage segment where Paul Heyman pulled Maddox aside and laid out his plan to him.  What was his plan?  Job to Ryback and never be seen again?  Somehow I doubt it.  Maddox will be in and around this match somehow.

Phil's prediction:  CM Punk retains the WWE Championship


How many multi-man matches has Punk had for the WWE Title? TLC 2011, Elimination Chamber 2012, No Way Out 2012, Summerslam 2012 and now this PPV. That’s 5 times in 11 title defences that Punk has “had the odds stacked against him”. Who was the last champ booked that way? Anyway, that’s a story for another time. In this match, Ryback could Shellshock Cena and he’d probably just bounce straight back up. Cena’s sold the “AJ Scandal” storyline better than he’s sold any wrestling move in the last 7/8 years. I can see Punk pinning Cena to retain, possibly after a Shellshock or interference from Brad Maddox.

George's prediction: CM Punk


Ryback needs to be built up more, too soon for him to be champion and Cena has nothing to gain from it I don't think, CM Punk is on a good roll and should retain.

Jordan's prediction: CM Punk

Well that is it guys! I hope you all enjoyed the read regardless of how long it was. All of us will be back next month with some TLC predictions and I will be back Monday with my usual Monday night rumblings!

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Cheers guys!

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