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Posted by Justin Watry on 09/19/2012 at 02:00 AM

"Quick story: I wanted to save money, so I went to a friends house & started watching a WWE ppv. I started to notice it was kind of pixely, so I asked what cable company he uses. He informed me he was streaming it. Now, I didn't leave because it is my friend. I did watch the ppv in it's entirety. When I got home, I called my provider and ordered the ppv, then went to bed because I give a crap about the company and I support it."

- Darrin, wrestling fan

Time for some random thoughts! Be sure to check out the topic below on Saturday Morning Slam, as it contains some yet-to-be reported WWE news. Until then, enjoy this:

1. WWE Raw Rating


Raw received its lowest viewership in months. Needless to say, the "three hour Raw" has reached a new LOW. I won't bust out the inevitable "I told you so" column yet, but it is coming one of these days. Raw just won't hold up as a three hour show. As expected, viewers tuned out of the final hour once AGAIN, and that is unlikely to change much going forward. Obviously, the big NFL game got over 15 million viewers, so that hurt. In the end, my stance is NOT changing. Raw will be a two hour show again...someday.

2. WWE Smackdown Rating

The Blue Brand draw a 2.0 rating last Friday night. However, the viewership dropped. It was a mixed bag for Smackdown. The number went UP, but viewership was DOWN! Either way, it was a solid performance from Smackdown. Nice to see people are watching Smackdown again...

3. John Cena Injury

Honestly, this is not major news. Cena will be back in action within a few weeks. I doubt this changes much for current story lines. WWE will continue the CM Punk/Cena feud, and most viewers will not even notice anything. Just keep him out of the ring for awhile - no harm, no foul!

4. Pink Colors?

A few people have mentioned that Dolph Ziggler and Damien Sandow have stopped wearing pink. That is an easy one to answer. They are HEEL characters in WWE. If the "bad guys" were seen supporting the cancer awareness movement, it would seem backwards. Thus, John Cena, as the TOP FACE, gets to wear the colors proud for the next month. Kudos to WWE!

5. Randy Orton Heel Turn?

Yes, I do think he is bound to turn heel. It may take place in a few months. It may take place next year. However, the switch is coming sooner rather than later. Just like Punk, Orton is simply BETTER as a heel. As I have mentioned many times, WWE is need of a few "real" heels right now. It is only a matter of time folks...

6. Next Sheamus Opponent

Well, a lovely "report" was out Monday about Big Show confronting Sheamus on Raw. I must have missed that one. Maybe I was out of the room OR perhaps it was yet another false rumor? I have no idea, but those always make me laugh. As usual, people read it, react, believe it, and go off about what they just read. Never fails.

As for who is next in line to face Sheamus, it very well could be Big Show. The man is looking for a new story line, and I wouldn't mind a quick, one month Sheamus/Show feud. Outside of that, the usual suspects remain: Mark Henry, Wade Barrett, Dolph Ziggler etc. etc.

Still classic months later...

7. Dean Ambrose/Seth Rollins Praise

People keep asking me about Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins debuting on Raw/Smackdown. Relax folks! Their time will come. You can't just debut everybody under the sun at once. That is the last thing both men need right off the bat. From what I have seen (very little), they are doing just fine in FCW/NXT. When WWE feels they are ready to make a splash, I have the up most confidence in them shining through on the big stage.

Until then, enjoy one of the greatest matches of 2011 NOT seen on PPV, Raw or Smackdown. Trust me - it worth sitting through for the entire 33 minutes. Trust me!

8. YOU Tell Me!

Should I watch TNA Impact on Thursday? Is there anything worth checking out? I have skipped the past few weeks and turned it off after only an hour the last time I tuned in (late August). Should I even bother going to Spike TV this week? Let me know folks!

9. WWE Saturday Morning Slam EXCLUSIVE!

The debut edition of WWE Saturday Morning Slam drew 1,126,000 million viewers. Also, it was the most watched show on CW among total viewers and many key kids demos. In other words, it was a big hit right off the bat. WWE returned to Saturday mornings on August 25th and drew an audience. Those figures have been reported EVERYWHERE!

However, what has NOT been reported yet is the following weeks' television ratings. Ladies and gentlemen, I have those numbers. You won't find this news on any other wrestling "dirt sheet" right now. Guaranteed!

On September 1st, WWE Saturday Morning Slam drew 1,001,000 million viewers. The next week, it drew 928,000 viewers - slightly under a million. A small drop but still good for its network and time slot. That is courtesy of the great folks at TVBYTN - thank you! Consider this a treat to all my great readers out there. You won't find that news posted on any other wrestling site out there!

10. Stealing?

This topic is thanks to a great email from William. Let's take a look:

"I'm a reader of your column on NoDq. Let me first preface this email by saying, there are times where I absolutely disagree with your view on things, but the fact that you put a column out there on a regular basis gets you my respect. I'm not one of your run of the mill morons who will flame you for having a different opinion, and I'll be honest, whether I agree or not, I still make a point to read every column you put out."

I appreciate it. This is an example of a nice post that disagrees with myself. As you mentioned, far too many just spam up my Twitter/email with curse words and insults. Why? Because they disagree with me? Have different view points? Great discussion right there...just go right for the offensive language - classy.

"I work 40 hours a week, I support my family, and still manage to keep a roof over my head. Now, I don't have cable, nor satellite. However, I watch Raw/Smackdown on thescore.ca, once it gets put up. When it comes time for PPVs, I go to my local watering hole, buy a beer or two and watch it there. The end result being, I don't pay a penny to WWE personally, but I am still a loyal fan of the product. Now, in your opinion, does MY opinion matter?"

First, I want to send my best wishes to you and your family. I salute you there big time. Keep up the great work sir!

As for The Score, they are an OFFICIAL WWE partner. In other words, their posts are 100 percent legal and with permission. Thus, feel free to watch Raw/Smackdown there. They are WITH WWE and not stealing their content.

On the other side, going to a bar, having some beers and watching a PPV? I have done that before. I think most fans have. Kick back, have some drinks, and enjoy WWE? That is always fun. Again, that is 100 percent legal. On the OFFICIAL WWE website, they list multiple "blast areas" that host their events. I believe UFC and other companies do the same. It is a wonderful way to save some money and have a fun night out.

You are in good standing William. Do not worry - everything being listed here is just fine. It is the downloading stolen content. It is the illegally streaming events. It is the bootleg DVD copies online. It is the STEALING and not contributing anything back that is the problem. Again sir, I wish you and your family nothing but the best. Thanks again for the email!

Take a bow.

*What do you folks think? Any other topics for me to discuss? Let me know on Twitter @JustinWatry! Also, email me at jw_bball_615@hotmail.com, juwa15@yahoo.com, jw.bball.615@gmail.com - I read ALL feedback, good or bad. Thank you!*

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