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Posted by Justin Watry on 09/17/2012 at 01:37 AM

"Quick story: I wanted to save money, so I went to a friends house & started watching a WWE ppv. I started to notice it was kind of pixely, so I asked what cable company he uses. He informed me he was streaming it. Now, I didn't leave because it is my friend. I did watch the ppv in it's entirety. When I got home, I called my provider and ordered the ppv, then went to bed because I give a crap about the company and I support it."

- Darrin, wrestling fan

I will get to some quick feedback before getting into the WWE Night of Champions 2012 results. Before I begin, let me remind everybody that I am looking for thoughts on who has made the worst "career suicide" moves in wrestling history. Names have been tossed around, and I look forward to receiving more...

Jay From Email:

"I think Matthews is the worst."

Jay sent a great email with tons of excellent thoughts. In the end, he named Matthews as the worst commentator. I understand that. The man barely does anything and lacks a certain "excitement" factor. However, he still fills his role in a decent manner. As a lead man, he would falter big time. As a "side-kick" right hand man on Smackdown, Josh is just fine.

Richard From Twitter:

Richard Phillips ‏(@evilcrumpet) @JustinWatry Nice article on commentators. I like Scott Stanford quite a bit, decent play by play man with a good voice.

I am with you. My only gripe is that, like Matthews, he rarely shows a spark. He is solid as a play by play man, but there needs to be that extra "BOOM!" added on. Ask John Madden about that. Plus, I admit it - I rarely hear Scott anymore. My interest in NXT/Superstars these days is nearly DEAD at this point.

There are a few other column ideas that I will get to this week. There was ONE topic that I really was intrigued by. In due time, it will be published. Patience folks...patience. Until then, here are my WWE Night of Champions 2012 thoughts!

Zack Ryder won the pre-show battle royal to earn a US Title match against Antonio. I tried to care but just couldn't. Until Ryder gets a nice look or changes things up, he is one dimensional and is NOT going to move up the card very much.

The Miz defeated Sin Cara, Cody Rhodes, and Rey Mysterio to retain his IC strap. That was the right move - nothing more to add.

Kane and Daniel Bryan beat Kofi Kingston and R-Truth to win the tag team titles. I am fine with this decision. WWE seems determined to get this new "hug" act over. Giving them the tag straps should be fun. I just think we, as fans, have seen the "tag champs that hate each other" story line way too many times.

Antonio defeated Ryder to keep his US Title. Good! I couldn't imagine anything else.

Randy Orton defeated Dolph Ziggler. The outcome could have gone either way and not mattered much. Mr. RKO wins here...the countdown continues for Zig Zag to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase any week now.

Eve won the Divas Title from Layla, after replacing Kaitlyn who was knocked out backstage and unable to compete. That is fine by me. Layla has done nothing to get fans to cheer her since coming back. Eve has been the main focus for weeks now, so this move was inevitable. I like the story line mystery of "Who attacked Kaitlyn?" as well. It seems obvious that it was Eve, but what if it wasn't?

Sheamus retains his World Title after defeating Alberto Del Rio with the Brogue Kick. As I have mentioned before, I am done caring about these two wrestling each other. Their feud is done and over with. This recent "Brogue Kick" story line was beyond ridiculous. Thankfully, it is over. Time for Sheamus to get a new opponent!

Mark Henry? Wade Barrett? Dolph Ziggler? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?

CM Punk and John Cena wrestled to a Draw after both of their shoulders were down for a three count. Punk keeps the title as a result. Here is what I wrote about this match over the weekend:

"I do NOT like disqualifications on pay-per-view, but that tactic CAN work in rare instances. This may be one of those times to pull a cheap DQ finish on PPV. As stated many times, I see Punk vs. The Rock at the Royal Rumble for the WWE Title. Then Rocky defends against John Cena at Wrestle Mania 29. By hook or crook, Punk leaves the arena as WWE Champion."

There you go. Exactly what I said! In very, very, very, VERY rare cases, a cheap finish on pay-per-view is acceptable. Night of Champions called for an indecisive finish, and that is what we got.

For the fans that PAID for the show, I hope you enjoyed it. Hopefully, the entire show is not throw away due to the ending of the main event on Sunday night.

For the fans that stole the show online and illegally streamed it, you have nothing to say. You spent ZERO dollars and ZERO cents on the PPV. Thus, you get ZERO say in its' quality.

*What do you folks think? How was Night of Champions on Sunday night? Let me know on Twitter @JustinWatry! Also, email me at any time at jw_bball_615@hotmail.com, juwa15@yahoo.com, jw.bball.615@gmail.com - I read ALL feedback. Thank you!*

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